How Big Is a 3×3 Tattoo?

Tattoo size plays a big role in choosing your own tattoo. Generally, smaller size is less painful, less expensive, and more flexible. Bigger sizes show your passion in a bolder way. One of the most common measurements of a tattoo is 3×3. So, how big is a 3×3 tattoo?

In the United States and everywhere else, a tattoo measuring 3 by 3 inches is considered small. Keep in mind that this is the same as 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches on a canvas. A tattoo of a wedding ring is a classic example of a 3 by 3 tattoo. However, a star the size of a dime is likewise regarded as being of this size.

We go in-depth about 3×3 tattoo sizes discussion. We cover how long it takes, how much it costs, and also how to measure a tattoo’s size the right way. So, stick around until the end.

Why Does Size Matter In Tattoos?

There are several reasons why the precise measurement of your tattoo is important. Inaccurate sizing for a tattoo may lead to a less-than-desirable final product, unnecessary extra costs, or both.


When planning the layout of your body art, tattoo size is crucial. Most likely, you won’t want to acquire anything too little if you’re after something elaborate and detailed.

The complexity of the design and all of its intricate details will be lost in the shuffle. A portrait tattoo is a good example of a recommendation for a medium-sized tattoo.

Smaller sizes are ideal if you only want a basic tattoo. Small objects or letters are good options for places like the ankle, knuckles, and wrists.


Getting a smaller tattoo will be much less of an ordeal and will take much less time than getting a larger one. Getting a tattoo that’s very detailed and elaborate might take a lot of time and effort. Avoid unnecessary stress and discomfort by getting a tiny tattoo.

The prospect of spending a significant amount of time in a tattoo parlor chair is dreaded by many, while others welcome the challenge in pursuit of their ideal tattoo.

Also, smaller tattoos tend to heal faster than larger ones. You may have a little, easy tattoo in one sitting, and it will be fully healed in time for your beach vacation in a few weeks.

If you’re planning on getting a sleeve and are prepared to go through many sessions to have your arm covered in ink, you’ll need to factor in a lot more time for the healing process.


Where on your body you can have a tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo you want. You may get a tiny tattoo anywhere, even on your eyelid or the inside of your mouth. Wide surfaces, such as the back, stomach, or thigh, are necessary for large, complex drawings.

Tattoo placement is heavily influenced by desired tattoo size and vice versa. There’s no use in looking at little tattoo ideas if you know you want something that covers your whole chest. It’s best to go for something big and comprehensive that can cover a lot of ground.

So, How Big Is a 3×3 Tattoo?

A tattoo on the side of the face, the neck, the ankles, or any number of other places is often tiny and difficult to detect from a distance. The back of the wrist is a popular place to have a 3×3 tattoo.

In comparison to the 2-inch tattoo sizes, a 3-inch tattoo size still fits well on the lower arm, wrist, and ankle. But tattoos of the 3-inch size look wonderful in other contexts as well. Some advantageous locations are the upper arm, shoulder, and the nape of neck.

Moreover, we discovered a large number of tattoos on the ribs and breasts, each measuring three inches in length. Perfect for adorning your upper chest without exposing too much skin around your midsection.

Some examples of fantastic tattoos for this size are:

  • Subtle flower designs
  • Shapes like feathers and swords
  • A variety of little animals and animal portraiture.

How To Determine Tattoo Size

Tattoo sizes are reported in square inches. Multiply the tattoo’s longest side by itself to get an idea of its overall size. A little tattoo on someone’s wrist or ankle may measure 2 inches in height and 1 inch in width, or 2 square inches.

On your back, a 40-square-inch tattoo maybe 5 inches wide by 8 inches high. Half sleeves are usually measured at roughly 50 to 60 square inches, whereas full sleeves are often measured between 100 and 160 square inches.

A tattoo may be placed anywhere on your body, but if you have a specific spot in mind, it’s a good idea to take measurements. Take the length and width measurements of a rectangle drawn on your skin.

Once you have determined how big the design has to be, you can start looking for options that work well on that scale.

To choose the ideal placement for your design, print it out on paper in a range of sizes and try them on. You should consult with your tattoo artist about the appropriate size. It might look terrible if you make it too little or too huge, so be careful.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A 3×3 Tattoo?

There is no standard rate for a 3×3-inch tattoo. The price might range from $50 to $250. In the United States, the going rate for a tattoo of the standard 3 by 3-inch size is between $100 and $250.

The final cost will be determined by several factors, like the intricacy of your design, the number of colors you want to utilize, and so on. Keep in mind that a 20% tip is customary when tipping an artist. Because tattooing requires a lot of time, concentration, and accuracy.

It is possible to spend more than $250 for a 3×3 inch tattoo if the design is intricate. The main reason for this is that most tattoo artists base their rates on how long it takes them to complete a tattoo. Complex patterns need more effort and time.

How Long Does It Take To Get A 3×3 Tattoo? 

A basic 3×3 tattoo size ink may take approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the design. However, you’ll need to set out an hour to three hours for this.

The time it takes to do a tiny tattoo might also vary, depending on how quickly the artist works. A crucial piece of advice is to never put pressure on the designer. Use this information to choose the optimal ink for your requirements.

What Is Considered A Short Tattoo?

In general, a tattoo that fits inside a 3×3 square is regarded to be rather tiny. Other than that, a length of two inches in ink fits here as well. Additionally, 4 inches is regarded to be on the smaller side of tattoos.

Small sizes, those with a number below two, are not the optimal choice. Tattoos larger than four inches are classified as either medium or big. Two to four inches is the maximum size for small inks.

It is also possible to use a dime as a size reference point on the wrist to determine whether or not a tattoo is too big. If you’re thinking about getting a 3×3 tattoo, this is the best source to look at.

Tattoo Sizing Mistakes You Can Avoid From The Begining

Many first-time tattoo recipients choose a simple, tiny design. Most individuals prefer a tattoo that won’t draw too much attention, so they can cover it up if they need to. 

Getting a tattoo for the first time may be nerve-wracking, therefore, most individuals choose a smaller, less obvious design.

Those who have gotten a small tattoo typically grow to regret their decision and wish they had gone larger. Tattoos are meant to be shown, especially if the person getting them is proud of them.

  • Think about how visible you want it to be on your body when you fall in love with it, even if it’s in a position where you can easily cover it up.
  • The second most frequent error is having a tattoo that is too large for the intended body part. Many customers come in with an idea in mind and want the tattoo artist to make it as big as possible on their skin.

As a rule, this is not a good plan. Those who have tattoos know that making them much larger than the original might compromise the quality of the artwork.

  • Make sure the tattoo designer and artist you’re working with are on the same page with the size you’ve settled on.

Taking Away

Tattoo size plays a big role in your choice of tattoo. Make sure you pick out the right size. So, how big is a 3×3 tattoo?

Generally considered as a short-sized tattoo. 3-inch tattoos fit nicely on the lower arm, wrist, and ankle compared to 2-inch tattoos. 3-inch tattoos look great in many scenarios. The upper arm, shoulder, and nape are good spots.

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