Are All Tattoo Cartridges Universal?

Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art. But over time, technology has dramatically changed. To create their artwork, tattoo artists today have access to a wide range of materials and equipment. You might be wondering, “are all tattoo cartridges universal?”

The tattoo cartridges fit almost perfectly in any tattoo machine, thanks to the universal opening. This makes it easy to use your setup on different occasions. But cartridges are not the perfect match for the PMU machines. 

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Are All Tattoo Cartridges Universal?

Fundamentals of a Tattoo Cartridge

Fundamentals of a Tattoo Cartridge
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Tattoo cartridges are specialized needles that can only be used with particular equipment. Instead of using conventional needle setups, which have advantages and disadvantages, these machines solely employ cartridges.

The same styles of needles for normal needles are also offered for cartridges. They are more expensive than a regular needle, but they are incredibly useful.

To swap between different needle configurations using a standard needle and tube arrangement, you would need to set up numerous tattoo machines. With tattoo cartridges, changing up the tips on a single machine is a simple process.

Cartridges have built-in tips, so you always have the perfect size to fit your needle. There are two types of tips available:

  • Open tip: The top of these tips is open, exposing the entire needle bar. Artists who frequently switch between different colors will find this style of housing to be perfect because the uncovered needle is simpler to remove pigment from.
  • Closed tip: The needle bar is completely encircled by these tips, which improves needle stability. They hold onto more ink while keeping a constant flow for greater control. For shading and black and gray work, closed tips are great.

Does a Universal Tattoo Cartridge Fit All machines?

Does a Universal Tattoo Cartridge Fit All machines
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It is clear that tattoo cartridges are more versatile than traditional needles. But you might still think, “are tattoo cartridges universal?” 

Most machines and grips that use cartridges are compatible with universal cartridges. The gentle tension of Universal Needle Cartridges reduces resistance to the motor power, making them perfect for shading and capable of holding their own in line work.

Presently there are two types of machines used for tattooing. Here’s the detail.

PMU Machines

PMU Machine - Tattoo Strategies

There are some specialized machines in the market, such as PMU machines or Permanent makeup machines. PMU is a cosmetic procedure that works similarly to tattooing to create designs replicating makeup. For instance, permanently enhancing any part of one’s face.

So the question remains, “will a universal needle cartridge fit a PMU machine?”

Unfortunately no. PMU devices do not accept universal tattoo cartridges because the cartridge needle opening differs from that of a tattoo machine.

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine - Tattoo Strategies

These machines are made for general tattooing. Because of this, most of them are made with a cartridge opening that is uniformly sized, allowing tattoo artists to continue using their preferred cartridge needle brands, sizes, and configurations.

Numerous factors affect the sizes and configurations, such as the number of needles, the form of the needle clusters, how tightly they are packed, how long the needles are tapered, and even whether they are smooth or rough.

But whatever the configuration might be for a tattoo machine, universal needle cartridges can be used on these machines.

So, the answer to the question, if tattoo needle cartridges are universal, is that universal cartridges fit almost all tattooing machines except PMU machines.

How to Use Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Cartridges are straightforward to use. Cartridges should snap into place as long as you have a tattoo machine compatible with them, such as the SOL Nova Unlimited Wireless model.

Simply pop one out and put it in another needle cartridge to change them.

Since cartridges are single-use, there is little cleanup required after you are done tattooing with them. With cartridges, you may swap your setup fast and conveniently without going through the tiresome cleaning process.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Needles Versus Cartridges

Advantages and Disadvantages Needles Versus Cartridges
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Your taste and tattooing skill will determine whether you choose to use conventional needles or tattoo cartridges. With needle cartridges, you can simply change the tip on the machine. Consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

Benefits of Tattoo Cartridges

  • Disposable
  • Simple to connect to tattoo equipment
  • Minimal cleanups

Drawbacks of Tattoo Cartridges

  • Higher per-unit costs
  • Tattoo Needles

Benefits of Needles

  • Traditional system
  • Lower per-unit cost

Drawbacks of Needles

  • Needs more equipment
  • Extra cleanup

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4 Tips for Cartridge Tattooing

4 Tips for Cartridge Tattooing
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You might not have much exposure to using cartridge needles if you’re just getting started. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. High-quality needles are necessary for making high-quality tattoos, regardless of your brand.

These six suggestions can help you select the ideal cartridge and configuration.

1. Check the Needle’s Quality

Similar needle configurations are produced by numerous cartridge manufacturers. Like everything else, items will vary slightly based on the brand. Make sure the needle locks securely into your tattoo gun by inspecting it. Pick a setup that you feel confident with.

2. Check the stability of the needle

You can test the stability of a fresh set of needle cartridges by vibrating the needle’s rear. A firmly attached needle will minimize rattling for a more silent tattoo application.

3. Examine the membrane

Membranes stop blood and ink from recirculating your tattoo machine’s grip and spreading cross-contamination. This makes cleaning your grip in between tattoos much simpler. Make sure the membrane in the cartridges you buy is functional before you buy them.

Additionally, membranes can stiffen your setup for reduced vibration and improved stability as you work.

4. Examine the Needle’s Tip

The cartridge tip that encloses the needle may have a slightly distinct shape depending on the brand. Of course, there are open and closed tips to pick from, but there are also possible differences in thickness and design.

You might come to prefer a certain tip design over others as you use them with various needle configurations over time. Make sure you feel at ease with that specific tip before you begin a tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reuse tattoo cartridges?

Tattoo Cartridges are single-use, so you may throw them away when you’ve finished tattooing. When tattooing multiple people, it’s extremely important to avoid using the same tattoo needle more than once.
On the other hand, the tubes and other equipment can be cleaned and reused. You must be extremely careful when sterilizing your tattoo needles if you are doing it yourself at home.

How do you read a tattoo cartridge?

A tattoo cartridge may be read by looking at the gauge. Ink flow and tattoo cartridge gauge are inversely related. The flow of ink is more controlled and refined the shorter the gauge or diameter.
A number (often 8, 10, or 12) designates the gauge, and a millimeter measurement indicates the diameter.

Last Words

Practicing with cartridges and needles is the ideal method of learning about them. Thanks to this article, you now know all the details regarding tattoo cartridges. Although tattoo cartridges might be expensive, their flexibility makes them worth it.

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