How To Use Numb 520 For Tattoo?- Here’s Every Detail

Getting a tattoo can certainly be a painful experience. A numbing cream, however, can help you not experience the pain. Ebanel Numb 520 is well recognized as a top-tier numbing cream. But how to use Numb 520 for tattoos? What’s the right way?

You can use it by cleansing your skin and exfoliating it. You should spread the cream so that it is approximately a quarter of an inch away from the skin and completely covers the area. The plastic wrap or cover will keep the contents from drying out. The full anesthetic effect may then be experienced.

This article also covers the features, pros, and cons of using Ebanel Numb 520 for tattoos.

How To Use Numb 520 For Tattoos

Does Ebanel Numb 520 Really Work For Tattoos?

Does Ebanel Numb 520 Really Work For Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

Yes, it works well for almost everyone. While numbing cream does not eliminate the pain, it may help lessen it and make your tattoo session much more comfortable, particularly at the beginning of a lengthy tattoo session.

Being non-greasy, Ebanel Numb 520 is a great choice for tattoos since it does not get in the way during the inking process. Numb 520 is so fast-acting that it may be applied at any time; you don’t have to use it before your session begins.

How To Use Ebanel Numb 520 For Tattoos

How To Use Ebanel Numb 520 For Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

To a greater or lesser extent, numbing creams may be effective for specific individuals.With these steps in place, the best decision will be possible.

Please follow the instructions below as closely as possible.

  • To begin, you should cleanse your skin.
  •  Mild exfoliation: Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, using numbing cream afterward may irritate the freshly peeled surface. If you can help it, skip this procedure.
  • Third, cover the region you want to be numbed with plastic wrap to keep the numbing cream in place (no more than 20cm x 20cm in size at one time). Lidocaine evaporates quickly.
  • You should let the Numb 520 numbing lotion sit on your skin for five minutes.
  • Ebanel 520 is enhanced with liposome for faster action than competing products.
  • To rapidly and effectively eliminate the numbing cream, use sanitized gauze or baby wipes.
  • Disinfect the treatment area using an alcohol pad. (You may skip this if you’d like. The alcohol in the drink may be absorbed via the skin and counteract the numbing effect; this is usually unnecessary.
  • Numbing cream may be reapplied as needed.
  • You’ll feel the full numbing effect after half an hour of application, and it may continue for up to an hour, depending on your skin type and the reason for usage. Some Numb 520 reviews claim that the numbing effect lasts for up to four hours. However, you should try the cream to determine how long it stays on your skin.

What Makes Ebanel Numb 520 a Great Choice for Tattoos?

What Makes Ebanel Numb 520 a Great Choice for Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

First, let me introduce you to Lidocaine. It’s a highly efficient pain-relief medicine that inhibits your skin nerves from delivering pain signals to your brain. It works by getting into your skin and blocking the receptors at the ends of your nerves. This stops pain signals from going to and from the hurt area.

Numb 520 is a topical anesthetic available without a prescription that has the maximum amount of lidocaine allowed by the Food and Drug Administration. For severe pain that can’t be alleviated by a trip to the doctor, this dosage of lidocaine is ideal. OTC lidocaine numbing lotions are effective, but many of them are pretty oily and sticky.

As a bonus, whereas traditional lidocaine creams tend to have a powerful, unpleasant odor, Numb 520 is formulated to be odorless, sparing your nasal passages from hours of discomfort.

Because of it’s water basis, Numb 520 is ideal for the tattooing process because it does not leave any oily residue.

It’s straightforward and uncomplicated to use. When you’re done, wash the cream off with a moist sponge, and cleanup is a breeze.

Ebanel Numb 520 Active Ingredients

Ebanel Numb 520 Active Ingredients - Tattoo Strategies

There are a lot of essential ingredients that make this numbing cream good for tattoos.

  • Lidocaine: The lidocaine percentage in Ebanel Numb 520 cream is 5%. This 5% lidocaine solution, which works instantaneously to numb the skin, has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

    Lidocaine, in other terms, acts as a pain signal blocker. If you apply the strongest lidocaine numbing lotion to the affected location, your brain will not register any pain there.
  • Aloe: This improves the cream’s antibacterial and antioxidant capabilities. It also helps the tattoo heal more quickly in a natural way.
  • Propylene Glycol: Ebanel Numb520 cream has a quick absorption rate due to propylene glycol. Propylene glycol, in layman’s terms, makes the skin prick more. Now the cream may penetrate to the epidermis, where it can interrupt the pain pathways.
  • Vitamin E: Skin treated with vitamin E seems silky and fresh. Additionally, the skin is kept well hydrated. Plus, the addition of vitamin E makes this anti-inflammatory lidocaine cream superior to all others.
  • Lecithin: It helps keep skin supple and hydrated. Lecithin is also used in skincare products that target acne.

