How To Get Rid Of Stick And Poke Tattoos?

It was always interesting to get a stick-and-poke tattoo, as it is an ancient way of getting tattoos.

But let me guess, you are regretting your decision to get one for yourself. You want to get rid of it now, probably because you have become a different person who thinks the tattoo does not reflect your identity anymore. So, how to get rid of a stick-and-poke tattoo?

You can remove the stick and poke tattoos naturally or with medicinal help. The natural method includes DIY techniques such as using salt, lemon juice, aloe vera, and sand. The other way is the medical way, which includes laser treatment and tattoo removal cream.

Stick with this article as it covers in depth how to remove this type of tattoo and it also covers tattoo removal cream suggestions.

How To Get Rid Of Stick And Poke Tattoos

Do Stick and Poke Tattoos Go Away Naturally?

According to a medical professional, unfortunately, when done properly, stick-poke tattoos last a lifetime. But generally, as people go to not-so-professional tattoo artists for stick and poke, and sometimes they do it DIY style, it almost fades away after a while.

A stick-and-poke tattoo, depending on its location and aftercare, may last anywhere from five to 10 years. After so much time, the ink used in a stick-and-poke tattoo will likely have faded significantly. Because we wash our hands and fingers so often, drawings on them usually disappear within a few years. Protecting your upper arms and chest from the sun will make them last longer.

Natural Ways To Remove Stick And Poke Tattoos

We can’t promise you that these natural DIY home remedies will work hundred percent. But, it is worth the shot as these are very popular techniques to try.

Method 01: Using Salt

Salabrasion is a popular do-it-yourself (DIY) technique of tattoo removal. Because it involves only utilizing salt and dermabrasion to remove layers of the epidermis, this method is very effective for removing superficially placed tattoos.

Salabrasion is performed using a rubbing pad like a sponge, water, and salt.

  • Once you’ve washed the area surrounding your unwanted tattoo, roll the pad in the salty water and scrub the skin with it.
  • In order to remove the top layer of skin, continue scrubbing the region for about 30 minutes.
  • Antiseptic or triple antibiotic cream should be used when the scrubbing is finished to prevent infection.

Please be aware that this choice may cause you discomfort and perhaps bleeding.

Stick-and-poke tattoos often need numerous applications, but in certain cases, a single one may suffice.

Method 02: Using Lemon Juice

If your tattoo is just a few millimeters deep, like certain stick-and-poke designs, then you may use lemon juice as a natural bleach to erase it. This method of tattoo removal is less unpleasant than others, although it may be time-consuming.

  • Apply pure lemon juice directly to your skin with a cotton swab or other fabric. Use either freshly squeezed lemon juice or store-bought lemon juice.
  • To remove the juice from your skin, wait for it to dry.
  • This may be done four or five times a day.
  • At first, the tattoo will fade in brightness, and then it may disappear altogether.
  • Lemon juice and salt may also be used as a scrubber if desired. This method of application is more uncomfortable but will provide better results.

Method 03: Applying Aloe Vera And Honey

There are a number of all-natural substances that may aid in the removal of age spots and the lightening of stick-and-poke tattoos.

Aloe vera and honey are the two most well-known components. You may use these components together, as a paste, or you can use them individually.

Aloe vera and honey, applied in little amounts up to four times daily, may be used in a similar fashion to the lemon juice approach to safely and effectively fade or erase tattoos. In time, your stick-and-poke tattoo, with any hope, will fade away.

Method 04: Using Sand (!) To Remove Stick And Poke

You’ve probably seen a vehicle with rust removed or a wall stripped of paint using sandblasting. Sand may also be used as a tattoo remover.

This technique may be useful for removing tattoos caused by sticks and needles, although it is unpleasant, much like Salabrasion.

This is due to the fact that you will need to physically peel away many layers of skin to reach the ink-bearing layer. Allowing the ink to bleed off the skin. You may do this at home or visit a clinic.

  • You may remove your tattoo by using sanding powder and a sponge or very fine sandpaper.
  • To get the best possible results from your tattoo, be sure to thoroughly cleanse the skin before and after.
  • The skin should be sanded as forcefully as possible for as long as possible.
  • To prevent infection, use an antiseptic cream.
  • It may be necessary to repeat this process many times for optimal results.

Medicinal Ways To Remove Stick And Poke Tattoos

If the DIY techniques don’t work or you want to have an immediate result, you should seek help from professionals. The best way to do this is by laser treatment by professionals. Tattoo removal cream can work well too.

