Can You Use Baby Lotion On A New Tattoo?


Aftercare for tattoos is a sensitive task. You might always be worried about which products to use, as they may cause harm to your new tattoo. Baby lotion has always been considered a safe product to use on the skin as it rarely contains any harmful elements.

So, you might ask, can you use baby lotion on a new tattoo?

You can’t use baby lotion on a fresh, brand-new tattoo. But using it after a few days is completely okay. You should give your tattoo enough time to heal first. Besides being perfectly safe, baby lotion offers a number of additional advantages for the skin. However, it contains petroleum, perfumes, phthalates, and other chemicals that might damage the newly tattooed skin.

Stick with this article as it covers everything you might ask about using baby lotion on tattoos.

How Does Baby Lotion React with Tattoed Skin?

If you decide to use baby lotion over a new tattoo that hasn’t healed for a few days, it might cause disaster for you.

By placing any kind of lotion or ointment on a fresh tattoo, even baby lotion, you are boosting the skin’s moisture. When this occurs, the skin does not get enough oxygen to dry and repair. As a consequence, the tattoo may develop an excessive number of scabs, which delays the healing process, and gets infected.

But if you wait a few days and let your tattoo heal a bit, you can use the baby lotion as it will help to keep your dry tattoo moisturized. Don’t worry, it won’t react badly to your skin.

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Baby Lotion on A ‘Fresh’ Tattoo

Applying baby lotion on a fresh tattoo is a bad idea. Why?

Here you go with the answers:

Fear Of Infection

A new tattoo is more susceptible to infection if you use any lotion other than the specialist ointment prescribed by your tattoo artist. While baby lotion is great for dry, sensitive skin, it is not intended for use on fresh wounds and should be avoided until the area has completely healed.

Damaging The Tattoo

In the first few days the ink needs to settle down in your skin properly. Before the drying out process it can be dangerous to put the moisturizer on it.

You run the risk of making a mistake with the ink and ruining the tattoo, which is something you want to avoid at all costs given the amount of discomfort you through in order to acquire a tattoo.

Scented Lotions Are Dangerous For New Tattoos

According to one of the case studies by the national library of medicine, it is bad for new tattoos to be exposed to scented lotion as it can cause infection.

Generally, baby lotions are mildly scented. However, you can find an unscented baby lotion as there are so many options on the market.

Scarring and rapid fading of the fresh tattoo occurred due to allergic contact dermatitis brought on by the scented lotion. When giving aftercare instructions for a fresh tattoo, artists should advise customers to treat it like a wound and avoid using any scented products.

Overuse Of Moisterizartion Can Lead To Bacterial Growth

The tattoo will not dry and heal properly if there is too much moisture in the air. Adding further moisturization such as baby lotion over tattooed skin will worsen the situation. So, it is important for you to stay in a cool dry place

 Bacteria and other pathogens may flourish in conditions of high humidity. Inflammation and infection of a tattoo may result from excessive hydration.

Some Ingredients in Baby Lotion Might Harm Your Tattoo

Baby lotion contains petroleum, perfumes, phthalates, and other chemicals that might irritate the skin around a tattoo.

For example, if your tattoo doesn’t receive enough air while it’s healing, infections and scarring might occur because Petroleum jelly holds moisture and germs.

When to Start Using Baby Lotion on Tattooed Skin?

After 72 hours of your tattoo session. Within 72 hours of a fresh tattoo, your body weeps extra plasma, blood, and ink. Using anything over new ink might obstruct or hinder this process, which needs oxygen. No moisturizer, not even baby lotion, should be used during the first 72 hours.

So, wait at least 72 hours before you start moisturizing your new tattoo. No lotion should ever be applied to a dirty or damp surface.

Is Baby Lotion Safe for Tattoos?

As we have mentioned before baby lotion might be the safest moisturizer to use on any skin type. But for a fresh tattoo, the statement is different. As a new tattoo is a fresh wound it should heal and dry at its own pace. If you use moisturizer it would harm the healing process. But after 72 hours you can use baby lotion to moisturize your skin and it would be very safe to use then.

How Often Should I Use Baby Lotion on A Tattoo?

