What Does Pocahontas Tattoo Mean?

Pocahontas tattoos are a popular way to honor the historical figure of Pocahontas and pay tribute to Native American culture. But not everyone is aware of the meaning behind this tattoo. So, the question is, “what is the meaning of a Pocahontas tattoo?”

Pocahontas tattoos are a tribute to the historical figure of Pocahontas, known for her bravery and strength. These tattoos are associated with many things including bravery, cultural heritage, diplomacy, strength, faith, and feminism.

Read on to know more about the history of the Pocahontas tattoos, their meanings, and significances, variations of the tattoo as well as a placement guide for the tattoo.

History of the Pocahontas Tattoos

A Pocahontas tattoo’s origins can be found in the legend surrounding the historical character. Chief Powhatan, a confederation of Native American tribes in the present-day eastern United States, had Pocahontas as his daughter.

Various people have been moved to get a tattoo of Pocahontas because of the many pieces of art that have been created about her. You can get these tattoos done in any manner you like, from classic Native American symbols to something completely original and cutting edge.

Some individuals get tattoos of Pocahontas herself, while others get tattoos of symbols and pictures connected to her narratives, such as the English flag or a cross to symbolize her conversion to Christianity.

Pocahontas Tattoo: Meaning and Significance

A Pocahontas tattoo can express a wide range of ideas and emotions for different people, based on their personal relationship to the historical figure and the ideals she embodies. Some possible meanings of a tattoo featuring Pocahontas are as follows:


A tattoo of Pocahontas, who is famously revered for her bravery in saving John Smith’s life, might serve as a symbol of strength and determination.

Cultural heritage

One possible meaning for a Pocahontas tattoo is pride in one’s Native American or Powhatan Confederacy ancestry.


A tattoo of Pocahontas could serve as a reminder of the value of diplomacy and mutual respect amongst people of diverse cultural backgrounds because of the role she played in fostering peace between the Native Americans and the English colonists.


A tattoo depicting Pocahontas, who was a powerful and important leader, might serve as a symbol of courage and determination.


Since Pocahontas accepted Christ and changed her name to Rebecca, a tattoo of her may be interpreted as a symbol of piety and devotion.


During an era when women were not afforded the same rights as men, Pocahontas had a significant impact. A tattoo of her might represent the courage and beauty of women everywhere.

When it comes down to it, the significance of a Pocahontas tattoo depends on the wearer’s personal relationship with the historical figure and the ideals she represents.

Variations of the Pocahontas Tattoo

Pocahontas tattoos come in a wide variety of styles, each one reflecting the wearer’s own tastes and the message they hope to portray. Here are some examples of Pocahontas tattoos that vary from the norm:


An increasing number of people are getting tattoos of Pocahontas’s face or bust, typically in a more conventionally Native American design. Feathers, beading, and other cultural symbols are examples of the kinds of elaborate elements that could be included in these tattoos.


People who get a tattoo of Pocahontas often opt to incorporate symbols or imagery that have some connection to her legend or the ideals she came to represent.


Traditional Native American tattooing methods, like as hand-tapping or needle-and-thread, may be preferred by those seeking a Pocahontas tattoo. Native American motifs, such as arrows and animal tracks, may appear in these tattoos.


Some people may want a traditional representation of Pocahontas, while others may want a more stylized or abstract take on the legend.

Watercolor or Dotwork are just two examples of the many techniques that may be used to create these tattoos, which often feature depictions of flowers or other flora and fauna.

In general, Pocahontas tattoos come in a wide variety of styles, each of which may be customized to the wearer’s tastes and intended message.

Placement of the Pocahontas Tattoo

Pocahontas’s tattoo location is a matter of personal choice, as well as the tattoo’s size and design. A little, symbolic Pocahontas tattoo might be a nice addition to a private area of the body like the wrist or ankle.

In contrast, some people choose to cover a bigger surface area (such as their back or breast) with a more elaborate tattoo. Pocahontas tattoos are often placed in the following locations:


Pocahontas tattoos are commonly found on the arm since it is a huge, open area that provides plenty of room for intricate designs. Both the upper and lower arms are fair game for the tattoo.


If you want a larger Pocahontas tattoo, you may have one on your leg. Depending on the size of the design and the person’s personal taste, the tattoo can be placed on either the thigh, the calf, or the ankle.


If you want a large, detailed Pocahontas tattoo, the back is an excellent place to get it. The entire back is fair game for the tattoo, from the upper to the lower.


In addition to the arms, the chest is another popular location for Pocahontas tattoos, especially for smaller designs. If you want to show off your tattoo, this is a better option because it is more prominent.

The final decision as to where a Pocahontas tattoo should be applied rests with the wearer and is influenced by factors such as preference, tattoo size, and tattoo design. Think about how noticeable it will be, how much hassle it will be to maintain, and how much discomfort it could cause before settling on a location.


What does Pocahontas represent?

Pocahontas was revered as a peace symbol and frequently accompanied emissaries that Chief Powhatan sent to the starving English colony. She was dispatched to arrange the release of Powhatan prisoners. Her interactions with English youngsters as a child are also recorded.

Can I get a Pocahontas tattoo if I am not Native American?

Although getting a Pocahontas tattoo may be tempting for those who are not Native American, it is crucial to treat the artwork with respect and sensitivity.

Research the design’s cultural importance, and if possible, talk to a Native American artist or cultural specialist, before moving forward.
Keep in mind the risk of cultural appropriation and stay away from appropriating Native American symbols or patterns in a disrespectful way.

Can I get a Pocahontas tattoo if I have dark skin?

Tattoos inspired by Pocahontas can be done even on people with dark skin. In fact, many people of color acquire tattoos as a means of honoring their heritage and establishing a sense of self.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, a Pocahontas tattoo is a powerful symbol of courage, strength, and cultural heritage. The artwork may be a celebration of Pocahontas the historical figure or an embodiment of the principles and ideals she embodies.

The specific design of a Pocahontas tattoo will depend on the individual’s preference and the meaning they wish to portray and can range from classic Native American motifs to more modern forms.

To make sure your proposed Pocahontas tattoo is courteous and authentic, you should learn about the design’s cultural significance and discuss it with a Native American artist or expert.

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