Is Dial Soap Okay For Tattoos?

The most important thing to do after getting a tattoo is to select a soap for the tattoo healing procedure. Dial soap is top-rated among people as it has some good ingredients as well as being affordable. But the question is, “can you use dial soap on a tattoo?”

The answer is yes. The dial has some wonderful soaps in its collections, and most of them are suitable for tattoos. Particularly Complete and Antibacterial soaps. The Gold Soap from Dial is also a good option, but this can cause irritation in some skin types.

Understanding whether Dial soaps are good for your tattoo will help you to make the right decision and make the healing process for your tattoo smoother.

Is Dial Soap Okay For Tattoos?

Yes, a tattoo can be cleaned with normal Dial soap. The reason the Dial soaps are a trendy choice for tattoo artists is that it’s inexpensive and convenient as well as is available in both a bar and a liquid form. But, the most important thing you need to know is that Dial tattoo soap is available in both scented and unscented varieties. Generally speaking, you ought to select fragrance-free products. This is because they are best suited for usage on tattoos.

Is Dial Soap Okay For Tattoos?

In addition, you must constantly use your hand to rub the soap over your skin. Furthermore, use your hands to wash the tattoo rather than a sponge or loofah. By taking these safety measures, you may prevent your tattoo from being ruined by Dial soap. Look at the popular Dial Soaps that are considered good for tattoos.

NameUnscented Antibacterial
Dial Complete SoapYesYes
Dial Gold SoapNoYes
Dial Antibacterial Hand SoapYesYes

Which Dial Soap Works Best on Tattoos?

Which Dial Soap Works Best on Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

You may find a variety of Dial tattoo soap on the market. The Dial Complete product, however, is the most suitable for all requirements. The fact that this kind of soap lacks scents is its best quality. As a result, you can be certain that your tattoo will always be secure.

Additionally, Dial Complete is antiseptic and helps accelerate the healing of your fresh tattoo. This is one of the explanations for why so many tattoo artists suggest using this Dial soap as aftercare. It’s also important to mention that this soap is appropriate for those with sensitive skin. Along with the Complete Soap, the Antibacterial Soap from Dial has similar properties. This soap is also unscented and has antibacterial properties.

And for this reason, this soap, along with the Complete soap, can be considered the best soap for tattoo aftercare. So, if you were thinking, “is dial antibacterial soap good for tattoos?”, you can rest easy and pick any of these two soaps.

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Does Gold Dial Soap Work Well With Tattoos?

Does Gold Dial Soap Work Well With Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

Another popular product of Dial is its Gold Soap. But unlike the Complete Soap, the Gold is slightly scented. So the question that you might ask is, “is dial gold good for tattoos?” The answer is that while it is good for tattoos, it is not suitable for everyone.

Due to its adaptability, Gold Dial tattoo soap is regarded as an all-rounder in the field.

For new tattoo aftercare, a lot of artists suggest using this product. This soap’s antibacterial properties are a crucial element that increases its charm.

The product can effectively hydrate your skin and assist in tattoo healing. You should also be aware that those with sensitive skin should avoid using this Dial tattoo soap. This is because the product’s fragrance may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Of course, if you don’t have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t worry too much. This is so that Dial Gold won’t irritate skin and won’t contain any dangerous ingredients. So you may confidently and easily apply it to your ink.

What to Look For When Buying Soap For Your Tattoo?

What to Look For When Buying Soap For Your Tattoo - Tattoo Strategies

There are many options if you plan to buy soap for your new tattoo. But not all soaps are suitable for your skin. To make the right purchase, you need to look for the following four things.

Use Soaps with Natural Ingredients

You should try to select something as natural as possible while looking for a high-quality antiseptic tattoo soap for your fresh tattoo. Many of the soaps sold in stores are too rough for your tattoo because they contain a lot of synthetic substances.

Pick Unscented Soaps

Since many of these ingredients are known to irritate many new tattoo owners, you should opt for a tattoo soap that is fragrance-free. However, remember that each individual reacts differently, and some people’s tattoos won’t even be affected by certain chemicals.

Avoid Pigmented Products

Another factor contributing to soap-induced skin irritation is artificial coloring. However, it differs according to the particular chemical supplied as well as the individual.

Avoid Alcohol-Based Soaps

Finally, stay away from any alcohol-containing soaps. Alcohol will be quite rough on your new tattoo, and it will undoubtedly cause the skin to dry out excessively, which could cause itching, dry/cracked skin, rashing, and a delay in the healing process.


Do Tattoos Fade With Soap?

If you use harsh chemicals on a healing tattoo, it can fade more quickly than typical.
This includes aromatic soap. Additionally, the ink may fade if you repeatedly wash your tattoo or bathe it in hot bath water during healing. 
Use warm water and a light, aromatic soap like Dial Gold, and delicately wash your tattoo with your hands twice a day to prevent discoloration and preserve its beauty.

Should I Only Use Unscented Soap on Tattoos?

Perfume-infused soaps, such as those made of alcohol, can wear out or scorch your skin. The skin has to be hydrated as a tattoo heals. While the fragrances in the soap might not typically irritate your skin, newly tattooed skin is particularly sensitive and requires special care. 
This is because your tattoo is basically like a wound. And the scented soap contains chemicals that can make the healing process worse. For this reason, almost all tattoo artists suggest using unscented soaps for tattoo aftercare.

Do I Need to Wash My Tattoo with Soaps Daily?

At least once every day, you must wash your fresh tattoo. Washing it more than twice a day increases the danger of burning out or damaging the skin. During the first four weeks following your tattoo, we advise cleaning your tattoo once in the morning and once at night.
Additionally, you should probably avoid the gym or other strenuous exercise during the initial four weeks following your tattoo appointment to avoid overheating. When you sweat a lot, you may need to wash more and run the risk of getting sick.
The majority of tattoos will be fully healed by the end of the initial four-week treatment. Then you can resume your regular hygiene routine.


Thank you for making it this far. You should always be careful during the initial few weeks after getting the tattoo, as it will be vulnerable.

Dial soap is a great choice for tattoo owners but make sure you check the ingredients of the products you will use on the tattoo. Avoid using unscented soaps if you’re sensitive to fragrance. Above all, it’s best to consult a dermatologist before applying anything to your skin.

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