Can I Get A Tattoo After A Spray Tan?

Getting a tattoo involves a lot of things that do not concern the tattoo itself directly. But you cannot leave them unattended in any way if you care about your tattoo. One of those things is a spray tan. You may surely fancy getting a tattoo anytime after getting a spray tan. But the question is – can you? 

You can get a tattoo after a spray tan. It will not be detrimental to your tattoo. The color may change temporarily as the tan will darken the ink a little, adding a bit of golden warmth. But all will become normal within a week as the tan fades away gradually.

Let’s get down to the details below.

Do Spray Tans Affect Tattoos?

Do Spray Tans Affect Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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The reason you can get a spray tan if you have a tattoo is that it does not affect tattoos.

Actually, fake tans are better in the case of having a tattoo than natural suntan. Along with causing wrinkles and sun spots, UV rays can cause faster fading. (Bet you didn’t know that, right?)

Can I Get A Tattoo After A Spray Tan?

So Experts suggest that you wear a high SPF sunscreen to keep your tattoo’s brightness unaffected so that it does not look unlively and faded. But if we talk about an ideal scenario, you would not get a natural suntan before getting a tattoo.

Thus, it helps big time if you decide on a fake tan. It will sustain your tattoo’s appearance by protecting your skin from sun-caused damage.

As I told you, the tan will darken your tattoo slightly for some time. But if you do not want that, you can bandage the tattooed area before getting the treatment. Even better, if you ask your therapist, they will put barrier cream on it to refrain the tanner machine from accessing that part of your skin.

In case the size of the tattoo is gigantic, your therapist can avoid it totally. They will only spray over the edges before removing them with tan removal wipes. That way, you can be sure that it will be tan-free.

You cannot get tanned before your tattoo heals, even if it is artificial. Wait at least a month for a full recovery. If necessary, hold on for a little longer to be on the safe side.

Can I Spray Tan Over A New Tattoo?

Can I Spray Tan Over A New Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies
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No, you cannot spray tan over a new tattoo.

Getting a spray tan when your tattoo is still fresh is not a good idea. It could give you infections. Maintaining the aftercare instructions is an integral part of having a tattoo. Every tattooist will advise against a spray tan with a new tattoo. 

From a general outlook, avoiding any products directly on a still-to-heal tattoo is vital. The post-treatment care routine differs from one artist to another, but the focus on diminishing the health risks will be the same. Tanning immediately after getting a tattoo can result in infections or a poor recovery process.

That is why it is mandatory to wait until the tattoo recovers entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Plausible Risks Of Getting A Spray Tan Before Getting A Tattoo?

The tan will cause the tattoo to look darker than the original. Besides, it will add a pinch of golden warmth, affecting the color brightness. So, you can never be sure how your tattoo will turn out until the tan fades away. Chances are, you may not like the outcome after all.

What If I Want To Get A Spray Tan After A Tattoo?

Yes, instead of getting a tattoo after a spray tan, you can go the other way around. But the rule is that you cannot apply a sunless tan solution before your skin heals. The surface of your skin must have full recovery prior to the tanning procedure. You cannot make any exceptions here.

So, Is Getting A Tattoo Before A Spray Tan Better Than After?

No, it is otherwise. Getting a tattoo before a spray tan does not have any health risks, but it runs the risk of changing the tattoo color for a while and your not liking the ultimate result after the tan is gone.
Getting a spray tan, on the contrary, will not do anything with the tattoo color. But there will be risks if you do not wait for the healing phase. So, the decision is yours.

Final Words 

A tattoo after and before wearing a fake tan is possible. But the important matter is the condition of your tattoo in both cases.  As long as you are okay with a different tattoo outcome from your expectation after the tan fades, you should go for it. Similarly, if you are willing to wait for several weeks to get a new tattoo, get the tan afterward. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it is not a whimsical choice so that your tattoo does not end up bearing the brunt of it. All the best!

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