Unicorn Tattoo Meanings In Detail

Unicorn tattoos are a popular choice for those who want to celebrate their uniqueness and embrace their creative side. The design’s wide range of meanings contributes to its popularity. You might wonder, “what are the meanings behind Unicorn Tattoos?”

These tattoos can hold a wide range of meanings, from purity and innocence to creativity and individuality, and can be customized to suit the individual’s preferences and style. Additionally, these tattoos can be combined with other symbols, which will change the overall interpretations.

Read on to know more about the history of the Unicorn Tattoo, the meaning and significance associated with these tattoos, the different styles, and ideas as well as the placement of these tattoos.

History of the Unicorn Tattoo

The history of the unicorn tattoo reflects this long-standing obsession with the mythological beast, which has been cherished and worshipped for millennia.

The unicorn was frequently linked to chastity, innocence, and femininity in early mythology. It was frequently shown as a white horse with a single spiral horn on its forehead since it was thought to be a symbol of purity.

The mythological animal is a common topic for tattoo art, therefore unicorn tattoos have probably existed for as long as tattooing has. Due to their mystical and legendary motifs, unicorn tattoos have grown in acceptance in popular culture more recently.

Unicorn tattoos are popular today as a representation of individuality and uniqueness because the unicorn is thought to exemplify these qualities. A tribute to childhood or a reminder of the allure and wonder of youth can also be observed in unicorn tattoos.

Unicorn Tattoo: Meaning and Significance

Since ancient times, people have cherished and worshipped the unicorn, and its symbolism has changed with time. The following are a few of the several meanings that unicorn tattoos can convey:

Purity and innocence

The unicorn was frequently seen as a representation of innocence and purity in early mythology. Modern unicorn tattoos frequently incorporate this meaning because the unicorn is viewed as a symbol of these values.

Creativity and imagination

The unicorn is frequently portrayed as a mystical and magical animal, and getting a tattoo of one might represent someone’s love of creativity and capacity for original thought.

Uniqueness and individuality

A unicorn tattoo can be viewed as a method to commemorate one’s own special features and attributes because the unicorn is a mythical creature that sticks out from the others.

Childhood memories

A unicorn tattoo can be a way to cling to those memories and keep that sense of amazement alive because, for many individuals, the unicorn symbolizes a time of innocence and wonder.


A unicorn tattoo can be selected as a method to honor and embrace this component of one’s individuality because, in some civilizations, the unicorn was viewed as a sign of femininity.

Strength and masculinity

The unicorn was also regarded as a representation of power and masculinity in several cultures. These traits can be symbolized by a unicorn tattoo.

Magic and the supernatural

A unicorn tattoo can be interpreted as a means to accept and enjoy the mysterious and supernatural aspects of life since the unicorn is frequently portrayed as a magical and otherworldly creature.

Overall, depending on the person’s personal perception and affinity with the mythical animal, unicorn tattoos can have a wide range of meanings.

Unicorn Tattoos: Different Styles to Try Out

There are numerous styles and ideas for unicorn tattoos, and there are numerous ways to include legendary creatures in your tattoo. Consider the following various unicorn tattoo designs:

Realistic unicorn tattoos

These tattoos include a genuine, realistic rendition of the unicorn’s features, just as it may appear in real life. These tattoos may also incorporate additional components like flowers or landscapes and frequently have realistic colors and shading.

Cartoon unicorn tattoos

With exaggerated features and vivid, brilliant hues, the unicorn is depicted in these tattoos in a more whimsical and comical way. These tattoos are frequently picked by those looking for a fun and whimsical tattoo design.

Abstract unicorn tattoos

These tattoos show the unicorn in a more stylized and abstract way, using simple lines and curves to form the design. Some of these tattoos may have geometric designs or other features that make them appear more creative and abstract.

Fantasy unicorn tattoos

These tattoos feature the unicorn in a more mystical and otherworldly environment, frequently with objects like rainbows, clouds, or enchanted settings. People who wish to express their interest in fantasy and the paranormal frequently choose these tattoos.