Laser Removal Of Stick And Poke Tattoos

Stick & poke tattoos, like any other kind of tattoo, have their own unique qualities that might impact how well they respond to laser tattoo removal.

Ink colors like black, brown, dark blue, and green are much simpler to work with than other hues, whereas other colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and blue, may be difficult to erase.

Factors other than age and skin tone that may influence the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal include health issues and skin disorders. Instances where:

  • Darkened skin tone.
  • Issues that have been around for a while, like eczema.
  • Ailments like herpes can affect one’s health.

Choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic with a good name and a lot of experience will keep you and your skin safe.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Acids are often used in these treatments to peel away layers of skin, enabling the ink from your poke and stick to readily seep out of your skin. Tattoo removal creams may not be successful on classic tats, but they may be useful on primitive stick-and-poke tattoos done incorrectly.

  • To use this approach, just purchase a tattoo removal lotion containing trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and hydroquinone.
  • Stick to the directions on the back of your cream.
  • For the greatest results, use it exactly as advised.

What Are The Best Tattoo Removal Creams?

If you are looking for good tattoo removal creams, we compiled a few suggestions which might be helpful to you.

Product NameUnique Quality Price 
Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade SystemRemoves tattoo faster$45
Profade Tattoo Removal Cream 3 Step ActionAll natural elements$55
Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System 2 Month SupplyRemoves multicolored ink$55

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

Wrecking Balm’s tattoo removal ointment has everything you need to fade undesired tattoos. They also have Branding Butter Concealer, which covers tattoos swiftly.

Every other day for 3 minutes, use the Wrecking Balm Kit. You start by rubbing the tattoo with the Eurasian head and Suffusion gel. Apply Hydravescent cream to the region after treatment.

As with any tattoo removal procedure, outcomes vary by age and ink color. When applied as suggested, most people can fade a tattoo in a month.

Profade Tattoo Removal Cream 3-Step Action

The Profade tattoo removal system comes with three cremes to help you diminish the appearance of your tattoo.

  • The preparation soothes the skin.
  • Activation prepares the skin for the third stage.
  • Finally, Disappearance and Elimination Step 3 starts to erase the appearance of tattoo ink.

Because Profade is created entirely of natural components, it takes longer to work than other lotions that employ bleach to help remove the ink.

Most customers experienced benefits after taking Profade for 3-9 months, so if speed is important, Profade may not be the ideal option for you. It may be ideal for you if you are seeking a more natural approach to fading a tattoo.

Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System 2 Month Supply

The “Tat B Gone” tattoo removal technique effectively lightens tattoos of any hue. The first phase of this two-part procedure is to prepare the skin for the tattoo fading process, and the second is to gradually diminish the tattoo’s appearance using a gentle exfoliating action.

 The Tat B Gone System comes in packages ranging from one month to six months, and its scent isn’t overpowering at all.

The amount of time required to see substantial fading from a tattoo depends on its size and the darkness of the ink used, but if the tattoo is quite big, it will likely take many months of therapy.

The Tat B Gone technique, in general, is highly recommended for anybody who has more than one color of ink in their tattoo since it effectively fades all tattoo ink.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions Will I Need To Remove Stick And Poke?

There are several variables to consider. However, you could need anywhere from 7-10 sessions to completely remove that stick-and-poke tattoo.
It all depends on how long you’ve had the tattoo, what your health’s like, and what color ink was used. To ensure your safety throughout this operation, it is best to have a professional take care of things for you.

Is It Ok To Put Neosporin On Stick And Poke?

Stick-and-poke tattoos don’t need a lot of antiseptic ointment. They aid in healing but cause the ink to fade since they bring fluids to the surface of the skin.

Is It Ok To Donate Blood If I Had My Tattoo Removed?

Stick-and-poke tattoos weaken the immune system and leave the wearer vulnerable to a wide range of infections.
Therefore, they shouldn’t give blood for at least a year after obtaining a stick-and-poke tattoo. Tattoo removal is the same way. After one year, after the removal of all stick-and-poke tattoos, the donor may give blood again.

Final Words

By now you should have all the answers you were looking for regarding stick and poke. To answer the question briefly how to get rid of stick and poke tattoos?

Stick and poke tattoos are generally DIY tattoos, so they sometimes fade away over time. The natural ways to remove such tattoos would be by using salt, lemon juice, sand, or aloe vera, but more professional ways can be done using laser treatment and tattoo removal cream.

Make your own choice according to your preferences. Good luck!

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