Can You Go To The Gym After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Hitting the gym too soon after laser tattoo removal is not recommended. But how soon is too soon? When can you go to the gym after laser tattoo removal?

You must wait a minimum of 48 hours after having a laser tattoo removal treatment. The duration may be longer according to the swelling and tenderness of the treated skin. It’s also a must to avoid sun exposure or hot baths during this time.

However, this is not the full picture. There are explanations of what we just stated.

Keep scrolling to know what exercises you can start immediately after removing a tattoo and which one you should avoid for a few days.

Can You Go To The Gym After Laser Tattoo Removal

Is It Safe to Hit The Gym After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Is It Safe to Hit The Gym After Laser Tattoo Removal
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It’s not safe to go to the gym within 24 hours after you have a laser tattoo removal session. The duration should be even longer like 48-72 hours if you have any blisters. Within this time, the tattooed skin is more delicate, and you must give it enough time to properly heal first.

Now, you may ask, what’s wrong with the immediate workout?

Well, a workout may lead your tattoo to become more irritated and swollen during the critical healing period. As your body’s blood flow increases during a workout, it enhances the chances of swelling.

How Long Should You Wait Before Working Out After Laser Tattoo Removal?

How Long Should You Wait Before Working Out After Laser Tattoo Removal
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Gym-freak persons will find it hard to wait for a long time to restart their workout sessions after getting rid of a tattoo. Yet, you must avoid strenuous activities for at least 48 hours.

Some common side effects of laser tattoo removal are:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Blister 
  • Scab

Sometimes, it even takes as long as 2-3 weeks for your skin to be perfectly okay. You won’t love it when your tattooed skin starts to dry and scab, leaving it vulnerable cracks just because you have gone through strenuous movement.

Why Shouldn’t You Work Out Right After Removing a Tattoo?

Be Cautious About Workout After Tattoo Removal - Tattoo Strategies
Be Cautious About Workouts After Laser Tattoo Removal

We’ve already mentioned a few reasons above. Here are some more reasons that make the post-tattoo healing process delayed.

Stretching and Sweating

While you’re on a workout session, you sweat after your muscles stretch the skin. And that’s where the problem arises. Pulling skin with extreme pressure and excessively sweating might irritate the treated skin.


You frequently rub your skin while doing cardio or lifting weight because you sweat excessively then. That friction from the rubbing of clothing can damage your recently treated skin.

Which Exercises Are Okay After Removing a Tattoo?

Which Exercises Are Okay After Removing a Tattoo
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After the very first 48 hours or a couple of days of removing a tattoo, you can get back to the gym. But if it’s still the ongoing healing process, make sure you take some limitations seriously.

Where did you have the tattoo?Recommended workouts
Back or chestDo gentle arm and leg workouts. Walking is also okay in this situation. But make sure you don’t activate your back or chest muscles.
Arm or handsStick to the leg workouts. Go through the squats but don’t lift weights. Riding a stationary bike can also be listed.
Legs or feet.Focus on your abs and arms in this case. You can do planks, sit-ups, and bicep-curls.
Safe Workouts After 48 hours of laser tattoo removal


We suggest you opt for a relaxed walk before starting a specific exercise. Notice if any movement pulls at the skin where you had the tattoo. Call it a day off if you feel the pull or tug on your skin.

Also, you can start with exercises that are not engaged to your recently-treated areas of the skin.

For instance, if you have a tattoo on your lower body, it’ll be okay to do a core or arm workout. Or, you can do squats and lunges if the tattoo is not on your lower body.

Exercises You Should Strictly Avoid After Removing a Tattoo

Avoid Swimming Tanning or Outdoor Workouts After Laser Tattoo Removal - Tattoo Strategies
Avoid Swimming, Tanning, or Outdoor Workouts After Laser Tattoo Removal

Take this part seriously for your own good. Think of it as a few guilt-free days and take it easy!

Avoid Swimming for 3-5 days.

It’s best to avoid swimming or submerging in a hot tub for at least one week after removing the tattoo from your skin.

Since swimming pools are chemically treated, the water also can cause you an infection or at least an irritation. If you think of swimming in natural bodies like rivers or lakes, it may expose your open wound to harmful bacteria and worsen things.

Say No to Outdoor Workouts

The main intention is to stay out of the sun. The treated skin is susceptible and less strong to withstand the heat. A sunbath in this situation might make your skin weak. Since sunbathing increases the production of melanin in your skin, it may result in an ineffective laser tattoo removal treatment.

It’s best if you can stay out of the sun for a minimum of 4 weeks after the treatment.

Can You Do Cardio Workouts After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Can You Do Cardio Workouts After Laser Tattoo Removal
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You should not do cardio workouts within 72 hours of the tattoo removal treatment.

Suppose your tattoo was on your ankle; chances are it can be damaged by the friction of the shoes and socks when you run. So, it’s better to avoid cardio sessions if you’re in such situations.

Remember the tips below after starting the cardio sessions while passing the healing process.

  • You can’t wear any tight clothing over the tattooed skin while doing a cardio workout.
  • Never rub vigorously against the treated skin. Rather, pat dries all sweat every 5-6 minutes using a clean and lint-free towel.
  • You need to cover the treated skin with your clothing (no need to wrap it again) so no one’s fluids get in touch with the skin.

Is It Okay to Do Sport-Specific Workouts After You Remove a Tattoo?

Is It Okay to Do Sport Specific Workouts After You Remove a Tattoo
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Yes, it is. But it’s better to wait 72 hours as it’s the bare minimum duration of your tattoo’s healing process.

Just make sure you remember some limitations to avoid any further damage to the treated skin. For instance, avoid rolling if you’re a grappler. Similarly, avoid sparring if you’re a boxer. These will help you save the treated skin from getting scratched or roughly handled.

Final Words

And, here, our discussion ends. We hope that you’ve got your answer to the ‘can you go to the gym after laser tattoo removal?’ question.

Remember, common sense is key here. Know how large the size of your tattoo was and where you installed it on the skin. Then, choose the workouts accordingly, avoiding the treated areas as much as you can.

In case the skin where you had the treatment feels wrong, like it hurts or stings, it’s best to take a break. Skipping a workout for those few days will be worth it, trust me!

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