What To Wear For A Rib Tattoo?


Nowadays, rib tattoos are big in style. If you want to try something daring, you might get a rib tattoo.

 The reason why rib tattoos are so painful is that it is one of those parts of the body where you will feel a tremendous amount of pain while getting inked. It’s important that you go through the healing process properly and what you wear plays a big role in healing. So, what to wear for a rib tattoo?

For men, simply undress to the waist. For women, remember that rib tattoos may prevent you from wearing a bra. A tie-front bikini top lets the tattoo artist reach the ribs. And in terms of clothes, always wear the loosest fitting clothes that do not rub on your skin.

Follow this article as it also covers how to take care of your rib tattoo.

What To Wear When Getting A Rib Tattoo

Rib tattoos are highly sensitive and require you to take care of your skin while it heals. Tight clothing that rubs on tattoos is always a big no-no.

While you are waiting for your new tattoo to cure, it is important to protect it from excessive rubbing by using clothes that do not fit snugly. Find the sweater or top in your wardrobe that is the largest one, and utilize that one.

When visiting a tattoo parlor, it is improper to dress in a manner that is too elaborate or otherwise unsuitable. You might apply the same line of reasoning to bras as well. If you can avoid it, skip it whenever it’s possible.

The Tattoo Process For Ribs; Why The Appropriate Clothing Is So Important?

Picking out the tattoo’s layout and design is only the beginning. The last step is to have the tattoo done. It’s important to get your skin ready in advance by keeping it clean and hydrated.

Your tattoo’s completion time will be based on its size and complexity. Your tattoo session might last many hours or even several days if you’ve selected a huge tattoo that spans the whole side of your ribcage or a complex pattern with many colors.

Getting a tattoo is a long and sometimes painful procedure, so it’s important that you’re as relaxed as possible during it.

Needles being repeatedly placed into your skin will cause agony; there’s no getting around it. If you can find a relaxing posture and give yourself a break, it will be easier.

Here’s what happens if you overlook wearing the appropriate clothing for a rib tattoo.

  • Clothes that create friction between the tattoo and clothes will worsen your tattoo. It will make it difficult to heal and make the process longer.
  • If you wear any irritating fabric, chances are you may experience irritation to even an infection.

Therefore, make sure you wear the loosest possible clothes and offer your tattoo enough air to breathe.

What To Wear While Rib Tattoo Heals

Wearing garments that are loose-fitting will help you take care of your rib tattoo and ensure that it heals appropriately. It is important to refrain from wearing anything that might irritate or scratch the tattoo.

If a lady has a tattoo and wears a bra, the bra may rub against it and cause irritation. If you don’t have to wear a bra, then this is good for you.

 As an alternative to exposing your rib tattoo in public, you might consider wearing a stick-on bra or a bikini with thinner straps that can be adjusted to hide the tattoo.

Following having a tattoo, it’s possible that sleeping on your side may be painful for the first few nights after the procedure.

 It is allowed to forego sleep for a few nights in order to preserve the immaculate quality of the tattoo if doing so would allow you to do so.

Rib Tattoo Care Tips

While taking care of your rib tattoos you need to keep in mind certain things to have the best outcomes:

  • Don’t soak it; for the next two weeks, stay out of the pool, sauna, and hot showers.
  • Be sure to maintain a tidy environment. When drying off, pat rather than rub with a kitchen roll/paper towel and use a tiny quantity of a mild, unscented, sulfate-free wash (such as Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash).
  • After cleaning the tattoo, and again before going to bed, apply a thin coating of a protective, unscented, nourishing balm such as Skin Salvation.
  • Sleep on the uninked side of your body if you have a tattoo on your ribs.
  • Put on a shirt that allows air to circulate easily (not polyester). You should avoid sweating excessively and wearing anything that could rub against your new tattoo.
  • Make sure your bra straps don’t irritate the tattoo, and if your tattoo is beneath your bra band, you may want to skip the bra altogether.
  • While it heals, you should not use any fragrances or body sprays.
  • Stay away from the tattoo! Do not scab, touch, or peel it.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard too soon, especially in the first several weeks. Persist with mild forms of exercise.
  • Rib tattoos heal in about two weeks like other tattoos. Keep washing and waiting for it to peel and heal for another week. Unless you intend on being naked for two weeks, your clothing touching your body might modify it and create discomfort.


Do Rib Tattoos Stretch?

No. The skin that envelops the upper side of your rib cage often stays firm even when belly fat accumulates and/or starts to droop. Getting a tattoo on this part of the body is also one of the most difficult portions of the body.

How Much Do Rib Tattoos Cost?

The cost of getting a tattoo on your ribs of an average size might range anywhere from $600 to $1,000. The cost will go up when we include the coloring and details, so be prepared to pay an additional sum of up to $500 if the design is one of a kind and calls for a higher level of expertise.

Does A Numbing Cream Work for Rib Tattoo?

It’s possible to apply a topical anesthetic, such as numbing lotion, to reduce the pain of a rib tattoo before getting it done. Applying a numbing lotion will cause your blood vessels to constrict, reducing the sensation of discomfort.


Getting a rib tattoo might be painful but wearing the right cloth might make the experience less painful. So, what clothes can you wear for rib tattoos?

Wear the loosest clothes that don’t touch your tattoo directly. Avoid using bras for the healing period if you can. For men, you can keep the side open for a few days.

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