Fleur De Lis Tattoo Meaning

Fleur De Lis is one of the few designs that has been around for ages. This symbol has significant meanings associated with itself but not everyone is aware of its underlying meaning.

So, it is completely okay, if you question yourself, “what is the meaning behind a Fleur De Lis tattoo?”

Fleur De Lis tattoos are popular because the symbol has deep cultural and historical roots. This tattoo implies many important meanings including strength and honor, purity and innocence, faith and wisdom, and tribute to french heritage, and Christianity.

Read on to know more about the meaning and significance of the tattoo, why this tattoo is popular, tattoo ideas regarding this design as well as the placement of the tattoo.

Fleur De Lis Tattoo: Meaning and Significance

The Fleur De Lis is a stylized lily flower that has been used as a symbol for centuries. Because of its long history as a royal symbol in France dating back to the Middle Ages, the eagle is most often thought of in relation to the French monarchy.

There are a number of hidden meanings in this traditional tattoo. Below are some possible meanings of this tattoo:

Strength and honor

It is common to use the Fleur de Lis as a sign of valor since it stands for such admirable traits as bravery, steadfastness, and honesty. It is a symbol of the perseverance of the human spirit and the values we should all strive to uphold.

Purity and innocence

The Fleur de Lis symbolizes the good and innocence we hope to find within ourselves, therefore it is no surprise that it is also associated with purity. As a reminder of the inherent kindness and beauty in the world, it is frequently selected as a symbol of optimism and hope.

French culture and heritage

Because of its strong ties to France, the Fleur de Lis is often selected as a way to honor one’s family tree or express national pride. It’s a potent method of remembering and honoring one’s cultural heritage and making emotional connections to one’s history.

Faith and wisdom

The Fleur de Lis is also a symbol of faith and wisdom, two guiding principles that help us make sense of the intricacies of life and the universe. It is a sign of encouragement and direction that encourages us to have faith in ourselves and the way we’ve chosen to go.


The emblem also has religious importance, especially in Christian contexts. While the lily has always stood in for the Virgin Mary, it wasn’t until the eleventh century that churches started minting coins depicting Mary holding a Fleur-de-lis. These symbols were later found on the vestments of the cathedral’s chapters.

The Fleur-de-three lis’s petals stand for the Holy Trinity. Given her central role in the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the Virgin Mary is often represented with a ring at her feet. She deserves this honor because she gave birth to the Son.

The Popularity of the Fleur De Lis Tattoo

Many people still choose to have tattoos of the Fleur de Lis today, centuries after it first became popular. Its cultural and historical value, combined with its classic style, make it a popular option.

The Fleur de Lis tattoo’s widespread appeal surpasses socioeconomic and cultural boundaries. People of various sexes, ages, and ethnicities can find common ground in its embrace.

The Fleur De Lis tattoo is an excellent way to forever display one’s ideals and views, whether as a tribute to one’s history or as a sign of power and respect.

4 Tattoo Ideas for Fleur De Lis Tattoo

Here are a few suggestions for how you can include the Fleur de Lis in the design of your tattoo:

Classical style

The three stylized petals and central stalk of the lily flower are the hallmarks of the traditional Fleur De Lis tattoo. This classy layout can be executed in many ways, from the visual and striking to the intricate and realistic.

Abstract design

One can use a stylized or abstract Fleur de Lis for a more contemporary or abstract interpretation of the emblem. The Fleur de Lis can be reimagined in a variety of ways, each of which conveys a sense of individuality and originality.


The Fleur de Lis is a versatile symbol that may be used in a wide range of color palettes for tattoos. While gold and yellow are common color choices for depicting a Fleur de Lis, other colors such as blue, purple, and red are also acceptable.

Combination tattoos

The Fleur de Lis can also serve as a supporting character in a more complex tattoo composition. The Fleur de Lis, for instance, could be combined with a crucifix, a heart, or a meaningful statement.

The Fleur de Lis tattoo is a classic and beautiful symbol that may be incorporated into many other tattoo designs. Take your time exploring different alternatives until you find a design that truly represents who you are and what you care about.

Placement Fleur De Lis Tattoo 

A few things should be kept in mind while deciding where to have a Fleur De Lis tattoo:


Your tattoo size determines how much space you need and where you can easily fit your design. A little fleur de lis tattoo can be placed on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear, while a larger one may require the back, upper arm, or chest.


Consider visibility. If you want your tattoo to be visible, consider putting it on your wrist, ankle, or neck. If you want a less obvious tattoo, consider the back or inner arm.

Personal preference

Your tattoo placement should reflect your preferences and comfort level. Some people like conspicuous, statement tattoos, while others prefer private, personal tattoos. Choose a spot that suits you.


Is the fleur-de-lis associated with paganism?

Yes. The lily, according to folklore and legend (but not the Bible), was created from Eve’s tears when she departed Eden. This flower represented King Clovis’s spiritual cleansing when he converted from paganism to Christianity.

What does a fleur-de-lis in purple signify?

The white stands for innocence, while the purple symbolizes authority and selflessness. Similar to how the trefoil’s three leaves symbolize the Guides’ tripartite pledge, the trefoil’s three petals or leaves reflect the Scouts’ threefold promise.

Why does the fleur-de-lis represent royalty?

The Fleur-de-lis may have been chosen by the French monarchy to represent purity in honor of Clovis I’s conversion and as a recall of the Fleur-de-lis ampulla that contained the oil used to anoint the king. 
Accordingly, the fleur-de-lis represented the king’s divinely sanctioned right to the throne.

Last Words

To sum up, the Fleur De Lis tattoo is a meaningful and enduring symbol rooted in history and culture. In addition to paying tribute to one’s French ancestry, it can be a symbol of strength, honor, and purity.

The Fleur De Lis tattoo has endured as a popular kind of body art because of its sophisticated and timeless design.

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