Can You Put Cocoa Butter Lotion On a New Tattoo?

Tattoo aftercare is a big maze for newbie tattoo-getters. There are countless products out there in the market which claim to be a ‘miracle product’ that can greatly help your tattooed skin.

After hearing about the benefits of Cocoa butter lotion for tattooed skins, you may remain skeptical about the validity of the claim. Can you put cocoa butter lotion on a new tattoo? Is it actually that good?

Yes, cocoa butter lotion is actually beneficial for new tattoos. It is a great moisturizing option that retains natural moisture better than most of the products out there. It contains flavonoid anti-oxidants that protect your skin while healing. These anti-oxidants also make your skin appear younger and supple. Also, Cocoa butter lotion can reduce swelling, redness, and itchiness and boost the healing process.

We have searched far and wide to compile this article which will enlighten you about the benefits of cocoa butter lotion and how to use it properly. It will also instruct you on how to make your cocoa butter lotion or what brand to buy. So, get your cup out, and Let’s go!

What Is Cocoa Butter Lotion Made Of?

Cocoa butter has been used as a skincare product for centuries. People have known about this item’s benefits and healing properties since ancient times. Then, in the modern age, we increased its healing properties by adding a whole lot of moisturizing ingredients to it.

The ingredients of various cocoa butter lotions are all around the same. Some companies add a few extra ingredients to make their product more suitable for people with sensitive skin but the main ingredients stay the same.

  • Water
  • Isohexadecane
  • Mineral Oil
  • Cocoa Seed Butter or Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Glycerin
  • Carbomer
  • Methylparaben
  • Coconut Oil
  • Dimethicone
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • Ethylparaben
  • Glyceryl Stearate SE
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Isopropyl Palmitate
  • Glyceryl Glucoside
  • Trisodium EDTA
  • Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate
  • Flavonoid antioxidants
  • Polyphenol
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Caramel

Can You Put Cocoa Butter Lotion On a New Tattoo?

You can safely apply cocoa butter lotion on a new tattoo. In fact, a lot of tattoo artists advise using cocoa butter lotion for its nutrients and healing properties.

Cocoa butter lotion is primarily made by mixing cocoa butter with some essential oils and moisturizing ingredients. This makes the lotion a very good hydrating option for people with new tattoos. Tattoos require a lot of moisture to heal properly.

Without adequate moisture, the skin gets and the tattoo might get peeled off. Tattoos also need nutrients to heal properly.

Cocoa butter lotion has a very high-fat content which creates a natural barrier over your tattoo.

This barrier prevents moisture from leaking out and ensures that your skin stays well-hydrated. The lotion also has a lot of flavonoid anti-oxidants in them which act as free radical scavengers and protect your skin while it is healing itself.

Also, anti-oxidants make your skin appear youthful, firm, and plump. Cocoa butter reduces redness, swelling, and itchiness around the tattooed skin and the nutrients present in the lotion are also known to accelerate the healing process.

But, there’s a catch.

You cannot apply Cocoa butter or Cocoa-butter based lotions on your new tattoo while it oozes blood, puss, and ink. Cocoa-butter-based lotions tend to be thick and if used during this oozing stage, they might react negatively and prolong the healing process.

So, be careful and apply cocoa-butter-based products after the oozing stage has passed.

How Does Cocoa Butter Benefit Tattooed Skin?

A tattoo is like an open wound in your skin. The tattoo pen creates hundreds of holes in your skin to inject the ink. This causes huge stress and damage to your skin. Not to mention, the ink contains chemical components that can cause harm to your skin if proper aftercare is not taken.

Thankfully, Cocoa butter lotion or cream can reverse all of these damages. Cocoa butter is naturally beneficial for your skin. And, here’s how the ingredients in cocoa butter affect your tattooed skin.

  • It locks away moisture and creates a protective barrier around your skin. This barrier prevents harmful UV rays to enter your skin and acts as a natural sunscreen.
  • The lotion also hydrates your skin with its high water content and other components.
  • The shea butter present in the lotion ensures that your skin stays soft and supple with its natural integrity intact.
  • Other ingredients like Coconut oil, Dimethicone, carbomer and etc repair your skin from the inside while ingredients like glycerin, xanthan gum protect your skin from the outside.

