Can You Tattoo Over Birthmarks?


Getting a tattoo can bring different questions to your mind. It’s great that you’re concerned about your skin and searching for answers to important questions related to the process. People who want to cover up their birthmarks often get tattoos on the marks.

If you’re one of them and ask- can you tattoo over birthmarks?

Yes, you can tattoo over birthmarks. Tattoo artists won’t refuse to tattoo on your skin if you have birthmarks on the spot. But doctors don’t like the idea because there’s a chance for birthmarks to change over time and display early signs of melanoma, or skin cancer.

If you want to know about after results of tattooing over birthmarks, and other ways to cover up tattoos- stick to this article to know more.

Can You Tattoo Over Birthmarks?

In most cases, birthmarks are completely harmless and you don’t have to go through any treatment because they disappear with time. But the fact is, some kinds of birthmarks have medical reasons and may need treatment.

If you’d like to get rid of a birthmark before getting your tattoo, it’s a simple process done by various laser treatments. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

There are thousands of professional tattoo artists who would have no problems designing any kind of tattoo on your body, wherever you want to put it.

The same goes for birthmarks, usually, tattoo artists don’t have any problems when it comes to tattooing over birthmarks. It depends on whether tattooing over birthmarks has any complications in your body.

But the real question is whether it is safe to tattoo over birthmarks. There are many people who have done tattooing over their birthmarks, and people still do this kind of thing too. But the doctors and medical professionals would not recommend it.

Birthmarks can occasionally provide hints that melanoma is developing beneath the skin due to its dark appearance. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that affects melanocytes, or cells that produce color when they start to develop uncontrollably.

According to medical reports, pre-existing moles on the body are linked to about 50% of recorded cases of melanoma.

Why Doctors Would Not Recommend Tattooing Over Birthmarks?

Many doctors and health professionals have done their research regarding tattooing over birthmarks. There are some consequences of it but can be avoided too.

According to scientists, the tattoo ink may go into the part where birthmarks develop and cause problems that might eventually result in cancer. Avoiding tattooing the skin in that area would be better for your own good as that would lower the chance of melanoma developing around your birthmark.

Though research suggests that combining birthmarks and tattoos may have detrimental effects, doctors and scientists are still trying to completely understand how the two are related.

If the developing melanoma were covered in colored ink from a tattoo, it would make the situation very challenging to identify the signs of cancer.

Occasionally, melanoma can be detected in its early stages thanks to the obvious darkened spot of the skin. However, if you have a tattoo there, you won’t be able to see if your birthmark is affected by anything unusual.

As tattoo artists do not have much information regarding the risks of tattooing over birthmarks, they may have no issues tattooing over them. It is important to decide for yourself and you need to ensure to get your tattoo where the tattoo artists are professional enough to know all of this information.

Type of Birthmarks

There are different types of birthmarks; check them out if you’re not aware of them.

Port wine stain

Birthmarks with port wine stains look like some wine-colored patches on the skin. They might be of different sizes and are brought on by faulty blood vessels.

Although they can appear anywhere on the body, they most frequently can be seen on the face, back, and chest. The majority of port wine birthmarks are permanent and can get worse with time.

So, talk to a doctor first if you have this kind of birthmark but want to get a tattoo.

Salmon patch birthmarks

Among vascular birthmarks, salmon patches are the most frequently seen. After birth, they usually show up as tinier pink or red patches on the face or neck of the baby. Although some salmon patches may take several years to entirely vanish, most of them seem to fade away after a few months.

Therefore, you can get a tattoo over such a birthmark; it shouldn’t make things worse.

Strawberry marks

Birthmarks known as strawberry marks are usually mole-like, pink, red, or purple. Their color and texture are the reasons behind this. By the time the child with this kind of birthmark is seven years old, they normally no longer exist. However, before they fade away totally, they first become larger. If you are worried about any strawberry marks, speak to your doctor right away.

Cafe-au-lait spots

Café-au-lait spots are flat, pale areas of skin that resemble coffee. They are harmless, like the majority of birthmarks, but if a kid develops more than six of them before turning five, it may be a sign of neurofibromatosis, a hereditary disorder. Contact your doctor if you have any concerns.

Vascular birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are happened due to lots of blood vessel and vessel cell growth or development. Hemangiomas (also known as strawberry birthmarks) and vascular malformations are the two primary categories of vascular birthmarks.

It’s better to know more about it from a doctor instead of directly getting a tattoo over this type of birthmark.

Can You Tattoo Over a Vascular Birthmark?

The honest answer is, it’s not recommended to tattoo over a vascular birthmark because it’s associated with health risks. Generally, tattoos can’t cover a vascular birthmark properly. Also, it may injure the tissues and result in significant bleeding.

It’s better to get rid of your vascular birthmark with the help of laser treatment first. Many people have benefitted from laser treatments but, it is not 100 percent guaranteed that the birthmark would be tarnished fully.

Still, when it’s about vascular birthmarks, laser treatments are better than tattooing over them.

Can You Tattoo Over a Port Wine Birthmark?

It’s quite hard to cover your port wine birthmark with tattoos, but a professional artist can apply skin-colored pigment over the birthmark to make it like a regular skin area.

There are many people in the world for whom, port wine stains have become a part of life. This exclusively makes them unique and different from other people, which is why some people would not prefer to fully cover them up but rather partially tattoo over this kind of birthmark.

Can You Remove Birthmark To Get a Tattoo?

Yes, you can remove your birthmark in two ways, one is a natural way and another is laser treatment.

Applying lemon juice or olive oil to the birthmark’s afflicted region is one of the most popular natural treatments. Lemon juice has long been used to lighten hair and erase freckles.

Drops of lemon juice applied to the birthmark should be left on for at least 20 minutes before being washed off with warm water and dried with a fresh towel. Till the birthmark disappears, carry doing this procedure a minimum of three times daily.

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that may be applied to dry, rough-textured skin to soften and condition it.

Not only is it a fantastic element for maintaining the health of your skin, but some people believe that with continued application, it may be utilized as a natural cure to help lessen the look of your birthmark. similar steps to those in the last lemon juice sample.

On the other hand, if you want to remove tattoos instantly, laser treatment is the way.

Laser treatments can be used to get rid of the majority of birthmarks kinds. It really depends on what kind of birthmark is placed on your skin for laser treatments. As different kinds of birthmarks may have different effects of laser treatment on your skin.


Can you tattoo over red birthmarks?

It is safe to have a tattoo over a red birthmark. Red is one of the hues of birthmarks and tattooing on red birthmarks is just as safe as tattooing on a healthy body. However, it is still advisable to consult a reputable dermatologist before getting a tattoo on it.

At what age I can tattoo on birthmarks?

Birthmarks come in two varieties: those that disappear with time, and those that last a lifetime. Therefore, you can have a tattoo to cover any birthmarks that are still visible after turning 18 years old.

Can You tattoo over a brown color birthmark?

Yes, you can. Amazing designs are used by all skilled artists to hide various brown, red, and black birthmarks. Consequently, if you wish to get rid of brown birthmarks. Hire a competent artist who will cover it with a quality design.


Did you get the answers you were looking for?

If you want to cover up your birthmarks, you should definitely go for it. But before tattooing over it, you should seek professionals’ and doctors’ advice. Tattooing over birthmarks may create some complications that you may not want to suffer. Good luck!

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