How To Compliment A Tattoo

Tattooing is a sacred art, and the process of tattooing requires passion and tolerance. Oftentimes, unconsciously, we make offensive remarks while trying to compliment a tattoo. It is a very sensitive topic, and you must tread carefully. So, how to compliment a tattoo?

The best tip to compliment a tattoo is to keep it simple. Try to keep a balance between exaggeration and indifference. And for the love of God, do not creep people out, especially if it belongs to a woman, by overanalyzing the tattoo. And finally do not put offensive remarks. Stay respectful.

Do not leave the page yet, as we got into an in-depth discussion of tattoo complimenting and covered what you need to avoid while complimenting.

4-Step Guide For Complimenting A Tattoo

Try to follow these 4 simple methods although number 4 might not be your thing but who knows someday you will be interested. Anyway, let’s get into it.

Show Your Interest

We’re going to guess that your fascination with their tattoos is genuine. This being the case, go forward suitably. Specifically, if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo yourself (more on this below), you may inquire as to which tattoo parlor and artist they visited.

They are pleased to provide information about the studio or artist they visited for their body art. This paves the way for further discussion.

If they have more than one tattoo, it’s probably best to ask about a particular one rather than making a blanket comment about their “body of work,” which might be misconstrued as a pick-up line.

Appreciate The Tattoo Style

Tattoo artists that work in a particular style are responsible for the final touches to the designs.

Only a skilled fine-line tattoo artist, for instance, can provide the kind of look that endears you to your loved ones. Fashionable tattoo designs include: (Fine line, Tribal, Realism, Neo-traditional etc ).

Being able to identify the aesthetic of these movements will equip you to boldly complement or her body art by making reference to the particular style or styles to which it belongs. They’ll probably remember you in a good light and treat you better the next time you meet them.

Relate It To Your Own Passion

It’s a good way to get to know someone if one of their tattoos (or the overall topic of their body art) relates to something you’re interested in.

An easy compliment and conversation starter is if they have a tattoo of your favorite flower, for instance. Say something like, “Oh wow, Paulo Coelho is among my favorite authors too!” if you see a tattoo of a noteworthy quotation on someone’s body.

 You may use the fact that they have seasonal tattoos to start a conversation about how great it is to spend a chilly winter day inside a warm cabin. Another option is to compliment them on a topic about which you know a great deal and are enthusiastic, such as a sport that appears in their tattoos.

Being real is key, once again. The tattooed barista will be able to spot a phony a mile away. They can, however, identify the genuine article.

Get Your Own Tattoo

If you want your praise to stay, it helps if you share something in common with the person you’re complimenting. A tattoo is a great way to bond in this situation.

Getting a tattoo is a permanent commitment, so be sure it’s something you want before going through with it. It’s also weird to buy one for the sake of impressing someone you barely know (or at all).

In the end, if you find yourself intensely drawn to tattooed men or women, you are definitely a good fit for the lifestyle, too. As you need to love yourself before you can love someone else, getting a tattoo is a natural choice. When you get a tattoo, a wall comes crumbling down between you and the tattooed.

How To Compliment A Tattoo Artist

If you want to give your tattoo artist meaningful praise, explain how much you appreciate their work.

Many people have the misconception that getting a tattoo is all about the finished product, but in fact, it’s a multi-step procedure that requires a high degree of expertise, commitment, and artistic ability. So, it will mean the world to your tattoo artist if you take the time to tell them how much you like their work.

Referring your tattoo artist to your pals is another fantastic method to show your appreciation.

The finest approach to express your appreciation for someone’s efforts is to spread the word about them and bring them additional business. Send your friend or family member to your tattoo artist if they are considering getting a tattoo.

Finally, taking care of your tattoo is the best way to show your tattoo artist that you value their work. After all, if you take good care of your tattoo, it will last you a lifetime.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your artist and be sure to follow their aftercare instructions in the letter. Proper care for your tattoo will not only keep it looking great for the rest of your life, but it will also be a gesture of gratitude to the artist.

Here are some ways to show appreciation for your tattoo artist:

  • All of my appreciation goes out to you for your hard work and creativity. I appreciate your efforts very much.
  • The tattoo turned out better than I could have hoped. Many thanks!
  • Someone I trust recommended you to me, and now I know why: you’re a fantastic creative genius.
  • Express much appreciation for the detailed after-care instructions. As a result of my careful attention, my tattoo is looking great after just a few weeks.

How To Respond To Tattoo Compliments

If someone compliments your tattoo, this is how to respond with grace:

  • I appreciate your kind words. This is the single most crucial step to do after receiving any kind of praise. Express your gratitude for the other person’s good comments by saying “thank you” or “thanks so much!”
  • If you’re at ease doing so, feel free to elaborate on the significance of your tattoo. Not everyone who gets a tattoo wants to explain its significance to everyone who admires it. But if you feel comfortable doing so, explain to the other person what your tattoo means to you and why you decided to have it.
  • Give your tattooist a glowing review. Spreading the word about a skilled artist in this manner can only help their career and bring in more customers. It’s also a chance to suggest a talented tattoo artist to someone you know who’s considering inking themselves.
  • Respond with a positive remark. It’s only proper to pay a compliment if someone takes the time to admire your tattoo. You may congratulate them on everything from their dress to their hair. Keep in mind that people may easily see through disingenuous flattery.

Things To Avoid While Complimenting A Tattoo

Here are some ‘no-no’ activities that you must be careful about. The matter of tattoos can get sensitive if you do not play your cards right:

  • Do not grab their arms or touch the tattoo or poke them. This seems very insensitive. Just because they got themselves a tattoo does not give you the right to touch them without permission.
  • Do not stare at them in a creepy way. This will make them very uncomfortable.
  • Do not insert your own opinion on whether they did the right thing or not. A person who got tattooed obviously had thought this through and you should not make a judgment on it.
  • Don’t make jokes about how painful it was to get the tattoo. The tattoo recipient does not need to be reminded of the discomfort they experienced.
  • You shouldn’t inquire about the tattoo’s significance unless the wearer is willing to tell you the story behind it.
  • Do not use it as a pick-up line. It’s weird to do so and the probability of your success is pretty slim.

How To Describe A Tattoo

Tattoos may be described in a wide variety of ways. What would be the best way to do so? Let us find out:

  • Step one is to admire the tattoo and identify a positive aspect. It may be the way it looks or where on the body it is located.
  • Second, say nice things about the tattoo artist. One of the best ways to thank someone for their efforts.
  • Third, consider why you believe the tattoo to be meaningful to the wearer. That’s probably because it reminds them of a memorable period or something significant in their lives.

Taking Away

The world can only survive on the power of spreading love. Making people feel good about their identity is a great way to do so. A tattoo is part of one’s identity. So, it is important to know how to compliment a tattoo.

Keeping it simple and precise is the way to go. Be respectful of their views and do not go barge in your nose into their personal preference. And you need to be very careful if the recipient of that compliment is a girl (sensitivity alert!).

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