What to Wear to Get A Tattoo


There are some crucial things like diet, exercise, and clothes that you must take seriously throughout your tattoo journey. This might come as a surprise but clothes play an important role in getting a tattoo. You may be wondering what to wear to get a tattoo.

You have to wear loose-fitting clothes that ensure access for your tattoo artist. A tattoo can take several hours to complete. So, wear something comfortable like tank tops, loose-fitting shorts, etc. Wear a cloth that you don’t mind staining. Avoid clothes with a rough surface such as leather or jeans.

You have to wear different clothing for getting tattoos on different body parts. You will also have to change your clothing habits for the healing process to take place properly. We will cover the clothing items that you need to wear for your tattoo session and aftercare.

Let’s get to it!

What to Wear to Get a Tattoo

So, what can you wear to get a tattoo? The table describes it pretty well. Let’s have a look.

Where Are You Getting The Tattoo?Recommended Clothing for MenRecommended Clothing for Women
NeckTank tops, Tops, and shirts with dropped armholeTank tops, bandeau tops, Shallow boatneck
ThighAiry and Loose-fitting shortsAiry and Loose-shorts
BackShirts with open backs. Some may prefer to remove clothingShirts with an open back, Halter tops, Bottoms with adjustable rubber bands
ArmTank tops or short-sleeved t-shirtsTank tops and strapless tops
Hipadjustable shorts or boxersLong, flowing skirts or dresses, Bikinis
StomachAnything that can be moved easily like loose-fitting tank tops or t-shirtsAnything that can be moved easily like maxi dresses or loose-fitting bikinis
ChestRemove clothing or a loose fitting tank topSpaghetti top, Bralette, Tube top

What Should You Wear to Get a Neck Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

The neck can be a pesky area for your tattoo artist to do his work. Men should wear tank tops or t-shirts that allow easy access to their necks. Women should wear something with a low neckline. Tank tops, bandeau tops, and Shallow boat necks are advised for women as they give ample access to the artist.

Remember to wear something that you will not regret staining.

Throughout the healing phase:

After getting the tattoo, avoid wearing any clothes that might stop your tattoo from breathing. We advise you to avoid wearing sweaters, turtlenecks, or long-collared shirts. Wear any clothes which will not come to contact with your neck areas such as tank tops and loose-fitting t-shirts.

What Should You Wear to Get a Thigh Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

Men and women should wear loose-fitting shorts such as beach shorts or shorts that can be easily lifted to expose the thigh. Women can also wear long and loose skirts or anything that can be easily rolled up. 

Throughout the healing phase:

Avoid wearing skinny or tight-fitting jeans or denim during the healing period. Denim and jeans have rough surfaces which can suffocate your tattoo and ruin the design. Wear loose pants like sweatpants to avoid friction as much as possible.

What Should You Wear to Get an Arm Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

Wear something that has no sleeves. You can also wear something that is short-sleeved or cap-sleeved. We recommend wearing tank tops, strapless tops, or bikini tops, the latter for women.

Throughout the healing phase:

You should be careful about what you wear during the healing phase. Wear light and loose-fitting materials that would not obstruct your tattooed area. If it’s cold outside, avoid using sweaters made out of wool and other rough materials. Use hoodies made out of soft fabrics. 

What Should You Wear to Get a RibTattoo?

Throughout the session:

Men should wear tank tops that can easily give access to their rib area. A shirt or t-shirt with a dropped armhole is also suitable. Some can also choose to be topless and wear shorts only.

For women, we advise wearing a loose crop top or a tank top that can be pulled up. Women can also wear a bikini top or a loose-fitting bralette. But, they should avoid wearing tight-fitting bras or sports bras.

 No matter what you choose to wear, make sure the fabric is loose and comfortable. A tattoo session can take up to 3-4 hours. So, dress accordingly.

Throughout the healing phase:

After getting the tattoo, avoid wearing tight clothes that might rub your tattooed area. Ladies should avoid wearing bras for the next 24 hours after getting a tattoo and wear loose-fitting bras until the tattoo heals. Try to wear loose clothing which will ensure ample air circulation and breathing for your tattoo. Keep the spot dry and clean. 

What Should You Wear to Get a Chest Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

You have to give proper access to your tattoo artist for your chest.

We recommend ladies wear anything that will provide ample access to the artist. Anything that can be easily removed and shifted.

For upper chest areas, we advise wearing a tube top or a low-cut spaghetti top and. Low bikini tops and loose-fitting bras or bralettes are recommended for tattooing the lower chest area.

As for the men, you can easily remove them and go bare-chested. If you don’t want to go bare, then wear something that provides access such as a loose-fitting shirt or t-shirt.

Men and women both should wear something that is comfortable and they don’t mind getting a stain on.

Throughout the healing phase:

The healing phase for the chest area can be time-consuming. Ladies should avoid using bras while they are in their homes. If you have to wear a bra, then choose one that won’t be tight and won’t rub on your tattooed areas.

Men and women both should avoid using tight-fitting clothes such as velcro, gym clothes and etc. Wear oversized t-shirts and hoodies.

What Should You Wear to Get a Back Tattoo?

Throughout the session: 

Many people prefer wearing a shirt for their back tattoo session. But they wear it flipped which means that they cover their chest with the shirt’s back part and let their backs go bare. This provides the perfect canvas for your tattoo artist to do his magic.

Women also use halter tops for getting their back tattoos. As for men, they can easily remove any upper torse clothing and wear loose-fitting shorts.

Regardless of gender, you should wear loose-fitting shorts which can easily be removed to work on the lower back-side. 

