Can You Get A Gold Tattoo? [Inked in Gold!]

Getting a tattoo is fun. But I believe you want to stand out from the rest. You want to try out something new.

If you are in a festive mood and want an exotic look on your skin, you might be thinking about getting a gold tattoo. But the question is can you get a gold tattoo?

Yes, you can easily get a gold tattoo, as it is not a permanent one. Unlike conventional tattoo ink, which is meant to leave a permanent mark on the skin, gold tattoo ink may be readily erased anytime you’d like.

This ink’s gorgeous and one-of-a-kind design makes it the ideal complement to a day at the beach, a pool party, a wedding, or other festive occasions.

Follow this article, as it also covers the process of applying gold tattoos and the best-recommended ink for gold tattoos.

Can You Get A Gold Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies

Is Gold Tattoo Real Gold?

Is Gold Tattoo Real Gold - Tattoo Strategies

It depends on the artist which material they are using. For obvious reasons, real gold material would cost more than average golden ink.

Gold tattoo ink contains tiny flecks of gold. It’s got a lot of parallels to silver, too. The only way to get a gold tattoo is to have your artist add gold flakes into the ink.

When applying stickers to the skin, the foil is often pushed into the skin until it transfers fully. Shiny glitter is applied to the stickers as well. The term “metallic tattoo” is also used to describe tattoos in gold or silver.

Can You Get A Permanent Gold Tattoo?

Can You Get A Permanent Gold Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies

Unfortunately, you can not get a permanent gold tattoo. To get those kinds of colors in tattoo pigments, they would have to be made with a base of metal flakes, which would be very dangerous for your skin.

While metallic ink tattoos are not permanent, you may enjoy their presence on your skin for a brief period – for that special event because actual tattoos may be found under the skin. Because metallic ink includes metal, it cannot shine under anything; it would be like expecting metal to shine through a closed door.

Is Gold Tattoo Safe?

Yes. Similar to other temporary tattoos, these gold ones pose little to no health risk. You shouldn’t have any problems with this form of temporary tattoo unless you have a skin condition, rashes, redness, skin irritation, or very dry skin.

Temporary tattoos are often simpler to regulate than permanent ones because they employ a wider variety of materials that may be subjected to safety assessments. Temporary tattoo components like foil, paper, and adhesive, for instance, are amenable to cosmetic safety testing.

Gold Skull tattoo
Golden Skull Tattoo

How To Apply Gold Ink Tattoo?

How To Apply Gold Ink Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies

Applying the gold tattoo ink is more straightforward than getting a traditional tattoo, which often involves sitting for several hours under a needle at a tattoo studio.

  • The first step is to remove the desired pattern from the options page.
  • Cleanse the area thoroughly before getting a tattoo. Before getting your gold ink tattoo, ensure your skin is free of any moisturizers, lotions, or sunscreen. Take off the protective film and apply the tattoo to your skin, design side down.
  • When you’ve settled on a good spot, moisten a little cloth or paper towel and push down on the tattoo’s back. Keep that pressure on for about 30 seconds, then remove the backing paper. Wait at least 10 minutes after getting a tattoo to extend your skin.

Is Removing The Gold Tattoo Easy?

Is Removing The Gold Tattoo Easy - Tattoo Strategies

Yes, it is. In fact, getting a gold ink tattoo is more complicated than getting it removed. All you need is some isopropyl alcohol and a fresh washcloth. Spread a thick layer of rubbing alcohol over the area around the tattoo and let it sit there for a minute so that the oil may absorb into the skin.

In a circular motion, massage the cloth over the area. As the fabric moves over your body, you will see bits of your tattoo flaking off. You may remove a tattoo by gently scrubbing the area until the ink is no longer visible.

Is The Gold Tattoo Ink Waterproof?

Is The Gold Tattoo Ink Waterproof - Tattoo Strategies

The gold tattoos can be washed off with rubbing alcohol, but they’ll stay on if you expose your skin to water.