Watercolor unicorn tattoos

These tattoos have a more artistic and painterly appearance, using subdued, gentle hues and brushstrokes to depict the unicorn. People who prefer discreet tattoo designs frequently choose these tattoos.

Ultimately, there are many various unicorn tattoo designs to pick from; which one is perfect for you will depend on your own preferences and the appearance you’re going for.

Different Designing Ideas for Unicorn Tattoos

Tattoo designs that feature unicorns and other symbols and designs are distinctive and meaningful. Here are a few illustrations of unicorn tattoos that also feature other symbols and explain their significance:

Unicorn and rainbow

A tattoo of a unicorn with a rainbow may represent optimism, a connection to the otherworldly, and hope. Together, the unicorn and rainbow serve as a potent emblem of joy and happiness since the unicorn stands for enchantment and the rainbow for hope and optimism.

Unicorn and stars

A tattoo of a unicorn with stars may represent a desire for adventure and a connection to the cosmos. Together, the unicorn and stars serve as a symbol of amazement and opportunity since the unicorn stands for enchantment and the stars for the size of the universe.

Unicorn and flowers

A tattoo of a unicorn and flowers may represent femininity, beauty, and a bond with the natural world. This combo is a representation of femininity and unadulterated beauty because the unicorn stands for enchantment and the flowers for beauty and progress.

Unicorn and moon

A tattoo of a unicorn with a moon may represent mystery, the unknown, and a link to the afterlife. This combination is a symbol of the mysterious and the unknowable because the unicorn stands for magic and the moon for mystery and the spiritual world.

In general, incorporating a unicorn tattoo with other symbols and motifs can give the tattoo more depth and meaning, resulting in a special and individual design that speaks to the person’s hobbies and values.

Placement Options for Unicorn Tattoos

The position of a unicorn tattoo is crucial since it can change how the tattoo appears and feels overall. The following are some popular locations for unicorn tattoos:


Because it allows for a wide range of sizes and styles, the arm is a common location for unicorn tattoos. While a larger tattoo can be applied to the upper arm or bicep, a smaller unicorn tattoo can be applied to the wrist or forearm.


With the calf and thigh being frequent locations for larger designs, the leg is another favorite area for unicorn tattoos. The ankle or foot are also possible locations for a tiny unicorn tattoo.


Larger unicorn tattoos look best on the back since there is plenty of room to display the design. Anywhere on the back, from the upper back to the lower back, is suitable for a unicorn tattoo.


A tiny to medium-sized unicorn tattoo looks beautiful on the chest and can be positioned either in the center or to one side.


A tiny to medium-sized unicorn tattoo looks beautiful on the ribcage and can be positioned either on the side or under the breast.

Nevertheless, the position of a unicorn tattoo will depend on the size, style, and personal preferences of the person getting one. It is crucial to give the placement great thought and select a location that will highlight the tattoo to its best ability.


Can unicorn tattoos be customized?

Yes, unicorn tattoos can be customized to suit the individual’s preferences and style. Many tattoo artists will work with their clients to create a unique and personalized design that incorporates elements that are meaningful to the individual.

Do unicorn tattoos have a specific symbolism?

Unicorn tattoos can hold a wide range of meanings, depending on the individual’s personal interpretation and association with the mythical creature. Some common meanings associated with unicorn tattoos include purity, innocence, creativity, imagination, and uniqueness.

Are unicorn tattoos suitable for both men and women?

Unicorn tattoos can be suitable for both men and women, as they can hold a wide range of meanings that are not specifically gendered.

However, it is worth noting that in some cultures, the unicorn has traditionally been associated with femininity, so men who choose a unicorn tattoo may want to consider this when designing their tattoos.


Finally, for tattoo fans, unicorn tattoos are a well-liked and significant option. These tattoos can be personalized to the wearer’s preferences and style and can symbolize anything from creativity and individuality to purity and innocence.

Overall, getting a unicorn tattoo is a lovely and meaningful way to commemorate your individual traits and attributes.

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