Pros and Cons Of Using Ebanel 520

Pros and Cons Of Using Ebanel 520 - Tattoo Strategies

Even though Numb 520 isn’t explicitly positioned as a numbing tattoo cream, it has numerous features that make it great for tattoos:


  • Even seasoned tattoo clients will enjoy the high lidocaine concentration, as it can numb even the most sensitive skin regions efficiently for up to an hour, which is especially helpful for those having tattoos on their faces, ribs, feet, or other areas known to be painful.
  • Because of its unique liposome composition, the lidocaine in Numb 520 takes action quickly and lasts for a long time.
  • Non-greasy composition doesn’t hamper tattooing. Numb 520 is non-greasy and non-messy, so your artist can work without slipping or needle contamination.
  • Non-greasy composition doesn’t hamper tattooing. Numb 520 is non-greasy and non-messy, so your artist can work without slipping or needle contamination.
  • The lack of smell makes it ideal for extended use indoors.


  • If you’re one of the unlucky few for whom lidocaine doesn’t have much of a numbing effect, you may be disappointed to learn that it can be used as a numbing cream at all.
  • This numbing cream is water-based, so it must be applied thickly to avoid evaporation and increase numbing duration. This might be problematic for some tattoo techniques, especially fine lines.
  • Multiple applications of Numb 520 are not suggested since lidocaine buildup may cause convulsions, spasms, and other medical issues.
  • Numb 520 isn’t suggested for extended sessions requiring many reapplications. Because of the potential for irritation, redness, swelling, blisters, and blistering, tattooing may be difficult. Before tattooing a more extensive area, try Numb 520 (or another numbing cream) on a tiny area.

Alternative Of Ebanel Numb 520

Alternative Of Ebanel Numb 520 - Tattoo Strategies

If you don’t prefer Ebanel Numb 520, there are other alternatives to numbing creams that might be great for you.

Product NameSpecialtyWhere to Find
Zensa Numbing CreamOverall good option without the special trait.Click Here
Samnyte Tattoo Numbing CreamNumbing effects last a long timeClick Here
Medinumb Topical AestheticBest works for face tattoos, Also budget friendlyClick Here

Zensa Numbing Cream

Tattoo numbing lotions are scarce, but Zensa Numbing cream is one of the few on the market that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The vegan version contains lidocaine (5% concentration) and vitamin E, and it is a steroid- and cruelty-free.

The tattoo ink’s color retention and settling will not be affected by the cream since it is hypoallergenic, gentle enough to be used around the eyes, and devoid of blood constrictors.

A single application dulls the pain for two to four hours, while further applications may prolong the effect to eight hours.

Samnyte Tattoo Numbing Cream

You’ll need a tattoo numbing lotion that lasts a long time if your next tattoo is going to be on your back, chest, or leg.

You may go through those lengthy sessions pain-free with SAMNYTE tattoo numbing lotion, which provides an analgesic effect for up to 8 hours.

The cruelty-free lotion comprises a 5% lidocaine mixture with other all-natural components. Menthol, vitamin E, and aloe vera all have anti-inflammatory properties that make them helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.

The healing process is sped up by this formula’s double-pronged approach.

Medinumb topical Aesthetic

When it comes to tattoos, the face is one of the most delicate places of the body.

Intricate and accurate face designs need stillness and calmness under pressure, should the artist flinch or quiver and destroy the work.

A lotion is designed to numb the skin around tattoos for just such an occasion. The numbing cream, Medinumb, may be used on the face for general pain relief.

The combination of aloe vera, jojoba, and tea tree oil is non-greasy and mild enough for use on the face since it is safe for sensitive skin. The pain relief lasts up to 2 hours after a thick coating has been left on the skin for 45-60 minutes.

It serves several purposes, is reasonably priced, and is available in a larger (2-ounce) size than competing products. Because of its size, a single tube may be used for many applications.


So, I hope that by now, you should be aware of how to use Numb 520 for tattoos.

It’s easy to get the job done. Apply the cream after cleansing your skin. The cream should be administered a quarter of an inch from the skin and cover the area thoroughly. The plastic wrap or lid prevents dryness. The whole numbing effect is then felt. Good luck!

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