Can I Use Calligraphy Ink for a Tattoo?

You have seen professional artists use inks to tattoo people. But what do you think about calligraphy ink? can you use calligraphy ink for a tattoo?

Yes, you can. But it’s not safe to use because calligraphy ink is not hygienic. Some people get permanent bruises fIs Calligraphy Ink Safe for Tattoos?rom the particles of calligraphy ink on their skin. Besides, there’s a chance of getting allergic reactions or infections if you use calligraphy ink for your tattoo.

Let’s learn more about the aftereffects of using calligraphy ink and what inks you should or should not use.

Can I Use Calligraphy Ink for a Tattoo?

Can I Use Calligraphy Ink for a Tattoo?

We would not recommend using calligraphy ink for your tattoos. But yes, calligraphy ink is non-toxic, and it is possible to complete a tattoo session using this ink.

There is a massive risk of infection resulting in necrotizing fasciitis or Gangrene.

Binder and pigments are used to make calligraphy inks. For instance, shellac and soot are both ingredients of Sumi ink. Gum arabic and black walnuts cooked to produce colored water are used to make walnut ink. It’s important to keep in mind that not all calligraphy inks are vegan; some of them contain animal glue as a binder.

Calligraphy ink dries very easily, which is why it can make a permanent bruise on your skin. The particles of calligraphy ink can do permanent damage to your skin. There is a reason the Tattoo industry in the USA is strict and regulated about sanitization, the right products, and techniques when it comes to the question of tattooing. The tattoo artists are professional and skilled enough that they would not let you use calligraphy ink for tattooing purposes.

Is Calligraphy Ink Safe for Tattoos?

Is Calligraphy Ink Safe for Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

No, it’s not a safe ink for tattooing. Calligraphy ink can do permanent damage to your skin. The risk of skin damage is too high if you use calligraphy ink instead of tattoo ink. You can ask any professional artist to recommend suitable tattoo ink for your skin.

We advise you to use tattoo inks that follow international standards. 

Is Calligraphy Ink Safe for Stick and Poke Tattoo?

Is Calligraphy Ink Safe for Stick and Poke Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies

Calligraphy ink should not be used for stick and poke. Calligraphy ink’s particle is designed for writing on paper, which causes it to dry swiftly. So using it for stick and poke isn’t a good idea.

If you ever need to stick and poke, you should get some fresh, high-quality tattoo inks that professional artists use. Before getting a tattoo, cleaning the tattoo area with alcohol is a must. You have to ensure the tattooing procedure is hygienic and clean and calligraphy ink is not used for your tattoo; if you or someone else used calligraphy ink for a stick and poke and are wondering how long it will stay on your skin, it will be there for 6 to 10 years.

Is Calligraphy Ink Similar to Tattoo Ink? Does The Ink Work for Tattoos?

Is Calligraphy Ink Similar to Tattoo Ink Does The Ink Work for Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

No, calligraphy ink and tattoo ink are not the same things. These two have different purposes of use.

Calligraphy inks are made with pigmented materials, also the color used in calligraphy ink is derived from finely ground-up solid matter rather than dissolved dyes. The particles of calligraphy ink settle very strongly on the surface. 

Whereas tattoo ink is hygienically made so that it does not have any negative effect on tattoo owners’ skin. Calligraphy ink will make permanent bruises on people’s skin, but the professional artist can modify the ink as the tattoo owner’s choice. 

Although both ink somehow possesses risks for your skin, the risk is much higher if you use calligraphy ink instead of tattoo ink. There is always a risk of infection and allergic reaction if you get a tattoo with tattoo ink, but with proper precaution, the area can heal.

Although calligraphy ink can work for tattoos, it is still highly recommended not to use it.

Is Calligraphy Ink Toxic?

Is Calligraphy Ink - Tattoo Strategies

No, Calligraphy ink is not actually toxic. If you somehow swallow calligraphy ink, you don’t have to worry much about it. Most calligraphy ink is made of animal glue and natural earth pigments, which makes it nontoxic or minimally toxic.

Although not all calligraphy ink is harmful, some are quite poisonous. For example, Iron gall ink is highly filled with Iron. There is a lot of iron in iron gall ink, and too much iron can harm your body. But if you inject calligraphy ink into your bloodstream, you may face the consequences. 

What Kind of Ink Should You Not Use for Tattoos?

What Kind of Ink Should You Not Use for Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

Alcohol Ink

As you are interested in getting a tattoo, you may think about what ink to use. You may think- can you use alcohol ink for tattoos? No, you shouldn’t. Because using alcohol ink is not safe for your body.

Alcohol is made to be used on non-porous surfaces. A non-porous surface means substances that do not let liquid or air pass through. Whereas our skin is a porous surface. This will result in the skin having itching issues, bad allergic reactions, and scars.

Printer Inks

You should not use printer ink. If somehow your skin gets in touch with printer ink, you don’t need to worry about infections or allergic reactions. But that does not mean inserting printer ink deep into your skin is a good idea.

Printer ink contains industrial materials, which are extremely bad for your skin.

So you should not use printer ink for your tattoo.

Fountain pen Ink

Pen ink is not created in a sterile setting and might be contaminated. Pen ink is inexpensive and widely available. However, fountain pen is never made following the standards of using it as tattoo ink. Tattoos made with pen ink risk becoming severely infected, or they might simply scab over and heal, leaving you with no tattoo and scarred skin. 

Some colors you should also avoid

You need to pay attention to colors in addition to the components. Certain tattoo inks are more hazardous than others. To make things easier for you, here are the colors you should avoid:

  • Red: When mercury, cadmium, or iron oxide are present, red frequently triggers allergies. Always use naphthol to obtain red pigment. Choose turmeric or aryl-based colors for yellow clothing.
  • Purple: Specific pigments containing carbazole and dioxane. Never use manganese violet.
  • Green and Blue: Copper phthalocyanine pigment is a reliable option for green and blue colors.

Tattoo inks are made considering the safety of your skin. But sometimes the tattoo ink also contains such materials which might be bad for your skin.

You must avoid inks with Oxides And Carcinogens such as

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Chromium
  • Iron oxides
  • Nickel
  • Ash

Due to its heat-resistant properties, ABS, also known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a well-known component in many colors.

Due to their vibrant colors, these inks are well-liked since they are simple to distinguish from other items. You might enjoy bright colors, but because they have a plastic basis, they are known to provoke allergic responses.

Metal-based Substances

Heavy metals are another component of inks that can cause allergies. Common examples are mercury in red, copper or cobalt in blue, and cadmium sulfate in yellow.


  • Always choose goods from reputable, high-quality manufacturers.
  • To guarantee that you purchase a product of the highest caliber, pay close attention to the ingredient list.
  • To be safe, always choose brands of tattoo ink that are hypoallergenic

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Are you still with us?

To make things easier for you, we have tried to cover all the questions you may have regarding using calligraphy ink for your tattoo and whether calligraphy ink is safe for your skin or not. So, now you’re aware that you should avoid using calligraphy ink for tattoos. Just explore more, and you’ll find the right (and safe!)  ink for your tattoo. Good luck!

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