What Does 666 Tattoo Mean?

The number 666 has a complex and controversial history, and it has been interpreted in a variety of ways throughout time. But not everyone is aware of the meaning behind this tattoo. So, the question is, “what do the 666 tattoos mean?”

The number 666 has different meanings to different individuals; for some, it represents the devil or the occult, while for others it represents rebellion or subculture. A 666 tattoo’s significance can range from purely symbolic to deeply rooted in the wearer’s worldview.

Read on to know more about the history of the 666 tattoos, their meaning, and significance, different variations of the tattoo as well as the placement of the tattoos.

History of the 666 tattoos

The number 666 has a complicated history, and its purpose and meaning have changed over time and between cultures.

The number 666, which appears in the Book of Revelation as the “number of the beast,” is commonly used as a symbol for the devil or wickedness. Some ancient societies viewed the number 666 as fortunate or auspicious, while others connected it with evil or curses.

For instance, the number 666 was interpreted very differently throughout different ancient societies, with some seeing it as a sign of luck and prosperity and others seeing it as a portent of doom.

These days, the significance of the number 666 in tattoos can be quite situational and personal. Some may associate it with Satanism or the occult, while others may regard it as an expression of individuality or a means of expressing their own unique perspective on the world.

It’s worth noting that, like any other tattoo, the significance of a 666 tattoo may vary depending on the individual getting it.

666 Tattoo: Meaning and Symbolism

Based on the circumstances, the number 666 can have positive or negative meanings. The following are a few of the 666 tattoo’s most prevalent meanings and interpretations:

The number of the beast

The Bible ties the number 666 to the beast, also known as the Antichrist, and the number has since come to represent wickedness and the devil.


Some persons who choose to ink on a 666 may be drawn to or connect with Satanism, the cult that holds Satan as divine.

The occult

The occult, defined as faith in the supernatural or magical abilities of the unknown, is often linked to the number 666. Some tattoo lovers may perceive the 666 as a symbol of their interest in the occult or a way to convey their obsession with the supernatural.

Rebellion or shock value

As a form of defiance against authority figures or for shock value, some people choose to ink the number 666 on their bodies.

It’s important to keep in mind that the meaning of a 666 tattoo might vary depending on the person getting it.

Different types of 666 Tattoos

You can get creative with the number 666 and how you use it in your tattoo. Possible designs of 666 tattoos usually involve:

Simple block design

A straightforward tattoo of the numeral “666” in blocky, capital characters. Depending on personal desire, this style of tattoo can be done in black ink or a wide range of other colors.

With Satanic symbols

The 666 tattoos can also be paired up with different Satanic symbols. Pentagrams, horns, and demonic faces are all examples of symbols linked with Satanism and the occult that could fall under this category.

With Satanic artworks

An elaborate tattoo that incorporates the number 666. Some tattoos have the number 666 as part of a design depicting a demon or other supernatural entity, while others feature a design or artwork with ties to Satanism or the occult.

With fancy fonts

A tattoo featuring the number 666 in a unique or creative font or style. Examples include tattoos of the number 666 in a cursive or other handwritten font or presented in a stylized or ornamental format.

In foreign language

A tattoo featuring the number 666 in a different language. The tattoo may depict the number 666, but it may be written in a foreign language (such as Hebrew or Latin) that has a distinct meaning or significance to the person having the tattoo.

Where Should You Place A 666 Tattoo?

When deciding where to get a tattoo of the number 666, factors such as the wearer’s personal taste, the tattoo’s intended size, and the tattoo’s intended design should be considered. Some common places to get a 666 tattoo include:

The arm

A 666 tattoo could be placed anywhere on the arm, but the most common locations are the upper arm, lower arm, and wrist.

The chest

The chest is another common tattoo location; the 666 could be inked anywhere on the chest, from the higher to the lower.

The back

Because of the large, flat surface that the back provides, a 666 tattoo, like many others, looks fantastic when it is placed in the back.

The leg

A 666 tattoo can also be placed on the leg, either high up on the thigh or low and wide at the ankle.

The belly

Another place for the 666 tattoos is the belly. Whether you want to show off your design or hide the tattoos under clothing, the belly is the perfect place for the tattoo. 

Tattoos are a permanent kind of body modification that can have serious personal and professional repercussions, so think carefully before getting one.

The tattoo’s visibility and the way others view it can be affected by several factors, including the tattoo’s design and placement.


Can anyone get a 666 tattoo?

While the number 666 is often associated with Satanism and the occult, it’s important to remember that tattoos are personal and can have a wide range of meanings.

Regardless of their views or interests, some people obtain 666 tattoos to display their individualism or non-conformity. Tattoos are permanent and might affect your career and social life, so choose carefully.

Can a 666 tattoo hurt my career or social life?

A 666 tattoo may be offensive to some and affect employment chances and social life. Before getting a 666 tattoo, consider the risks. Some employers or social groups have tattoo regulations or biases, and a 666 tattoo may be insulting or improper.

Can I remove a 666 tattoo?

It is possible to remove a tattoo through a process called tattoo removal. Lasers or other ways break down tattoo ink particles so the body can absorb them.

Tattoo removal can be costly, time-consuming, and ineffective. Tattoos are permanent and hard to remove, so think carefully before getting one.

Final Words

The 666 tattoo, in conclusion, is a tattoo that depicts the number 666 and is commonly linked to Satanism or the occult. However, the environment in which it is utilized and the person who receives it can dramatically alter the meaning and significance of the 666 tattoos.

Some people get a 666 tattoo to show their fascination with Satanism or the occult, while others see it as a method to express their uniqueness or rebel against the norm.

It’s important to carefully consider the design and placement of any tattoo, as tattoos are permanent and can have social and professional consequences.

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