This makes them an essential item for any trip to the shore, pool party, or boating excursion. It’s entirely safe to shower without fear of them fading or coming off.

After giving the ink enough time to set into the skin, your tattoo should be completely water-resistant when exposed to rain or sweat.

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Are There Any Downsides Of Gold Tattoos?

Are There Any Downsides Of Gold Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

Well, if you have very delicate skin, you should avoid using inks made of metal. Tattoo ink containing metals damages the skin, just like putting anything into your body. As a result, you may hear warnings from tattoo artists to avoid taking such chances.

You may relax about the benefits and drawbacks of getting a gold tattoo as long as it is temporary and made from high-quality materials.

Except for cases of skin irritation, dryness, redness, rashes, etc., you should give it a try. If you choose a high-quality temporary tattoo, you may be confident in its safety. Gold tattoos are popular for no other reason than how stunning they appear. You should give it a go if you’re willing to take chances.

Top Three Gold Tattoo Ink You Should Have a Look At

If you have decided to get inked in gold color, you might as well choose the best one out there. Today we would like to recommend three products that would be an excellent choice for your gold tattoo.

  • Gold Tattoo Ink by the Viking
Gold Tattoo Ink by the Viking

There are a variety of bottle sizes to choose from when purchasing gold tattoo ink. The firm manufactures its wares domestically and has a rainbow of tattoo ink hues.

When it comes to tattoo inks in the United States, Viking is a name that stands out. Tattoo inks used by them are famous for their longevity and resistance to fading.

Artists of note create and produce Viking Inks. The tattoo inks come in various sizes, which is a massive plus for the firm.

  • Boreal Gold Tattoo Ink by Galaxy
Boreal Gold Tattoo Ink by Galaxy

The ink used in tattoos is renowned for its durability. Many tattoo artists have tried and approved it, and it can be purchased at any of the thousands of tattoo parlors throughout the United States.

With over 15 years of experience, the tattoo business has shown its legitimacy. You may use these inks for any tattoo style.

There is a lot of trust in the organization because of its 15 years of expertise in the tattoo industry.

Before reaching the final consumer, their goods undergo rigorous testing.

  • Japanese Tattoo Ink in Suna Gold Color
Japanese Tattoo Ink in Suna Gold Color

Japan is the birthplace of the ink used for tattoos. Unlike other tattoo colors, this one is safe for vegans to use and contains no toxic ingredients. Kuro Sumi, based in Japan, is a well-respected manufacturer of tattoo inks.

The tattoo community has always recognized them for their superior inks. When it comes to gold tattoos, most tattooists only use their inks.

Examine the company’s selection of different tattoo ink hues. Alternating between black and gold ink is also an option. The fact that the firm doesn’t test on animals is a huge plus.

Can You Get A Silver Tattoo?

Can You Get A Silver Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies

Just like a gold ink tattoo, you can get a silver-inked tattoo, but for the same reasons mentioned before, you can not have permanent silver tattoos. The reason is simple. When you have silver ink under your skin, that might harm you. So, you can have a temporary silver tattoo but not a permanent one.

Can You Get Metallic Tattoos?

Can You Get Metallic Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

Yes, it’s also possible to get metallic tattoos temporarily. The term “metallic tattoo” refers to a kind of temporary tattoo that is done with silver or another unusual hue, such as gold.

Traditional tattooing methods just can’t create tattoos in gold, silver, or any other metallic color.

One theory is that developing such a colorant would be too costly. Above all, it’s best to wear them temporarily over the skin rather than implanted permanently.


So, by now, you should know the answer to the question, “Can you get a gold tattoo?”

The answer is yes if you are thinking about temporary ones as it is impossible to get a permanent one because such pigments would not be healthy for your skin and might be too expensive. Still, people are happily tattooed with gold ink. Feel free to get yourself one if you’re ready for it.

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