How Long Do You Have To Wait Between Tattoo Sessions?

You might get cold feet before getting your first tattoo, but once you get it over with, it can become quite addictive. You can’t wait to get the next one, especially if you are working on a full-body project. However, you should not allow the thrill of body art to eclipse your judgment and decide to sit under the needles with a fresh tattoo on your body.

Tattooing inflicts considerable damage on the skin, so you need to give it enough time to recover. If you go back to the parlor too soon, you will expose yourself to an increased risk of infections and other health complications. Not to mention, it could be incredibly painful.

So, when should you return for round two after getting a new tattoo?

How Long Do You Have To Wait Between Tattoo Sessions?

Can You Finish A Tattoo The Next Day?

Can You Finish A Tattoo The Next Day - Tattoo Strategies

If you are getting a tattoo that covers your entire torso, it’s highly unlikely that you will get it done in a day. The artists take their time to perfect the work, so they would split up the art into several fragments. After day one, you will only get a portion of it. You will definitely feel the urge to go back the next day and complete the rest of the work.

Any responsible tattoo artist will ask you to wait and let the first tattoo heal before getting new ink on your body. How long between tattoo sessions do you need to wait? It’s best to ask the practitioner and find out for sure. But in most cases, you should be good to go in two or three weeks.

Your body works really hard to recover from a tattoo and fight any infections that may arise from the open wound. Therefore, even if your body art may seem amazing on the surface, your inner body definitely needs some downtime to recuperate and restore your skin. Bigger tattoos might need more time to heal.

Also, you need some clarity before getting a new tattoo. A tattoo is a lifelong commitment, so you should make sure the endorphin rush of a new tattoo is not clouding your judgment. Give it a good thought before booking your next visit. Once you are fully convinced that you need another one and your body has healed, visit the parlor again.

How Long To Wait In Between Tattoo Sessions?

How Long To Wait In Between Tattoo Sessions - Tattoo Strategies

You should allow the previous tattoo to heal completely before getting a new one. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 weeks. But, depending on your immunity level, it could take longer or shorter.

Tattoos with intricate details and extensive skin coverage are likely to take longer to recover. Rushing would lead to undesirable results and unavoidable health complications.

Final Thoughts

I would not recommend pushing your physical limits and getting new tattoos before the old ones fully recover. Even if you follow the aftercare routine correctly, tattoos will take longer to heal if you have too many unhealed tattoos on your body at the same time.

So, only move forward with your next tattoo after you no longer have any fresh wounds.

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