In the event that your tattoo dries up or begins to itch, you may use baby lotion as often as you feel it’s needed during the day. But it is recommended that you should use it 2-3 times a day.

 Baby lotion should only be used on freshly washed hands and after the region has been thoroughly cleaned.

How to Use Baby Lotion on Tattooed Skin? How Much to Apply?

It is essential to avoid slathering lotion all over the tattoo in a random manner. Always be sure you apply the lotion in relatively thin layers. Because the tattoo shouldn’t be covered up by the product, you should only need a thin coating of lotion to keep the ink hydrated and moisturized for a few hours, or until the next time you apply it.

When moisturizing your new tattoo, use just as much lotion as your skin can absorb fast, and remove any leftover product with a clean, dry towel. Just apply one layer of lotion and see how your tattoo responds before applying any more.

What Are Some Good Baby Lotions for Tattoos?

Baby lotions produced from organic, vegan, plant-based, and raw ingredients are ideal for tattooed skin and other types of sensitive skin. Avoid infant lotions that include any of the following: scents, parabens, silicones, colors, sulfates, petroleum-derived chemicals, etc.

In addition to the lotions we’ve suggested, you may also choose from a wide variety of alternative options that may better suit your needs and budget. Don’t forget to read the label carefully for any components.

Pipette Fragrance-Free Baby Lotion

Because infant skin is so delicate, this baby lotion has been evaluated by a dermatologist. It is safe for use, won’t irritate sensitive skin, and has no artificial scent since it’s made from natural plant extracts. There are no synthetic perfumes, sulfates, or parabens in the lotion. It’s mild on the skin and helps keep it supple and nourished.

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Lotion

For the sake of keeping babies’ delicate skin supple, hydrated, and protected, this baby lotion was developed just for them. This lotion has organic chamomile, shea butter, and oatmeal in it to help calm red, irritated skin as it heals.

Extra ingredients include jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and glycerin. The lotion’s anti-inflammatory properties, hypoallergenic composition, and vitamin/antioxidant content make it ideal for use on freshly tattooed skin as it heals.

Louis Widmer Baby Pure Nourishing Lotion

You may say that this is a top-tier baby lotion. The product’s recipe is specially created to soothe and preserve delicate infant skin. Besides reducing inflammation, it keeps skin supple over time by acting as a barrier against environmental driers and irritants.

Almond oil and shea butter are the primary components of the lotion. Vitamin E, lactic acid, panthenol, glycerin, and panthenol may all speed up the tattoo healing process and keep it moist.

ProductUnique QualityPriceWhere to find it
Pipette Fragrance Free Baby LotionUnscented7 DollarsClick Here
Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby LotionAnti-inflammatory 14 DollarsClick Here
Louis Widmer Baby Pure Nourishing LotionLonger hydration11 DollarsClick Here


Is Baby Oil Good To Put On Tattoos?

Using baby oil on your tattoos is not a smart idea. As a matter of fact, it may do a lot of damage. As a petroleum byproduct, baby oil may block pores and harbor germs.
An infection may develop after applying it to a fresh tattoo.

Can Baby Lotion Be Put On A Tattoo That Is Peeling?

The peeling of a tattoo is a natural part of the healing process. However, you should contact your tattoo artist if the tattoo does not stop peeling or scabbing after two weeks.
After the first two days, you may apply fragrance-free baby lotion on the peeling tattoo to keep it hydrated and prevent discomfort and itching.

Is It OK To Use Aloe Vera Lotion On A Fresh Tattoo?

Apply a light moisturizer to your freshly tattooed skin many times a day to keep it hydrated and healthy. Aloe-Vera Gel (non-alcoholic) may be rubbed into the wound up to four times daily to speed healing and stop bleeding.

Wrapping Up

So, after it is all said and done it is safe to assume that you got your answer by now on whether you can use baby lotion on a new tattoo.

The answer is ‘no’ for the first 72 hours. Because the new tattoo is a fresh wound it is not advisable use any sort of moisterizer on the wounded skin as it hinders the healing process. After the initial healing you can safely use baby lotion to hydrate your skin.

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