Monkey Tattoo Meaning

People who want to show their individuality or represent particular features and characteristics frequently get monkey tattoos. Monkey tattoos are popular for their visual appeal, but there are also numerous deeper meanings that people seek.

So, the question that might be on your head is, what are the meanings behind the monkey tattoo?

Monkey tattoos can symbolize playfulness, intelligence, adaptability, social connections, cultural or spiritual significance, or simply an aesthetic appeal. It’s important to carefully consider the potential meanings and associations of these tattoos before committing to one.

Read on to know more about the history of monkey tattoos, the meaning, and significance of these tattoos, popular tattoo ideas as well as the placement guide for the monkey tattoo.

History of Monkey Tattoos

Given that tattoos have been a common feature of many civilizations for thousands of years, it is challenging to trace the origins of monkey tattoos. It’s likely that monkey tattoos date back to the same time period as their appearance in art and literature.

The monkey has been a sacred or symbolic animal in certain cultures. The Hindu religion, for instance, honors the power and dedication of the monkey god Hanuman. One possible choice of tattoo to show one’s devotion to this deity is a monkey.

It’s possible that monkeys are selected for their aesthetic value or because they represent particular qualities in other cultures. A tattoo of a monkey, for instance, could stand for a person’s sense of humor, wit, intelligence, or capacity to make friends and connections.

Monkey Tattoo: Meaning and Symbolism

There is a big number of meanings that may be assigned to monkey tattoos, depending on the setting and the symbolism that is used to depict the animal. The following are a few possible meanings of monkey tattoos:

Playfulness and mischief

A monkey tattoo may be selected to symbolize features like mischievousness and playfulness since monkeys are frequently connected with these qualities.

Intelligence and problem-solving

Tattoos of monkeys are commonly chosen to signify intelligence and resourcefulness because of the animals’ well-deserved reputations in these areas.

Adaptability and survival

Tattoos of monkeys are often chosen to symbolize resilience and the ability to thrive in challenging situations because of the monkey’s reputation for adaptability.

Social Connections

Because monkeys are extremely social, getting a monkey tattoo may be a way to emphasize the value of one’s own relationships.

The cultural and spiritual significance

The monkey is a sacred animal in several cultures. As an illustration, the Hindu monkey god Hanuman is held in high esteem for both his bravery and his devotion. For this reason, some people choose to have a tattoo of a monkey to show their allegiance to these ideals.

Aesthetic appeal

The simple fact that monkeys appeal to the sense of aesthetics or the cuteness quotient is enough to convince some people to get a monkey tattoo.

Monkey Tattoo Design Variations

Whether you’re looking for the spiritual meaning of a tribal tattoo or the hilarity of a Belly Button design, you’ll find a wide variety of themes in Monkey tattoos to choose from. Different takes on the Monkey theme that are very popular nowadays include:

Chimpanzee Tattoos

The chimpanzee is a kind of primate that shares a high degree of similarity to humans and is hence widely regarded as exceptionally intelligent.

An individual may choose to tattoo a chimpanzee on their body to represent their wit, ability to solve problems, and connection with the natural world.

Capuchin monkey tattoo

It is often known that capuchin monkeys are exceptionally bright and skilled. Some people choose to have a tattoo of a capuchin monkey on their body as a symbol of their cleverness, resourcefulness, and versatility.

Monkey tattoos that say “Hear, See, and Say No Evil”

Incorporating a folktale from the Tendai school of Buddhism from the eighth century—the story of the “three wise monkeys”—into Confucius’ ethical guidelines is nothing new.

In fact, the term “Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru,” which translates to “don’t hear, don’t see, and don’t speak,” predates the monkeys. However, the word “zaru” sounds very similar to the word “saru,” which means “monkey,” when spoken.

This idiom has been linked to monkeys ever since. A fourth monkey named “Shizaru” represents “do no evil” by standing erect with arms crossed. Those who sport this design proclaim their allegiance to Confucius’ moral precepts.

Tribal Monkey Tattoos

Polynesian, Native American, and Haida design elements can all be found in today’s trendy tribal designs.

These intricate patterns were created to draw attention to the widespread symbolic significance of monkeys across religious traditions. It’s common for them to reflect the animal’s jovial side. As a matter of fact, you can’t take life too seriously.

Monkey Belly Button Tattoos

Depending on the setting and the specific symbols used, a monkey belly button tattoo might have many different meanings.

A tattoo of a monkey can represent a wide range of emotions and traits; for instance, a small monkey tattoo around the belly button could stand for playfulness and a carefree attitude, while a larger monkey tattoo on the lower stomach could represent determination and strength.

Placement Guide for the Monkey Tattoos

Several considerations, like the tattoo’s size and design, the wearer’s choice, and the tattoo’s symbolic significance, can influence where a monkey is tattooed. Some recommendations on where to put your monkey tattoo:


The versatility of the arm makes it a common place to see monkey tattoos. While a smaller monkey tattoo would look great on your wrist or forearm, a bigger one would look great on your upper arm or bicep.


Another common spot for monkey tattoos is on the leg. Tattoos of monkeys are often found on people’s legs, either as small designs at the ankle or lower leg or as larger designs on the upper leg or thigh.


The chest is a great place to display a large monkey tattoo because of the open space it provides.


The back is still another excellent spot for a giant monkey tattoo, as this area provides a lot of room for the design to be displayed.


Do monkey tattoos have any significance?

Indeed, a monkey tattoo’s significance can be interpreted in various ways. There are many possible meanings, some of which include a sense of humor, intellect, flexibility, social ties, cultural or spiritual importance, or even just an aesthetic appeal.

Are monkeys a sign of luck?

The presence of a monkey is regarded as a positive sign in the majority of civilizations around the world. Monkeys represent good fortune and prosperity in a number of civilizations.

As a symbol of good fortune, the monkey plays an important role in Chinese culture. Monkeys are generally seen as joyful and mischievous in Japanese culture.

Last Words

To summarize, monkeys are a popular choice for people who want a tattoo that either expresses their unique personality or stands for a set of values that are important to them.

A monkey tattoo is a meaningful and expressive choice that can be made for a number of different reasons, including its visual appeal, its deeper cultural or spiritual significance, or both.

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