Can You Sleep While Getting A Tattoo?

While the end product of tattooing can be beautiful, the process itself certainly isn’t. Tattooing can be pretty painful at times. So, if you are about to get your first tattoo, it’s quite normal to feel nervous. Is there a way, however, to not experience the pain?

Can they put you to sleep for a tattoo using anesthesia?

Can You Sleep While Getting A Tattoo?

Can You Sleep While Getting A Tattoo?

Once you get used to the tattooing sensation, you might doze off while the artist draws on your skin. There are no steadfast rules that discourage this. However, many practitioners advise against sleeping off during tattoo sessions.

When we fall asleep, we don’t have control over our bodies. The sudden movement of limbs can disrupt the work of the tattoo artist.

So, it’s better to walk into the tattoo salon after a good night of sleep. You must stay relaxed during the session. If your body muscles remain calm, it makes it easier for the tattoo artist to draw the tattoo on your skin. Some artists can allow you to sleep for short spells, but they will wake you up if you move too much.

Another possible downside of sleeping off while getting a tattoo is the unpredictable reaction after waking up. If you can’t instantly remember what you were doing before sleep, you might act startled and jump out of the tattoo chair. This would not only ruin the design but could also lead to severe injuries. So, we recommend staying awake when you get a new tattoo.

Can You Get Put To Sleep For A Tattoo?

Can you ask your tattooist to put you to sleep using an anesthetic before the procedure? No, because federal and state laws heavily regulate anesthetics and only trained professionals can administer them. An anesthetics expert typically comes from a medical background and is highly unlikely to work in a tattoo parlor.

Can You Get Put To Sleep For A Tattoo?

Anesthesia can have potentially life-threatening side effects. So, medical practitioners don’t use it unless it’s 100% essential. Remember, tattoo artists are not doctors, so they can’t administer anesthesia. If any parlor offers to put you to sleep while getting a tattoo, we have only one piece of advice for you. Skedaddle!

Final Words

Try not to fall asleep during a tattoo session. Try other ways to keep yourself calm, like tuning into your favorite podcast or reading a book. You must stay idle as much as possible to help the artists do their job properly. Also, don’t use anesthetics for a tattoo session under any circumstances.

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