Are Tarot Card Tattoos Offensive?

Let’s guess the scenario, you really like a cool tarot card design, and you want to get it tattooed for you. Even if you know the meaning of what the tarot card means, are you still concerned about whether those tarot card tattoos are offensive or even unlucky?

There is no negative or incorrect reason for having a tarot card tattooed on your body; nonetheless, you should be aware of the symbolism behind the cards before you get them. And tarot card tattoos don’t bring bad luck. Negative tarot cards can’t make you have bad luck; they can only tell you what will happen.

In this article, we also talk about what sorts of tattoos you should avoid not to offend anyone.

Are Tarot Card Tattoos Offensive?

Is It Offensive to Get Tarot Card Tattoos?

Is It Offensive to Get Tarot Card Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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Tarot cards have long been part of western pop culture, and it is safe to say that permanently inking that design into your body should not offend anyone in general. But it is also essential for you to figure out the inherent meaning of that particular card.

Tarot card tattoos are a great addition to your body art because they have deep meanings and amazing symbols.

Tarot card tattoos come in numerous lovely structures. The straightforward or complex structures are a token of the excellence that accompanies this life. You can have any structure with your tattoo as a result of the unlimited prospects of the plan.

Is It Bad Luck To Tattoo Tarot Cards?

Is It Bad Luck To Tattoo Tarot Cards - Tattoo Strategies
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Getting a Tarot card tattoo won’t make you unlucky. Negative tarot cards just show what will happen; they don’t bring or cause bad luck. But if you are a firm believer in tarot card prophecies, you should consider certain things as they might be harmful according to your belief in tarot cards.

For example, the Ten of Swords means that something bad will happen to you in the future. The Three of Swords is a card about being turned down, hurt, betrayed, alone, and sad. The scary Tower card usually shows a dramatic and sudden truth.

Tarot Card-Based Tattoo Ideas

Tarot Card Based Tattoo Ideas - Tattoo Strategies
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While these are the few things you should think about and avoid while getting a tattoo or a tarot card tattoo, there are certain designs that are favorable omens and can be tattooed on you without fear.

Shooting Stars Tattoos

People say that shooting star tattoos bring good luck and let you make a wish on a shooting star. These tattoos are meant to help you get everything you want. This tattoo is often used as a talisman, and those who dream and believe should get it.

Angel Number Tattoos

People say that numbers like 111, 555, and 777 are lucky. The opposite of the Beast’s number, which is 666, is the number 777. Because of this, the number 777 can bring a person a lot of money or good luck. You can find them on coins and jackpots.

Elephant Tattoos

The elephant takes away problems and brings success. It signifies health, long life, wealth, love, and good behavior.

Eye Tattoos

People believe that tattoos that look like the evil eye will protect them from bad luck, sickness, loss, and bad omens. These tattoos, or amulets, can protect the person from getting hurt or having bad luck.

Tattoos That Might Be Offensive to Other Cultures

Tattoos That Might Be Offensive to Other Cultures - Tattoo Strategies
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There are some tattoos that you should avoid because they might be hurtful to other people’s cultures, or some symbols are plain racist. No one would think highly of you if you hurt other people’s sentiments.

Swastika Symbol

Even though the original meaning of the swastika is good luck and fortune, the modern meaning has a dark past.

The swastika has become a sign of the Nazi party in Europe. People will always remember that the Nazi party tortured, killed, enslaved, and tried to eliminate Jews and other people. Most people getting tattoos today are doing it to show that they are white supremacists, to spread their hatred, and to make other people afraid.

Choose one of the other well-known symbols for luck and good fortune, or make something new.

Hindu Goddess and Gods

There are so many beautiful cultural symbols that also have deep meanings. Hindu goddesses are not just there for anyone to take out of context and get a tattoo of. There have been times when people who went to India with offensive Hindu tattoos got into a lot of trouble.

Islamic Religious Symbols

Sunni Muslims are not allowed to get permanent tattoos because many believe tattoos change God’s creation and are, therefore, a sin.

The idea of tattooing an Islamic symbol might be very offensive, and if you are in a Muslim community, you might face a lot of hostility. For example, Malaysia, where most people are Muslim, has shown that it doesn’t like tattoos with religious symbols or images.

Native American Symbols

Getting a tattoo of a Native American or a Native American symbol (Indian headdress, dreamcatchers, feathers, spiritual animals like eagles or bears, etc.) without being part of the culture, history, or tradition is considered offensive and insulting.

Kanji Signs

People who can’t read the Japanese language often get tattoos with Kanji characters. When Ariana Grande showed off her new Japanese Kanji tattoo, which turned out to be misspelled, it became a big deal. Some people from the culture can have difficulty with tattoos if they don’t know what they are.

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Maori Symbols

The Maori people, who were “discovered” by Europeans in the 16th century, have the oldest tattooing tradition. Their tribal tattoos are deeply connected to their culture and traditions. Today, you shouldn’t get a Maori tattoo unless you are of Maori heritage and ancestry.


By now, you should have a clear answer to the question of whether tarot card tattoos are offensive or not. As it is not part of a particular culture or religion and is very much part of pop culture nowadays, you can get a tarot card tattooed. Just make sure that you know the meaning of the symbols so that you don’t make a fool of yourself.

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