What Does The Tattoo 140 Mean?

When it comes to body enhancements, tattoos are the most frequently selected medium. For years, humans have beautified themselves with the art of inking. Inking a number on the body is now seen frequently in everyone. So, what would a random number like 140 mean as a tattoo on someone’s body? For the answer, look no further.

The tattoo symbolizes spirituality and connection with locations and times. It also has religious roots, as various religions have connections with this very number. But it also has some negative indications towards negativity, signalling crimes and violence.

Let’s go deeper into the tattoo 140’s deeper meaning and symbolism, and discover why this tattoo has spiritual ties with religion. We would also give you three tattoo designs that are comparable.

Tattoo 140 – Meanings in the Number

Humans have always used tattoos to express their inner selves to the public. As they say “A picture represents a thousand words”, a tattoo can represent the most important aspects of a human in a very picturesque way. Tattoo 140, like every other detail-oriented tattoo, does hold different meanings. Here are the principal ones.

Love for significant places

Numbers have long been associated with places of interest. Whether it’s a monument or a road, numbers have been used to indicate or mark them for people to recognize in various ways.

The number 140, in this regard, has a big connection with roads in the state of Massachusetts as it indicates Maryland Route 140, an important highway. Maryland Route 140, known as MD 140 in today’s time, runs through Baltimore.

Also, it indicates Massachusetts Route 140 which connects the famous war site Gettysburg with Baltimore. It has more significant because it is a successor to the famous route, Route 64.

This connection to highways and influential places makes the 140 tattoo special and interesting to the people of those areas, who would like to carry their love for their home on their bodies as symbols. Truckers and bikers have a specific love for Route 140 tattoos for their affinities with being on the road.

A Cherished Memory

The tattoo 140 is a great indicator of memorable moments and incidents. A significant date or a memory associated with the number 140 can be indicated with this unique tattoo.

Whether it’s a personal achievement like scoring 140 in a cricket match or a memory of collectiveness like a tour with 140 people, this tattoo can represent that specific memory.

Moreover, this tattoo can be done to remind a future event, which can become a memory in the future. Reminding oneself to be sober for 140 days with a tattoo will serve as a sweet memory when one succeeds and looks back on the tattoo.

Religious Value

Getting the tattoo 140 can indicate one’s religiousness. The number 140 carries distinctive value in religions around the world and sometimes is considered a holy number.

In Christianity, Psalm 140 holds great significance as in this Psalm, the person is trusted in God while threatened with evil. They ask for mercy while in the presence of great corruption.

Thus, tattoo 140 can be adorned by those who want their religious and godfearing part to be beholden by people. Likewise, it would serve as a reminder of the almighty to the person wearing it and the people around them.

140 and Its Spiritual Connections

Spirituality and the art of tattooing have been interconnected with each other since the beginning. From Polynesian holy tattoos to tattoos worn by Hindu monks, the spiritual symbolism of tattoos runs wider than people normally imagine it to be.

As it is said ”Every person is blessed with the presence of a divine being.”, tattoos can also hint that link with the divine being and power that we seek to protect ourselves from earthly crises.

The essence of spiritualism flows through every number in existence. Numbers exhibit spiritual meanings with each individual number having its own spiritual significance. The number 140 thus shows its own spiritual significance to the person that finds an association with it.

As an angel number, 140 is one of those numbers that come to us as a divine sign. It stands for change and progress. Whether positive or negative, change is a staple phenomenon in life. The number 140, moreover the tattoo 140 is an artistic symbol of accepting that change in people’s hearts.

Individually too, the numbers have significant spiritual symbolism.

  • Number 1 is the most important of all numbers. It relates to love, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It is the first positive number, thus it has strong symbolism towards leadership. Success, achievement, authority, and self-reliance are all associated with being number one in any particular area of your life. The number 1 represents clear communication skills and a strong sense of self.
  • Number 4 is about order and organization, representing a practical view of the world. This number signifies the capacity for logic and objectivity to organize people and relationships.
  • The number 0 is one of the most mysterious and beautiful numbers. 0 signifies numberlessness and infiniteness, representing God and eternity. You can think of infinity as a whole that cannot be broken down into smaller parts- it’s all one. The idea of infinity gets its name from the Greek letter omega, which looks similar to an O.