Throughout the healing phase:

We advise wearing clothes that will provide the least amount of friction such as a tube top, boxy crop top, or a loose and airy short-sleeved t-shirt. Don’t use rough fabrics and avoid wearing dark colors such as black, navy blue and etc. 

What Should You Wear to Get a Foot Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

Avoid wearing socks and shoes before your tattoo appointment. They can increase the moisture of the foot and also make your feet stinky. Wear sandals or flip-flops or any shoes that will not enclose your feet.

Your feet might get swollen after a tattoo appointment. So, Choose your footwear while keeping it in mind.

Throughout the healing phase:

The best thing you can do after getting a feet tattoo is to stay barefoot as long as possible. Avoid wearing socks and shoes since they are too tight and ruin your tattoo design with frequent rubbing. Wear flip-flops or sandals and keep your tattoo clean.

What Should You Wear to Get a Stomach Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

Wear anything that is comfy and loose enough to be rolled or removed. Men and women both can wear swimsuits that expose their stomachs. Men can also wear loose-fitting tank tops or t-shirts or even unbutton their shirts.

Women can wear long, loose-fitting maxi dress or dress-shirts that can easily be unbuttoned.

Throughout the healing phase:

Men and women both should wear loose-fitting clothes such as t-shirts that won’t irritate their tattooed area. You should avoid wearing clothes made out of velcro or leather that can be uncomfortable for you. Also, avoid wearing dark clothes.

What Should You Wear to Get a Hip Tattoo?

Throughout the session:

Wear something that can easily be rolled to expose your hips. The clothing should be of soft and comfy fabrics.

Men should wear boxers or shorts made out of light, adjustable fabrics that can easily be pulled down to expose the hip area.

Ladies can wear loose-fitting dresses and skirts that can also be easily adjusted for the work to be done. Some ladies prefer to wear bikini bottoms which provide ample access to the artist. 

Throughout the healing phase:

During the healing process, avoid wearing tight-waisted pants and shorts. Also, avoid wearing pants made out of rough fabrics such as jeans and denim. Wear comfy loungewear and sweatpants. Also, avoid wearing leggings.

Is it OK for Clothes to Touch a New Tattoo?

It’s completely ok for clothes to touch a new tattoo as long as they are loose-fitting and not made out of irritable ingredients such as polyester, wool, or jeans.

No matter what you do, your clothes will touch the tattooed area. The only way to ensure that the tattooed area remains untouched is by going full-on commando.

As we can’t do it, the next best thing is loose-fitting clothes. Wear clothes made out of breathable fabrics. Avoid wearing leather, velcro, jeans, denim, and wool.

Also, Your tattoo will ooze blood and ink throughout the healing process. So, wear something with dark colors or something that you don’t mind staining.

Why Tight-fitting Clothes Should Be Avoided for A New Tattoo?

Tattoos are like an open wound in your body. The tattoo needle creates hundreds of microscopic needles on your skin to inject the ink. Your tattoo needs to breathe to heal properly but also needs some type of protection from dust and germs.

Clothes and bandages can provide that protection. But, Not all clothes are good for your tattoo. Regular, tight-fitting clothes are not suitable for use while your tattoo heals. Tattoo artists advise against them for a number of reasons.

  • Tight-fitting clothes might rub your tattooed area frequently. This rubbing will cause your tattoo wound to open up frequently. Because of this, your tattoo will need extra time to heal properly.
  • Tight-fitting clothes might get stuck to your tattooed area. This can ruin your tattoo design and expose the area to outside invaders such as germs, dirt, etc. Attempting to remove the fabric from the tattooed area will cause extreme pain. It will cause your tattoo to bleed and ooze.
  • Tight-fitting clothes will introduce a whole lot of germs and dirt to your tattooed area. This contamination can result in blistering, rashes, swelling, or even skin infections.
  • Tight-fitting clothes can stop the body’s natural clotting and scabbing system. It results in a wound that will ooze blood constantly and swell. Sometimes, the wound can fester and develop an infection due to this.
  • Clothes with rough surfaces such as polyester, jeans, and wool should be avoided. These fabrics don’t provide enough breathing space for your tattoo. They also don’t let the wound dry and trap excess moisture in them. This results in a wet wound that is a hotbed for bacterial invasion. Furthermore, These fabrics are known for microscopic threads. These threads can get attached to your wounds and cause pain if you try to remove them.

A Few Things You Should Bring to Your Tattoo Session

Wise men say,’ Better to prepare than to despair’. Before you come in for a tattoo session, you have to take some necessary preparations such as taking a shower, removing hair from the intended spot and etc. You should also bring a bag of supplies that are needed for your tattoo appointment.

  • Wear a comfortable piece of clothing that will ensure access to the intended area.
  • A pair of clean and fresh socks.
  • An earphone to listen to music for tattoo sessions can be long and boring
  • Snacks if you feel hungry
  • Healthy beverages such as juice, green tea, soup, or kombucha.
  • Water bottles.
  • Warm clothing. Sometimes you can feel chills due to the needle setting the ink on your skin.
  • Breath mints
  • Tattoo aftercare cream
  • Camera
  • A change of clothes
  • A support person if your studio allows one


We think now you know what to wear to get a tattoo.

You must wear loose-fitting clothing to allow your tattoo artist access to the area. Wear something comfy like tank tops or loose-fitting t-shirts and you don’t mind staining. Avoid clothes such as jeans, denim, or wool for they have rough surfaces.

Remember, A tattoo is a living piece of art. Everything that you do, eat or wear will have an impact on it. So, Use this article and choose the best clothes to get the best result.

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