For this reason, many dermatologists and tattoo artists recommend cocoa butter lotion to ensure healthy skin.

How to Use Cocoa Butter Lotion After Getting a Tattoo 

Cocoa butter lotion is great for your skin and will increase the healing rate of your tattoo. But, you have to use it properly to reap its benefits. Using it whimsically will bring more trouble than relief.

Here’s how you should apply cocoa butter lotion on tattooed skin.

  • Ensure that the tattooed area has been cleaned thoroughly and has no dirt on it. 
  • Dry the tattooed area with paper towels or airdry it.
  • Take 1 handful of lotion and apply it on the tattooed area.
  • Spread it evenly and make sure you cover every nook and cranny.
  • Massage the lotion slowly for your pores need time to absorb the lotion.
  • If the lotion feels too heavy, then wipe some of it off.

Your tattoo should be able to breathe even after the lotion has been applied.

When And How Often to Use Cocoa Butter Lotion On a Tattoo

Although it depends on the skin type, experts recommend using the lotion from 2 to 3 times a day. You can apply it more than this. But, be careful about over-moisturizing which can cause more harm than good.

And, ideally, you can use the cocoa butter lotion right after your tattoo has gotten past the weeping stage.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself ‘what is this weeping stage?’. To answer it plainly, it is the stage where your tattoo becomes all leaky with fluids.

The weeping stage occurs during the first 2 days of getting a new tattoo. After getting a tattoo, your body’s immunity system goes into overdrive. It starts pushing out liquids that might cause problems internally.

During this stage, your tattoo might leak blood, puss, ink, and sometimes, white discharge. This is completely normal and a healthy reaction. After this weeping stage has subsided, you are free to apply the lotion.

Can Anyone Use Cocoa Butter on Their Skin?

Although cocoa butter is a natural product, cocoa butter lotion is not completely natural. The lotion contains some chemicals that increase the efficiency of the product. Some people might be allergic to the other components.

To find out if you are allergic to the product, conduct a patch test. Apply a small amount of the lotion on a non-tattooed part of your body. Leave that patch of skin alone for a day. If no allergic reactions present themselves, then the product is safe for you.

People suffering from ‘chicken skin’ or keratosis pilaris are also advised not to use cocoa-based products. Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition where harmless bumps appear on the skin. Cocoa-butter-based products clog up your pores with their heavy mass and cause acne which might aggravate this skin condition.

So, Be sure about your skin condition before you use it!

Benefits Of Using Cocoa Butter Lotion on Tattooed Skin

Cocoa butter lotions are lauded for their several health benefits. Very few products can match its versatility and all-around benefits.

It Ensures Healthy and  Hydrated Skin

Cocoa butter is known for its ability to trap moisture in your skin.

When you use cocoa-butter-based products, they create a natural barrier on your skin. This barrier retains the skin’s natural moisture and properly hydrates the skin preventing dryness which in turn prevents tattoo cracking or flaking off.

Easy to Apply

Cocoa butter lotion has a buttery and creamy consistency. This allows the lotion to glide across your skin and doesn’t requires intense rubbing. It simply melts and soaks into the skin. It also isn’t greasy or sticky which makes it a terrific choice.

It Promotes and Accelerates Healing

Cocoa butter lotions are filled with Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other nurturing components. These components protect your skin from external dangers such as harmful UV rays. Cocoa butter is also known for being rich in antioxidants. These anti-oxidants accelerate the healing process and ensure all-around protection.

It Prevents Itchy Skin, Swelling, and Rashes

Cocoa butter lotion has anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties prevent swelling and rashes which might present themselves on your skin. The lotion is also known to reduce swelling and rashes.

Also, cocoa-butter-based products prevent scabbing which means that your tattoo won’t itchy. This makes cocoa butter lotion great for people with eczema.

How To Make Your Own Homemade Cocoa Butter Lotion

Now, that we have discussed the benefits and how to use cocoa butter lotion on your new tattoo, let’s talk about how to make the lotion at home! Don’t be shocked.

Cocoa butter lotion is very easy to make at home. The method is very easy and requires no more than 40 minutes. Homemade cocoa butter lotion doesn’t require a boatload of ingredients like the ones in the market. You can easily make a large batch and store it for future use.

