What’s The Meaning of A Train Tattoo?

A train reeks nostalgia for some and for others, it is an exotic object. Since the inception of the modern age, trains have fascinated peoples and has a cult following to them. This ‘locomotive love’ has now taken the tattoo industry by storm. But, what is the meaning of a trained tattoo? Is it just a train or does it has a deeper meaning to it?

The train tattoo is associated with mobility and transitoriness. The tattoo signifies that nothing is permanent and we all are on a journey, be it a personal one or a spiritual one. The tattoo is also used to remember a loved one who loved these locomotives with all their mechanical beauty.

In this article, we will discuss different meanings ascribed to this tattoo design. We will also discuss the different art-style and placements regarding the tattoo. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

The Meaning Of a Train Tattoo

A train tattoo can mean many things, it can be symbolic of the journey of life. It can also indicate mobility or transitoriness. It can also hold significance as the memory of a loved person. It can also mean certain other things such as-


Train tattoos are closely associated as the symbol of mobility in one’s life. It acts as a prompt indication of phases of life and the changes one must endure, it symbolizes that one must push through whatever comes in life, always moving forward.

A train tattoo acts as a reminder of the changes that come in life and signifies that with changes come the mobility that one must face in life.


Like a good train journey, the life of a person is not permanent, it must come to an end at a certain point. Human life must succumb to the ultimate conclusion of decay.

A tattoo of a train can remind someone about the sense of fleeting moments. It can act as a symbol of the transitoriness of human life and its inevitable rush towards the end and beyond.


The tattoo can act as a symbol of a journey. It can mean the journey of life through which one must reach their destiny, or it can be reminiscent of a remarkable journey that the tattoo holder once had at some point in their life.

Either way, both can mean a great deal and show a lot about their holder’s personality. And both can have a great deal of significance in their holder’s life.

Remembering a Loved One

The tattoo of a train can be used to remember a loved one. We’ve all met a person who loves or is passionate about trains, or loves to travel in trains.

Train tattoos can be used as a reminder of that person. Or it can be a fun way of adding a loved person’s name on your body on top of the train to make it more meaningful and stylish. It can also act as a reminder of a train journey that the holder has had with their loved one. Either way, train tattoos can act as a memory of that person that you carry with you.

Different Styles Of Train Tattoos

The tattoo of a train can come in different shapes and sizes, which can introduce different styles and patterns. It can be drawn as a realistic model to show off its mechanical glory, or it can be drawn as a silly cartoonish figure to be reminiscent of a long-lost childhood.

It can also be drawn as an abstract figure to demonstrate its holder’s creativity.


A realistic model of a train looks quite stylish in tattoo form although it takes a lot of time to get the intricate details correctly. But once it’s done, the design and the mechanical details look really gorgeous.

To mimic the real patterns, original designs or models of a train can be used. Painting of original trains is also often used to create this kind of design.


A cartoonish design can go many ways. If you look back to your childhood, you have probably watched Thomas the train or any other character or train that was present on a TV show.

You can use that as a reference, or you can have fun and be creative with it. Either way, it shows the cheerful, free-spirited nature of its holder’s character. It also looks cool and stylish as a design.


Abstract figures of trains can come in different forms, shapes, and sizes.

In all honesty, the abstract design of a train can be tricky to pull off. But if it is done properly, it looks wonderful and displays its owner’s creativity. Some designs look astonishing and aesthetically pleasing in a tattoo form, and some are really difficult to draw on the skin. One must research cautiously before randomly choosing an abstract design.

Size and Placement of The Train Tattoos

Train tattoos come in many different sizes and shapes. The fact that these vehicles are large does not mean their image on the body has to cover a large amount of your skin. 

There are small structures that will not take as much space but look just as beautiful.

But if you choose to have a large tattoo with an intricate design, it is recommended to put a such tattoo on more visible parts of the body, such as the calves, thighs, and arms of the back.

These places have a large amount of surface area, and the details of a train will look good if it’s placed there, otherwise it will not look as beautiful.

It will not look as beautiful if you choose to put it on small, closed surfaces, and the details will not look good If you choose to put it in areas like hands, knees, or shoulders, and the design also becomes harder to pull off.

Final Words

We think now you know the meaning behind a train tattoo and what things it signifies.

A Tattoo of a train is a representation of non-permanence and acts as an opposition against staticity. The idea of a long-awaited or long-need journey is also represented with this idea. The tattoo is also a way to give a tribute to a loved one who were enthralled by this fascinating work of mechanical beauty.

Whether it is the symbol of transience or symbolic of the journey of life, there is no denying that a train tattoo has intrigued people for generations, and rightfully so. The nostalgic feeling that comes with a train journey has made it a unique object to be cherished.

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