Is Ivory Soap Good For Tattoos?

Keeping your tattoo looking good may be more challenging than getting it done. And soap is one of the essentials for maintaining your tattoo in top shape. Picking the wrong kind of soap, though, could actually be harmful.

In this type of scenario, you could be questioning if Ivory soaps are good for your tattoo or not.

Ivory soaps are good for your tattoos. Ivory uses 99% pure ingredients in their soaps which makes them ideal for tattooed skin. Furthermore, these soaps also avoid using heavy perfumes and chemicals.

Read on to learn more about using ivory soap on tattoos, the best Ivory soap for tattoos, the ingredients of Ivory soap as well as a buying guide for avoiding the wrong tattoo soap.

Is Ivory Soap Good for Tattoos?

In a nutshell, Ivory soap is good for tattoos. Ivory Soap brand is famous for its purity. And they offer plenty of options to choose from. But unfortunately, not all of the soaps offered by Ivory are good for tattoos. This is because some of them contain perfumes. 

So, the question is why scented Ivory Soap is not good for tattoos?

This is because there’s a possibility for bacteria to infect your tattoo after you’ve used a fragranced product on it. Furthermore, these chemicals also make the tattoo fade faster than usual.

Let’s see some of the soaps from Ivory and whether they are scented or unscented.

Ivory Clean Body Wash Yes
Ivory Milk & Honey Body WashNo
Ivory Coconut Body WashNo
Ivory Aloe Scent Gentle Bar SoapNo 
Ivory Original Gentle Bar SoapNo

Which Ivory Soap Works Best on Tattoos?

Ivory Clean Body Wash is the ideal Ivory soap to use on tattooed skin. The fact that it has no added fragrances is this soap’s greatest strength. This means your tattoo will last a lifetime without the risk of being damaged.

Furthermore, the body wash can also act as a moisturizer. It is a good idea to moisturize your tattoo as it will give you a more colorful, longer-lasting tattoo. And that’s why you can confidently call this cleanser the ideal option for tattoo aftercare.

Ingredients of Ivory Clean Body Wash

To determine whether soap is good for tattoos or not it is important to understand its ingredients. Let’s see the ingredients of Ivory soap and their functions.

Sodium Laureth SulfateSurfactant/​cleansing, Emulsifying
Cocamidopropyl BetaineSurfactant/​cleansing, Viscosity Controlling
Glycol DistearateEmollient, Emulsifying, Viscosity Controlling
Sodium CitrateChelating, Buffering
Sodium ChlorideViscosity Controlling
Sodium BenzoatePreservative
Citric AcidBuffering
Disodium EDTAChelating

Dove or Ivory Soap; Which Is Better for Tattoo?

Another soap that can be considered as an option for cleaning tattoos is Dove soap. Then you might think which is the better choice among the soaps?

Before discussing which one is better let’s see a brief comparison of these two soaps.

SoapUnscentedMoisturizing QualityAntibacterial properties

So, it is clear that both of these soaps are quite similar. But Dove soap, thanks to its unique moisturizing formula, gives better moisturizing to the skin. As we have already mentioned, moisturizing tattoos is an important routine to ensure the tattoo’s longevity.

And for this reason, we believe that Dove soap is superior to Ivory soap in terms of taking care of tattoos. But this does not mean Ivory soap is not good for tattoos.

Buying Guide: Which Soaps to Avoid for Tattoos?

Using inappropriate soap on your tattoo can cause damage. That’s why we made this handy buying guide, so you can avoid soaps that are bad for your tattoo.

Using synthetic chemicals in soap.

The harsh artificial elements in many market soaps might be harmful to your tattoo. If you want to take care of your tattoo properly, you should use only the best tattoo soap, which should be as all-natural as possible.

Soaps with Scents.

Many people find that the chemicals in scented soaps irritate and damage their new tattoos, and seasoned tattoos are damaged by the same chemicals. This is why you shouldn’t use scented soaps under any circumstances.

Take into account that some persons may be resistant to certain drugs because of their tattoos.

Products with Colored Dyes.

Soap’s potential to irritate the skin is exacerbated by the use of artificial colors. However, this is not only dependent on the individual, but also on the chemical in question.

Alcohol-Based Soaps.

As a final note, stay away from soaps that include ethanol. Alcohol has been shown to reduce healing time, and cause itching, dryness, cracking, even rashing in a new tattoo, and so on.


What are the selling points of Ivory soap?

The two main selling advantages of Ivory brand soap are that it is incredibly pure (99.44% pure) and that it floats, making it preferable to all other types of soap because you don’t have to grope around on the bottom of the bath to get it.

Does Ivory Soap Fade Tattoo?

No, Ivory soap does not fade tattoos. Only the soaps that contain heavy perfumes or chemicals pose a threat to fading the tattoo. Ivory claims that all of its products are free from dyes and heavy perfumes.

Which company makes Ivory soap?

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) launched the Ivory personal care brand, which is known for its signature white, mildly scented bar soap that supposedly never sinks in water.

Do pores get clogged up using Ivory soap?

Yes. The layer of dead skin on top of your epidermis is exposed as soon as you use Ivory soap. Using Ivory is similar to directing a powerful spotlight directly at the dead skin cells blocking your pores.

Closing Words

Thank you for making it this far. If you want to keep your tattoo looking great, you need to be careful while selecting a soap to use on it.

Ivory soap is a fantastic option for people who have tattoos, but you should always examine the substances of the products you use on tattoos. Lastly, before putting anything on your skin, it’s better to talk to a dermatologist.

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