The Negative Symbolism of Tattoo 140

As the concept of yin and yang goes, there is a negative aura even in the most positive of fortes. The number 140 doesn’t escape from that fate as well.

In the world of criminal investigations and law, the number 140 is related to the penal codes of criminal legislation. In different countries, penal code 140 defines various crimes and offences, some of which are severe in nature.

In Bangladesh, the penal code 140 is issued for impersonating a military official through clothing. The code, in the USA, specifically in the state of California, anyone who deliberately uses force or threatens to use force or violence on a witness is subject to criminal code 140.

Thus the number as a tattoo sometimes signifies criminalism in people, especially convicts. The tattoo 140 is a code used by law enforcement to identify people who have been convicted of sex crimes. The code is based on the offender’s criminal history and the severity of their offence.

Tattoo 140: 3 Designs for Yourself

Avoiding its negative sides tattoo 140 is a great choice for people to show criticism adorning their bodies. Tattoos are best when they represent the person you are. So here are some design ideas for tattoos so that you can get started with the inking process faster:

140 With Rose

Nothing beats a spiritual tattoo that connects with the symbolism of romance. A rose best defines a person with tenderness and affection for beauty. Spiritually a rose indicates miraculous love.

These two spiritually significant entities can be a good combination for a spiritual tattoo that would define strong, ordered, and infinite passion. It can be a good choice for couples who are in great love and need something to show their love to the world.

Both the numbers and rose can be a great ground for artistic endeavours. Various shades of colours and markings can glorify the tattoo even more.

The tattoo would be best suited when inked in a bigger margin. The chest, lower back or shoulder would be the best place to do such detailed tattoos.

The Highway Sign 140 Tattoo 

When tattoos with numbers are thought the first thing that comes to mind is highway sign tattoos. Route 64 tattoos are universally recognized for their significance and widespread use. But the tattoo of the Route 140 highway sign can be equally important and detailed.

As highway 140 used to run from Pennsylvania to Maryland, it could indicate the long unforgotten love for that route. Truckers and bikers who rode or drove on that route could ink the sign as nostalgia.

It would also be a great tattoo for people who live in that place. It can deliver the message of where that person comes from and thus would give a vibe of background check to the person beholding it.

Motor vehicles and 140

motor vehicles are a thing of passion for a long list of people. Whether it is a bike enthusiast or a car enthusiast, vehicle lovers make up the majority of people who have worn tattoos.

The motor vehicle tattoo can indicate people’s first vehicle or their favourite vehicle. It can serve as a permanent stay for the memory of that vehicle, thus keeping the memory alive and giving the person a conversation starter.

The number 140 here, could indicate the model number, the serial number, or even the number of people who bought the car beforehand, signifying the preciousness of the vehicle.

Unique colour and shading can be used for the tattoo, thus making it beautiful and detail oriented to behold.


In which body part would the Tattoo 140 look good?

Number tattoos are not subjected to any specific body part. The same goes for Tattoo 140, as this tattoo can be done anywhere on the body.

This tattoo can be seen done on wrists, chest, fingers, neck, and many other body parts. The size can also be in various forms, from big to small, all kinds of tattoos 140 can be seen inked in bodies.

Does a number tattoo make you look geeky?

No, the number of tattoos can make you look cool in a spiritual way. The numbers have more meaning than just mere vehicles of accounting. They express spirituality and characteristics in a symbolic way.

All the numbers from zero to nine and all their combinations represent different positivity among humans. Humans who can connect with that numbers can define their positive side.
Also, numbers can indicate a date that you want to remember for a lifetime.

Do celebrities adorn number tattoos?

Yes, a lot of prominent celebrities have tattoos with numbers. Number tattoos are worn by every type of celebrity, whether it is musicians, actors, or sportspersons.

Notable celebrities with a number of tattoos are Drake, Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, David Beckham, Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, and many more.

Final Words

The tattoo 140 is a unique tattoo option for its attractiveness and spiritual symbolism. Though it has some connections with crime and negativity, we could just ignore that part to denote its spiritual and memory-oriented positives.

A person who wants to beautify their body with the symbolism of their remembrance and rootedness can have this tattoo. Bikers and motorists can especially have this tattoo to show their origins and passion.

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