What Does A Three-Circle Tattoo Mean?

A tattoo is a permanent modification in one’s body where they have a design drawn on their skin. While people can choose whatever they want, most prefer something they can attach themselves to personally and sentimentally.

Some traditional tattoo designs are always trendy because of their shapes and meanings. The three-circle tattoo is such. It is unique and contains multiple symbolic interpretations that people often find intriguing.

Although there is nothing to be sure about what the circles particularly mean, theories suggest that they could be about the ring of life, birth, the continuance of time, the symbol of strength, power, knowledge, etc.

Let’s find more details about them in the coming section and see if anything fulfills your idea of having a three-circle tattoo.

What Does A Three-Circle Tattoo Mean?

What Does A Three-Circle Tattoo Mean?

Tattooists usually join the three circles with each other. But if you want, you can have them separately too. There is nothing to explain what the circles actually symbolize.

However, several theories are quite popular, giving you insights into their meanings, the most common being that they are the signs of love, faith, and hope.

Three Circles: Power, Courage, and Wisdom

As per another interpretation, the design advocates for power, courage, and wisdom, considered the essence of life. Looking at their shapes, you will see that they resemble the heart. So, other explanations support that the three circles hold a huge heart together.

Three Circles: Present, Past, And Future

The other theory thinks that the tattoo is a witness of time – present, past, and future. While they are connected, time separates them from each other. The central one is a bridge between the other two, neither of which can affect it directly.

That figuratively indicates that people duel in the ‘right now’ moment, cannot change what already happened, and have no control over what will happen. But we can still have an optimistic outlook on life by teaching our minds to be positive.

Three Circles Representing Phases of Life

You can also associate another meaning with the design – birth, demise, and rebirth based on the phases of life.

Speaking of the phases of life, some tattooists think that the tattoo could represent childhood and youth, followed by old age.

The littlest circle indicates childhood as it is fragile, the latter, the adulthood (more stable than the first and livelier than the last). As you approach the third one, you approach the final stage.

Each stage is equally crucial because it lets you experience life in its entirety and shapes yourself as a human.

Other interpretations relate the tattoo to body, mind, and spirit. Hence, the mind, the middle circle, has authority over the body, and the body possesses the spirit.

Another possibility suggests that the circles could indicate earth, water, and air.

Final Words

People like the three-circle tattoo design because it has many interpretations while not necessarily specific. For some, it can symbolize their present, past, and future. But some could connect with it physically, mentally, and spiritually. Besides, if you want to perceive the circles as your phases of life, you can have that freedom too.

It is your choice what you want the tattoo to represent. There is no rocket science about what it should mean. You may not find out what a three-circle tattoo truly means, but that should not get in your way of having it. As long as you make some sense of the circles by discovering how they link you on a personal level, you should not worry about that.

That is all from here. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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