Required Ingredients

  • 4 tablespoons of organic raw cocoa butter
  • 1 tablespoon of organic aloe vera juice
  • 6 tablespoons of Sunflower oil
  • 10 drops of organic lavender oil (optional)
  • ¼ teaspoon of raw natural silk protein powder (optional)
  • Containers


  • First, Take cocoa butter and the sunflower oil in a pot. Light up your double boiler and put the pot on low heat.
  • Stir the butter and oil until they have melted.
  • Once melted, take the pot off the heat. Add your aloe vera juice and silk protein. Take an electric mixer and start whipping the living daylight out of the mixture. The whipping should last for 2-4 minutes.
  • Take the pot and put it into a refrigerator for 13-15 minutes. You may have to adjust the time depending on the temperature of your refrigerator.
  • After 13-15 minutes, take the pot out of the refrigerator and start whipping for 5 minutes. The mixture should turn white and fluffy.
  • Add the lavender oil and whip for 1-2 minutes.
  • Pour the content into a glass jar or container.
  • If you feel the mixture is too thick, then add some water to lighten it up.

And. There you have it! Your own homemade cocoa butter lotion. You can use the lotion for up to 2 months. Remember to refrigerate it after you have used it. You can also add other ingredients coconut oil, and shea butter for increased viscosity.

The Best Cocoa Butter Lotions Out There

Though You can make cocoa butter lotion in your own kitchen, some don’t have the time to make it. Also, Your homemade cocoa butter lotion might not be suitable for you if you have sensitive skin or are just allergic to cacao beans.

So, we have raked our brains for countless hours and come up with a list of the best cocoa butter lotion out there. Each of these lotions has its own unique characteristics which make them the best out of the lot.

Product NameUnique CharacteristicPrice Product Link 
Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant LotionAbsorbs quickly into the skin, is non-greasy, and keeps the skin hydrated for hours7.5 USDClick here 
Nivea Cocoa Butter LotionCan be used on wet skin to lock the moisture, Cheap and widely available6.99 USDClick here
Palmers Cocoa Butter FormulaGet rids of dark spots and age spots, Sulfate-free and multi-purpose8.50 USDClick here
Alba Botanica Hawaiian Cocoa butter lotionGentle formula, recommended for people with oily and sensitive skin7.22 USDClick here
Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Renewal LotionMoisturizes the skin instantly, Gets rid of chaffed skin, Shea butter smooths out the skin9.99 USDClick here


Can You Mix Cocoa Butter With Other Tattoo Aftercare Products?

Mixing cocoa butter with other tattoo aftercare products is highly discouraged for the resulting concoction can do more harm than good.
Mixing two products might contaminate them and the result might be harmful to you. Also, if you are allergic to one particular product, it will be very hard to identify the culprit from the bunch. So, Use cocoa butter solely for it can fulfill all of your needs.

Can I Use Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion on My New Tattoo?

Yes, you can. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion absorbs into the skin more quickly than its competitors. It also retains moisture longer than any of its competitors. Taking into account its cheap price and wide availability, Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion is a must-try product.

Will Cocoa Butter Fade Tattoos?

Cocoa butter won’t fade your beloved tattoos. But if you apply it on weeping tattoos, then it might cause some fading.
The lotion makes your skin healthy and lends it a natural glow. But, if you apply it during the weeping stage, then it might draw some ink. The weeping stage refers to the stage where your tattoo leaks blood, ink, and puss to heal properly.
Any product that you apply during this stage, will draw out the ink and lets the tattoo have a faded appearance. So, make sure you apply it after getting past the weeping stage.

Wrapping Up

Now, if someone asks you ‘can you put cocoa butter lotion on a new tattoo’, We think you would be more than able to enlighten them.

Cocoa butter lotion is a blessing for new tattoos. It is an excellent moisturizing option that retains natural moisture better than the majority of aftercare products. The flavonoid anti-oxidants present in the lotion protect and heal your skin. These antioxidants also make your skin look younger and more supple. Cocoa butter lotion can also help with healing by reducing swelling, redness, and itchiness.

We hope this article helped you with your quarries and showed you how properly select, use and create cocoa butter lotion. Now, Run to your tattoo artist and get your body all inked up!

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