How Bad Do Shin Tattoos Hurt?

You know how people say the backstory of a beautiful thing is always messy? Or the saying “No pain, no gain”? Such is the case with getting a tattoo. You cannot get one if you do not have what it takes – the capability to put up with the pain.

Every tattoo, no matter where it is or what size it is, will cause you pain. But the intensity depends on the body parts. Today’s discussion is dedicated to the shin area of your body. How bad will it hurt if you decide to have a shin tattoo?

Shin tattoos are severely painful because your shinbones are just underneath the upper layers of your skin, where there is not much fat. The lesser the fat in that part of your body, the higher the pain you will feel.

It is vital to have some idea about the body part where you want the tattoo and how much pain that can cause. Getting the information will help you rethink if you really want a tattoo in that area or want to have it elsewhere.

How Bad Do Shin Tattoos Hurt?

So, What To Learn About The Shin Area?

So What To Learn About The Shin Area - Tattoo Strategies

Ahem. If you have a history of falling asleep in your biology class, you should pay proper attention to this section. The fibula and the tibia are mainly the two bones in your shin. They are integral parts of your body, connecting your ankle to your knee. Besides, they support your lower leg muscles. 

The main concern regarding the shin tattoo is the tibia. It is your shin bone and also the second-biggest bone of your body. You will find it in your leg’s lower part that tackles the bumps and knocks. If you are into sports, you already know that this area can often get hurt. They move with your lower legs whenever you move, having a high probability of receiving the impact.

You will see that cricketers do not put guards on their thighs but shins. That is because the thighs are meaty with more fat, enabling them to cope with damage better than the shins.

Why Are Shin Tattoos So Painful?

Why Are Shin Tattoos So Painful - Tattoo Strategies

The Lack Of Enough Fat Padding

Your shin area does not have much fat padding. So, the nerve endings react more sensitively to disturbance and vibrations. There is a tissue called the periosteum wrapping around the bones. It is the actual reason to cause pain in your shin. 

Uncomfortable Sensations In The Area

The feeling you will experience when tattoo needles get closer to your bones also makes the shin a vulnerable tattoo area.

As your skin does not have enough fat underneath it, the massive injecting movements of tattoo needles will cause you violent and shaking sensations. Clients usually feel it in the entire body part.

It will not be the most painful moment in your life, but it will also not be one you want to cherish. As it keeps occurring from time to time, it will mentally exhaust you and make it harder to distract yourself.

But do not be nervous thinking the needles will hit your bones and make them actually shake. That will not happen. It is just the sensation that is raw and uncomfortable.

The Large Size Of The Typical Shin Designs 

Apart from the body part, the pain level of getting a tattoo also depends on the tattoo’s size, design, and details. 

Shin Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

The thing with shin tattoos is that the designs are usually large-sized. That means the pain will soar as the tattoo sessions move forward and hormones like adrenaline start to wear off.

Is There Anything To Make A Shin Tattoo Less Painful?

Is There Anything To Make A Shin Tattoo Less Painful - Tattoo Strategies

Let’s get the fact straight. The severity of the pain is likely to stay the same because you cannot change anything about your shin area. However, you can still do your part to ensure that the pain does not sustain for longer.

Selecting A Simple And Small Shin Tattoo Design

If your tattoo is large with details, it will take more time to create the tattoo. That will result in more pain. Although it looks more appealing when it is large, a smaller and simpler design will hurt you significantly less.

Nonetheless, if you are bent on getting a sizeable one while still fearing the pain, you can arrange multiple sessions to get it done. When the artist divides the design into several appointments, you will not have to take in all the pain at once.

Using Tattoo Numbing Moisturizers Or Sprays

In case you are highly worried about the shin tattoo pain, you can try putting some numbing cream on the area before the tattoo session begins.

But remember that it may not work as well as you expected because it differs from one to another.  In most cases, clients are usually satisfied with the result. So you can hope it will help you feel less pain, even if it is by a little margin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does a shin tattoo require to heal?

The upper layer generally takes 2-3 weeks. But the internal healing will take months. So if it seems and feels recovered on the outside, resist yourself from going easy with the aftercare maintenance.

Which numbing cream can I use for my shin tattoo?

A commonly used numbing cream in the current market is the Zensa Numbing cream. It has the highest amount of Lidocaine approved by the FDA. You can use it for your shin tattoo. It has got the most positive reviews from customers.

How do I use a numbing cream?

It is best if you read the manufacturer’s instructions on the cream container before applying it shortly prior to the start of your tattoo session. How much you should use will depend on the size of your tattoo. The tubes usually come in sufficient quantity for an extensive design.

Will a numbing cream affect the quality of my tattoo?

It will if it is a cheap, fake, or local anesthetic cream. But so long as you get one specially manufactured for tattoos, your tattoo quality will remain unaltered.

Final Words

Humph! That was some reality check, right? But that was necessary. The intention of talking about it was to let you know what to expect from the process. If you still want it, follow the suggestions above to lessen the pain. Otherwise, you always have the option to choose a different area. 

The decision is up to you. I hope I helped make it an informative one. Best of luck!

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