What Glue Is Used For Glitter Tattoos?

Many parents make glitter tattoos on their children’s bodies as a favorite and fun family pastime. Teenagers also love it because it is easy, temporary, and beautiful. But there is a concern about the safety of glue used for this purpose. Which one is safe?

The body-safe adhesive is the one and only adhesive you should use to make glitter tattoos. Its other names are body art glue and glitter tattoo glue. Several brands manufacture this product. You have to check they are skin-friendly before buying.

The other concerns involve the application and results provided by the glue. I will discuss all of them as elaboratively as necessary.

What Glue Is Used For Glitter Tattoos?

What Glue Can I Use For Glitter Tattoos?

What Glue Can I Use For Glitter Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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The answer is body art glue. Most brands offer glitter glue art. But do not mistake them for Elmer’s glue because body art glue feels and looks a lot like that when wet.

The largest manufacturer to make glitter tattoo glue is ProsAid. It sells the product under multiple brands like Glimmer, Ybody, Art Factory, Amerikan Body Art, etc. ProsAid, a medical-grade adhesive, is skin-friendly.

You will also find different adhesives of other brands, which are water-based or acrylate-based. They are not that sticky and are vulnerable to water. However, you can still use them as they are not harmful to your skin.

Is Body Art Glue Really Safe?

Is Body Art Glue Really Safe - Tattoo Strategies
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Yes. It is safe when you use it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The brands produce it especially for applying it to your skin. Besides, it is also hypoallergenic. So safety should be your least of the concerns here.

However, it is best not to use the ProsAid glue on your face since the removal process is painful and requires extra alcohol and scrubbing. If you want to make a face tattoo, you can use acrylate- or water-based adhesives.

How To Apply The Body Art Glue?

How To Apply The Body Art Glue

First, you have to peel off the stencil’s backing paper, lay down the glitter stencil, and firmly press it against your skin. Then apply some body adhesive. Do not make the layer thick.

Now, wait for it to dry and become clear. If you do not do that, it may smudge the design when you remove the residual glitter. Once it dries completely, you can apply your glitter using a brush. Always get yourself cosmetic-grade glitter. Using craft glitter can hurt your skin and also damage your eyes if they catch some of it.

How Long Does Body Art Glue Last?

How Long Does Body Art Glue Last - Tattoo Strategies
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It can last from 1 day to 1 week, depending on the application and maintenance.

About the application part, you can ensure the best of it by washing your skin using alcohol to rinse any dirt or oil. It will help the glue sit tighter. Once the application is complete, you can take good care of your tattoo by avoiding water, sweating, rubbing, and friction to delay the fading. Though glitter tattoos are sweat- and water-proof, long exposures to them can cause the glue to wear off faster.

How Can I Remove The Glitter Tattoo Glue?

How Can I Remove The Glitter Tattoo Glue - Tattoo Strategies

You can remove the glitter tattoo glue using alcohol since it splits it faster.

If you do not have alcohol, baby lotion or oil can be a good alternative. Put some oil on the glue area to soak it. Wait for several minutes before using a soft sponge to remove it slowly with some soap. The longer the tattoo has been there, the easier the removal will be.

What Can I Do To Make The Glue Last Longer?

What Can I Do To Make The Glue Last Longer - Tattoo Strategies
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You can store the glue somewhere that does not get excessive cold or heat. The cold will freeze it, making it rubber-like.

If it gets thicker than usual, do not put alcohol or water on it. It will only spoil the glue. Do not let sunlight access it. Also, always keep it capped after each use so that it does not dry out. Doing these will help the glue last longer by holding its stickiness.

Can I Make Body Art Glue For Glitter Tattoos?

Can I Make Body Art Glue For Glitter Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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The short answer is no. But technically, you can, provided that you have a medical degree and a laboratory. That is because body art glue must be cosmetic- and medical-grade, as it will stick to your skin for days.

Using homemade components can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Since safety is a sensitive concern, it is wise to buy it instead of making it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Elmer’s Glue For Glitter Tattoos?

No, you cannot use Elmer’s Glue because it is not a skin-safe adhesive.

It is not toxic, but that only means you will not die or suffer from something severe by ingesting it. It is still not skin-friendly. Hence, you cannot use it for your glitter tattoo.

Additionally, the glue is not that sticky and can trigger allergies. So there are no upsides to using it. The only product you can use safely is a skin adhesive.

Is Craft Glitter Usable For Glitter Tattoo Glue?

No. Craft glitter consists of metal and pigments unsafe for the skin. It also does not have the same quality as cosmetic glitter. Moreover, it has tiny fragments that will cause problems if they get in your eyes.

Can You Use Vaseline For Glitter Tattoos?

Vaseline is okay, especially for face tattoos. As I said earlier, removing body glue from your face can be painful. Vaseline can be a pretty effective option in that case. You will not have to struggle to remove the glitter.

Final Words

You will see a number of alternatives to body art glue on the internet. But be careful of what you find there. If it is not a body-safe adhesive, you should steer clear of it, no matter how convincing it looks.

Furthermore, remember to use the glitter tattoo glue as per the instructions. Otherwise, there may be consequences. Then store the glue somewhere at a moderate temperature and take care of your tattoo to sustain them.

Best of luck getting glitter tattooed!

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