Can You Go In A Sauna With A New Tattoo?


A new tattoo is always in the process of healing. During this period, the tattoo is very sensitive to environments.

A sauna is a place where your skin would be exposed to extreme steam. It brings amazing changes to your health due to increased metabolism and blood circulation. So, you might be thinking, “Can I go in a sauna with a new tattoo?”

The answer is simply no. Do not enter the sauna until your new tattoo has completely healed. If you haven’t given your tattoo enough time to heal, the perspiration and heat will lower the quality and disrupt the setting of the pigment.

Stay with this article, as it also covers all your queries regarding saunas such as whether the place can fade your tattoo, when you should go to the sauna with a tattoo, and whatnot!

How Does Sauna Affect New Tattoos?

When you take a fresh tattoo into a sauna, the scab will start to sweat almost immediately. In case of excessive humidity, the scab may come loose from the skin and start to leak. It will be simpler to remove before it heals than if you try to pull it off. A reversal of any progress toward recovery will happen.

After a session in the sauna, your ink and sweat will peel off in large chunks, covering your bed in a smudgy mess.

Not only will you have to take time out of your busy schedule to get a new tattoo and spend extra money, but there is also a potential that you will have to redo your tattoo, which is obviously not ideal.

Even if just a little amount of pigment is removed, this method nevertheless permits some ink spread, which blurs otherwise crisp lines.

Do Saunas Make Your Tattoo Fade?

The majority of individuals start sweating shortly after entering a sauna, and this might give the appearance that a fresh tattoo is fading even when it is not. Because the ink has not had enough time to cure before being exposed to the elements, it peels away from the skin as it becomes hot and sweaty.

If you let it heal on your skin, it may end up looking older than it really is. Regular sauna usage will not fade a tattoo that has already been on your skin for a while and has had time to set.

Is Heat Bad For New Tattoo?

Unfortunately, yes. A fresh tattoo may feel quite uncomfortable when exposed to intense heat. Also, your ink might get inflamed and uncomfortable as a result. Take good care of your skin and try to prevent exposure to extreme heat until the wound has healed.

When Can You Go To Sauna After Getting A Tattoo?

The majority of references advise against using saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs until the tattoo has completely healed. The whole healing time for a tattoo is typically between two and five weeks. This depends on the person, the tattoo’s placement, and how well they take care of it thereafter.

Each person has a unique time it takes to recover after an injury. Healing times for wounds, notably skin wounds, are often lengthened with age. A wound that would mend quickly when you’re 20 might become almost non-healing when you’re 50.

It takes more time and effort for wounds to heal in certain parts of the body than in others. Tattoos on the knees and elbows will take longer to heal and are more likely to scab due to the friction generated by continual bending.

How long it takes your tattoo to heal is partly dependent on how well it was done. When the needle is inserted too deeply into the skin or when particular regions of the skin are overworked, additional damage may be done by an inexperienced artist. Tattoos done by artists with greater experience and care will help clients recover more quickly.

Finally, the time it takes to recover depends on the quality of the aftercare you provide yourself. Don’t forget to listen to your tattooist’s recommendations.

Can You Access Sauna After Getting Laser Tattoo Removal?

For the first two days after laser tattoo removal, you should avoid taking a bath, sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi. Even after the blisters have healed, you should avoid touching them for as long as the skin is sensitive.

Other Things To Avoid After Getting A New Tattoo

Care for a new tattoo is simple, but there are still ways to mess it up. After receiving a new tattoo, you may do many of the same things you always have, but there are a few things you should not do.

In the three to four weeks it takes for a tattoo to properly heal, you should avoid doing the following activities.

Direct Sunlight

The intended impact of a new tattoo might be severely diminished if exposed to direct sunlight too soon. Exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight for an extended period of time increases the likelihood of bleaching and fading, as well as blistering.

Tattoos need to be protected from the sun even after the healing process has begun and the scabs have fallen off. It extends their useful life and protects them from early fading.


You should wait until your new tattoo has completely healed before shaving any place where it is located, including the armpits, legs, scalp, or face.

 Yes, ladies, this may mean going Amazonian for approximately a month. If you need silky smoothness at all times, you might want to make preparations in advance.

Never go over a new tattoo with a razor. In addition to scraping over a new injury, it may also remove scabs before they are fully healed. Depending on the size and location of your tattoo, you may likely resume shaving 3-4 weeks after the scabs have naturally fallen off.

Water (!)

You may still take showers throughout the healing process, but you’ll want to limit the amount of water that reaches your new ink.

Stay out of the water completely for a few weeks after being inked. The same goes for natural bodies of water as opposed to chemically treated ones like pools, which might cause your tattoo to fade.

Bacteria and amoebas found in lakes and seas may infect the tattooed skin and lead to severe illnesses. You should stay out of the water and away from any potentially hazardous situations while your tattoo heals.

Tight Clothes 

Avoid wearing anything too narrow over the new tattoo. If you want your tattoo to heal properly, you should avoid wearing anything too restrictive.

Depending on what you’re wearing, you can even wind up sweating and making the situation worse. To hide your new tattoo for the first two weeks, go for loose, flowing clothing. Cotton and other breathable textiles are preferable.

Scented Soaps

If you just got a tattoo, don’t use any scented soaps on it. If you just got a tattoo, don’t put any scent near it since it can irritate the ink. For the first several weeks, it is recommended that you only use unscented, antibacterial soaps on the region.

Depending on the size of your tattoo, you may need to wait up to a week before you may lessen the number of times per day that you wash it.


Although it would be tempting to cover up new ink with something like poly or Neosporin, you should refrain from doing so. This is because these creams are so effective that your tattoo may heal too rapidly.

Again, this ointment’s zinc and other ingredients may appear beneficial, but they actually pull the ink off your skin and keep it floating just above the surface. For this, using heavy barriers like Neosporin won’t let your skin to expose to the air and cause fading.

Excessive Moisturizing

The tattoo’s healing process requires regular moisturizing, but you shouldn’t saturate it. You just need to apply a thin coating of moisturizer a few times a day; any more than that may be too much.

Too much lotion on your tattoo means there is too much moisture, which is a breeding ground for germs. You can keep your tattoo in excellent condition by using minimal amounts of moisturizer.


Is Sweating Bad For Healing Tattoos?

Yes. You should avoid saunas and strenuous exercise for at least two to three weeks after having a tattoo to avoid causing the ink to fade too quickly. To reiterate, perspiration is considered moisture and may be detrimental to a tattoo’s healing process.
While some perspiration is to be expected (after all, you are human), you should try to avoid doing things that will leave you feeling like you need to immediately plunge into a body of water.

How To Know If Your Tattoo Is Healed And You’re Good to Go to A Sauna?

Healing is complete when the dried skin and scabs have fallen off, revealing fresh, smooth skin with a colorful tattoo, and you no longer experience any burning or irritation as a result of the body mending itself. This is the perfect stage for attending your long-awaited sauna session!


A sauna is always a fun and healthy experience for your body. But, can you go to a sauna with a new tattoo?

You’ve probably been warned to avoid doing anything that can expose your tattoo to water, and that includes avoiding the sauna. The skin around your new tattoo needs time to heal before you expose it to intense perspiration.

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