What Is An Eraser Tattoo?

A survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that 33% of American adults have tattoos (1) and 21% have multiple ones adorning their bodies. We always keep searching for new ways to define our identity in the modern age. A tattoo can be a great way to impose a sense of individuality. So, tattoos are a hot trend right now.

The craving for an undisguised self-identity is at its peak in the rebellious years of our youth. But, underage tattooing is strictly prohibited by federal and state laws. So, teenagers often resort to getting eraser tattoos.

What is an eraser tattoo? We will try to explain this in the following few paragraphs.

What Is An Eraser Tattoo?

What Is An Eraser Tattoo?

Eraser tattoos are tattoos that people draw on their bodies by rubbing a pencil eraser on their skin. They keep on rubbing the rubber across the skin until the skin turns red and forms the desired shape. Because of applying pressure for a prolonged period, the marks stay on and serve as an inkless tattoo.

Why Do People Get Eraser Tattoos?

Why Do People Get Eraser Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

Those who don’t have access to traditional tattooing usually go for eraser tattoos. There are restrictions on minors getting tattoos in the US. Some states don’t allow anyone below a certain age to get tattoos.

In most states, the minimum age for tattooing is 18. In some states, like Florida (16) and Idaho (14), the age barrier is lower.

We mostly see teenagers getting these tattoos as they feel it helps them easier to make an impression on others. Besides peer pressure, some kids might also try getting eraser tattoos out of curiosity.

We must also keep in mind that eraser tattoos are not always voluntary. Sometimes bullies might forcibly draw eraser tattoos on others as a sign of intimidation.

So, if you notice eraser tattoo marks on your children, find out where they got them. Leaving skin marks on others without consent is a punishable offense. Inform the school authorities immediately if you learn that your children were victims of forceful eraser tattooing. Encourage your kids to speak out against intimidation.

Are Eraser Tattoos Harmful?

Are Eraser Tattoos Harmful - Tattoo Strategies

Eraser tattoos could leave hypopigmented scars on the skin and become increasingly painful over time. Since no tattooing precautions are taken while drawing eraser tattoos, they are pretty likely to become infected without medical attention.

So, take your child to a dermatologist as soon as you find eraser tattoo marks on them.

How To Get Rid Of Eraser Tattoos?

How To Get Rid Of Eraser Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies

First and foremost, you must disinfect the area with an antibiotic. Then, you can conceal the scar with silicone gel tape. These tapes are quite effective in healing wounds and flattening scars.

You can keep them on for three months and wash them frequently to keep them clean. Take the tape off after three months. The eraser tattoo scars should mostly go away.

Your dermatologist might also recommend taking corticosteroid injections. The doctor will inject corticosteroids through the scarred skin to boost natural skin regeneration in the area.

Corticosteroids should help if you have itching or other discomforts in the tattooed region. Your doctor might prescribe several corticosteroid shots to heal the skin.

Laser therapy has been a popular option for tattoo removal. In most eraser tattoo cases, getting laser therapy would be an overkill. But, if the scars refuse to go away, you might consult an aesthetician and inquire whether or not you should explore laser therapy. It’s not the cheapest procedure to get, so don’t keep this at the top of your list.

Doctors can also push dermal fillers into your skin to level the scarred area. Dermal fillers are viscous substances that are primarily made of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the key elements in our connective tissues. Like laser therapy, this would be an expensive route to take as well. So, make sure to try more cost-effective strategies before resorting to this.

Chemical peels could be a more economical and sensible solution. The chemical formula present in these peels dissolves the damaged skin and stimulates skin generation. Aestheticians can draw up a chemical peel treatment plan for your eraser tattoo scars. After the procedure, your skin should regain its original glamor.

Final Words

Eraser tattoos are the most regrettable forms of tattoos. They barely fulfill the aesthetic purpose of real tattoos, but the aftermath can be quite severe. If left untreated, an eraser tattoo mark can get infected and lead to further complications.

So, if you have ever had the idea of getting an eraser tattoo, especially after reading the Jason Reynolds short story ‘’Eraser Tattoo’’, scrap it. Eraser tattoos appear to be a pretty romantic gesture in pages of fiction, but in reality, they will give you nothing but agony.


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