Why Does Lubriderm Burn My Tattoo?

For newly done tattoos, the aftercare routine is the most crucial part of your tattoo journey. In this phase, you may use different kinds of lotions and aftercare products to speed up the healing process. 

If you’re using Lubriderm and ask ‘why does Lubriderm burn my tattoo?’ Here’s your answer.

Lubriderm has emollient-specific ingredients, which provide moisturizing and hydrating effects on your skin. If your skin is not suitable for the product, chances are you’ll face burning, stinging, irritation, and redness because of allergic reactions.

This article will give you the reasons why your skin may burn after applying Lubriderm to the best aftercare lotions you can use. Stay tuned to know more.

Why Does Lubriderm Burn My Tattoo?

Usually, Lubriderm is a good aftercare lotion for new tattoos. But there are instances when applying Lubriderm that may result in burning in the tattooed area.

The burning sensation you may feel after applying Lubriderm may be because of a mild allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is harmful to both the skin and the tattoo. Your tattoo may even be disfigured because of an allergic reaction. If your skin starts burning after applying Lubriderm, it’s a must to contact a doctor or your tattoo artist.

Usually, after getting a new tattoo, your tattooed area may be a bit warm. The warmth is good because it means the healing procedure is going on properly. But burning is quite dangerous for your skin.

What to Do If Lubriderm Burns My Tattoo?

You first need to understand how much time the burning stays on your skin. The fact is, it’s quite normal to have a little burning sensation after applying a lotion to the skin. So, it’s nothing to worry about if you feel the burn for a few minutes.

But, if the burning does not go away 1 hour after applying Lubriderm, and you see rashes on your skin, that means you have an infection and as soon as possible you need to cure that.

Make sure you

  • Don’t use ice directly to feel comfortable when the tattoo burns. Rather, use a cool, wet compress.
  • If there’s any jewelry or clothing that makes the affected area irritating, remove it as soon as possible.
  • You can wrap (loosely) a sterile gauze bandage over the burn; it helps feel better.
  • Don’t pop any blisters that may be formed.

With burning sensations and rashes, you may occasionally have a fever if you have an infection on the tattooed area.

Consult a doctor as soon as possible and follow the procedure the doctors advise you to do. Different people have different textures of skin. So proper professional help is needed to cure your tattooed area.

Can I use Lubriderm Daily Moisture on my tattoo?

Yes, generally, lotions are quite safe for your skin. But not all people have the same skin and not all people have the same ability to handle every component of lotions. If you have sensitive skin, get professional help before picking a moisturizer.

Users of Lubriderm should be aware of any potential negative effects. As of now, we’ve observed that Lubriderm should only be used carefully. The lotion shouldn’t be used close to the lips, nose, groin, or eyes.

Since Lubriderm includes emollient-specific chemicals, which give it a moisturizing and hydrating effect, it’s good for normal skin. Although extremely unusual, if you have ever had one of these side effects after taking Lubriderm, you should steer clear of doing so in the future.

Additionally, if you get allergic responses like rash, itching, swelling (particularly of the face and mouth), dizziness, and difficulty breathing after using Lubriderm, avoid using it further.

Is It Normal To Burn While Applying Lotions?

Yes. For the first few hours, your new tattoo will be covered by a bandage; after that, it will be treated as an open wound. You may experience redness, seeping, mild inflammation or swelling, a burning feeling, or other signs of your body reacting to the injury.

A normal burning sensation will last around an hour or less after applying a lotion.

So, if you feel any burning sensation, your immune system works properly. Your body is going through a healing process by repairing the damaged skin cells. But it shouldn’t be a life-ending experience. In that case, you should seek medical help.

What Lotions To Apply On A New Tattoo

Here are some of the tattoo aftercare lotions recommended by the experts

Product NameReasons To Buy
Aquaphor Healing OintmentWater is free and makes way for the flow of oxygen.
A+D First Aid Ointment Skin Protectant with Vitamin A&D 1.50 ozHelps soothe minor cuts and burns
Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective CreamHelps wounded and complex skin. 
Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body LotionHelps to add lost moisture back into the skin
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisturizer Body LotionTriple skin hydration


Frequently Asked Questions

Can lotion mess up a tattoo?

Although your tattoo will periodically dry out since it is an open wound, do not over-moisturize it to prevent this. Your skin might break if you moisturize it too much or too little. You may prevent this type of scabbing by cleansing and hydrating your tattoo properly.

What happens if you put too much lotion on your tattoo?

If your tattoo is glossy, slick, or runny, there is too much stuff on it; dab more of it off. Too much lotion or ointment might liquefy any scabs that have developed, suffocate the tattoo, and cause the ink to flake out and appear blotchy. No more bandaging of the tattoo is required.

Is vaseline good for tattoos?

The worst product to use for tattoo aftercare is Vaseline. Petroleum jelly retains moisture and germs. As a result, your tattoo doesn’t get enough air while it heals. Which can cause infections and scars. If your skin is dry, you might be able to apply Vaseline to old tattoos.

Final Words:

The healing process of your newly done tattoo is the most sensitive phase. Using the right products and lotions is extremely important. So if using lubriderm burns your skin, you should opt for another lotion, with a doctor’s recommendation. Good luck!

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