Can You Tattoo Over Freckles?


Freckles are some of the most beautiful things on your skin but can you tattoo on the freckled skin? Will it look bad?

Yes, you can tattoo over freckles and it won’t look bad. Tattooing over freckles will be harmless and there won’t be any bleeding issues. With a proper design, you can use freckles skin as a stunning piece of body art.

If you want to know more about tattooing over freckles, designs to consider, etc. stay tuned with this article.

Can You Tattoo Over Freckles?

Yes. Freckles can be tattooed without any problems, exactly like pigment spots (age spots). Freckles, however, can change and darken when exposed to light, so you should consider this when tattooing over freckles. It is advised to get the tattoo when your freckles are darkest. It happens often in summer.

Melanocyte cells that overproduce melanin granules result in freckles, which alter the color of the outer skin cells.

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, freckles develop because the UB-V radiation stimulates the melanocyte cells to generate more melanin. Freckles do not indicate illness or a skin problem, but they do indicate that you will be more vulnerable to UV radiation than those who do not have them.

What are Freckles and Why Does it Matter to Get A Tattoo?

Usually, freckles are the small spots in your skin that you can see with your bare eyes, and also the spot is usually darker than the skin texture.

Freckles are harmless, don’t pain or anything. If your skin has regular exposure to the sun, freckles might appear more as it increases the production of melanin.

Freckles can appear during one’s childhood and disappear in their adulthood. But usually, the color of freckles depends highly on skin color and skin type. For example, those who have red hair or fair skin, are more likely to have freckles.

There are two types of freckles-

  • Lentigines
  • Ephelides


Lentigines, sometimes referred to as solar lentigo, are bigger varieties of freckles that are typically found in the skin areas where it is sun damaged previously.

The cellular structure containing melanin pigments is normal in look and structure and is often considerably darker than ephelides freckles. Lentigines may occasionally be a symptom of a rare genetic condition. They are, however, often minor and remote locations.

Over time, these spots could develop bigger and occasionally combine to produce larger ones. These kinds of freckles might not be a good idea to tattoo over, especially if they’re lumpy. A dermatologist’s guidance will provide you with a clear path to follow.


Ephelides are normally flat spots on the skin that range in size from 0.04 to 0.08 inches. These dots are light-brown, tan, or somewhat reddish. They generally appear in the summer and vanish in the winter. won’t lose color throughout the winter.

This form of freckle is genetic and is more common in those with pale skin. These freckles also appear on those with reddish hair and green eyes. This kind of freckle can be tattooed over and avoiding the sun will stop it from growing.

Things to Consider With Freckles and Tattoos

Here’s how you can make your tattoo journey easier with the beautiful freckles on your skin.

Choose a Design That Works

Freckles are most frequently can be seen on the face but can also be seen on the arms and upper body. Given that the latter areas are popular locations for tattoos, you should think about the tone your freckles give off and how it could affect a certain tattoo design.

If your freckles are dark, a design that uses deep colors or tones rather than light shading can be more appropriate for you.

How Freckles May Change in the Sun

Sunlight exposure triggers melanin to produce more freckles on your skin.

Also, it causes the freckles to be darker. They are therefore more common throughout the summer and if you take a trip to a sunny location. Even though it’s not a big problem, you might want to take this into account while planning your design.

Typically More Sensitive Skin

Those with fair skin tend to have more freckles. People with fair complexion often have skin that is more sensitive. So, people who have fair and sensitive skin must take proper precautions before tattooing and proper aftercare after tattooing provided by a tattoo artist.

Make sure to avoid the sea for the necessary amount of time, use caution while traveling soon after having tattooed, and keep away from alcohol and other things that slow down the healing process.

Don’t Confuse Freckles with Moles

Some people who are looking for information about freckle tattoos may also include moles in their search. While most moles are benign and safe, some of the moles actually indicate people’s health. Because your doctor and/or dermatologist will want to monitor growth, it is not a good idea to tattoo over them.

Tattoo Styles You Can Consider For Freckles

Here are some of the tattoo styles you can consider for your body art-

  • Classic Americana: You can go with this style if you are not covering up the freckles with tattoos.
  • Trash Polka: This style is usually of red, black, and grey ink. This will not also cover up the whole freckles and is very bold in nature.
  • Blackwork: This is a style that consists of black ink, but has a wide range of design varieties, including shapes and sizes.
  • Portraiture: This design might look fantastic over freckles if it is applied by a fine art tattoo artist.
  • New College:  This is a very bright aesthetic that features fictional worlds and cartoonish characters.
  • Japanese: The strong patterns and vibrant colors of traditional Japanese tattoos hide certain freckles while showcasing others.

Taking Care of Your Tattoo You Got Over Freckles

Tattooing over freckles will not create any kind of issues. But that doesn’t mean you should not look after it properly. The best decision would be to select a proper aftercare routine for your newly done tattoo and stick and maintain that so that the healing procedure goes smoothly.

  • If you are a person with freckles, you may have very sensitive skin. Before exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight, it must be fully healed, scab-free, and have had the last peeling.
  • Always use a high UV factor, good quality sunscreen to protect your tattoo.
  • Apply the lotion exactly as instructed and avoid picking or pulling at any scabs that develop. Wait till after the last peel before taking a bath.

After the first visit, you should have a fully healed tattoo in around 2-3 weeks.

Tattoo Colors That Work Best With Freckles

We made a table so that you can choose the color for your tattoo design appropriately-

Ink colors to cover up frecklesInk colors that can highlight freckles
Black or shades of dark greyWhite ink shows freckles off beautifully
Dark purpleLight blue
Shades of midnight and dark blueYellow
Emerald greenPink and rose


Did you get the answer you were looking for?

Unlike moles, freckles are pretty much harmless and tattooing over them will not be an issue. So if you want to tattoo over them but are hesitant about the after-results, don’t be scared. It is absolutely fine to tattoo over them. You can use one of our suggestions for picking a great design for your tattoo.

And to make the tattoo perfect, make sure to follow the advice we have provided regarding aftercare and regularly maintain them. Good luck!

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