Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day?

As you are having your first tattoo done, you might wonder all of a sudden, “can I get 2 tattoos at the same time?’’ In our hectic modern lives, it’s tough to carve out time for doing something personal, like going to a tattoo parlor. So, why not get as many tattoos as you want when you finally do get the chance to go?

Can I Get Two Tattoos In One Day?

Can I Get Two Tattoos In One Day - Tattoo Strategies

Yes, it is possible to get two tattoos in one day. Can you get multiple tattoos in one session? That’s not beyond the bounds of possibility as well.

However, you must remember that it would be painful, costly, and, more importantly, quite tiresome for you and the artist.

First, let’s explore why anyone might get interested in getting two tattoos done at once.

You can suddenly decide to have two tattoos during the same appointment or on the same day for various reasons. You might want matching bookend tattoos and want them done simultaneously. In either case, you should consider the difficulties involved and talk with your artist to determine the best course of action.

Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day?

In another possible scenario, you might have several designs in mind and have difficulties singling one out. So, you might finally decide to get all of them. Another reason could be that you don’t have time to make another appointment later, so you want to get the most out of the day and get as much work done as possible.

How Many Tattoos Can You Get In A Day?

How Many Tattoos Can You Get In A Day - Tattoo Strategies

Can you get multiple tattoos at once? It’s not impossible. But what’s the maximum number of tattoos you can consider getting in a single day? There is no absolute limit since pain thresholds and immune system strength varies from person to person. That said, we recommend sticking to one tattoo a day so that your body gets enough time to recover.

How Many Tattoos Can You Get In A Week?

How Many Tattoos Can You Get In A Week - Tattoo Strategies

Again, it depends on your ability to cope with pain and the resilience of your immune system. You will find people who can get multiple tattoos in a week without facing any problems.

On the other hand, some would need weeks or even months to return for their next inkwork. Artists usually advise their clients to wait for two weeks to get their next tattoo.

What Should You Consider If You Want To Get Multiple Tattoos At Once?

What Should You Consider If You Want To Get Multiple Tattoos At Once - Tattoo Strategies

Target Location

It won’t be possible to get two tattoos in the exact location at once. Don’t forget that you have a new tattoo so that the surrounding skin region will be painful. If the artist attempts to draw another design on top of it or nearby, it could be highly uncomfortable for you and cause excessive bleeding. Not to mention, this would also drive up infection risk.

Pain Tolerance

Pain is one of the known perils of getting a tattoo. Many people suppress their desire to get a new tattoo, fearing they will not be able to deal with the pain well. You need to ask yourself, how ready are you physically to undergo the pain twice in such a short amount of time? You should not move forward unless you feel confident about your pain tolerance level.

The Level Of Detail

Artists have to be at the top of their games while drawing a complicated tattoo design on the skin. It’s easy to create two or more small, basic tattoos in quick succession. But, you should take your time if you want a detailed, intricate ink job. It isn’t easy to maintain concentration and precision over a long time. So, it would be best to get it done in multiple visits.


If you insist on getting multiple tattoos together or have an intricate design drawn in a single day, you might have to hire two artists to work simultaneously on your body. You will have to pay them separately, and because of the urgency, they will charge higher fees than usual. If your budget doesn’t permit this, you should reconsider.

The Right Artist

You might have a high pain threshold, clear ideas for designs, and all the time in the world, but if you want to pull off two tattoos in a single sitting, you need the right artist. Less experienced artists are more prone to physical and mental exhaustion, which could affect their work. Unless you are convinced you are in the right hands, you should not risk it.

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Final Words

You can get two tattoos in a single day, and it could be a great decision under certain circumstances. But your physical rehabilitation and precision of the ink work take precedence over everything else. Only choose to get multiple tattoos in a day if you are confident it will not affect your health and the quality of your tattoo.

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