Can You Use Vitamin E Oil On A New Tattoo?

It is amusing how much knowledge a perfect tattoo outcome requires. You come across a moisturizer and ponder if it will harm your tattooed skin. You go to a super shop and immediately immerse yourself in the thoughts of finding the best tattoo aftercare products – under which category Vitamin E oil falls.

You can use Vitamin E oil on a new tattoo to benefit from its natural antioxidant characteristics. It keeps the skin hydrated, prevents skin irritation, and helps the tattoo color come out.

Find the rest of the article below to learn more about the benefits and application process.

Why Is It Good To Use Vitamin E Oil On A New Tattoo?

A new and fresh tattoo is like a wound on your skin because the needles penetrate your epidermis layer to put ink into your dermis layers.

So, during the healing period, the tattoo needs proper aftercare to regenerate cells and minimize skin irritation and inflammation. Vitamin E oil contributes to that in the following ways.

Protecting The Skin From Dehydration And Irritation

There are lipid fats in the skin whose job is to maintain moisture. Vitamin E assists in preserving them. When you apply some oil to your tattoo, it will create a blockage to lock in the moisture and maintain your tattoo whenever it needs. Vitamin E also calms skin discomfort caused by eczema. So, when your tattoo becomes itchy and flaky during recovery, using some oil will soothe it.

Long-Lasting Performance

You will not have to reapply Vitamin E daily. Once a day is enough. Overusing could lead to pore-clogging problems, so keep it to a specific quantity.

Helping The Tattoo Color Come Out

Rapid blood circulation speeds up the cell regeneration process and removes additional ink deposited in the dermis. Vitamin E oil boosts that circulation to ensure healthy tattoo healing. You can use it on an old tattoo too. It will enhance the vibrance and deepness of the colors.

Antioxidant Properties

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties to prevent cell damage as your new tattoo steps into healing. It will provide excellent results in securing a decent recovery without any risks of scarring. Additionally, it will refrain the free radicals (they exist independently and react to your internal system) from causing complexities in the healing phase.

UV Protection

UV rays can cause severe damage to tattoos, and Vitamin E can effectively help you fight it with its UV protection characteristics. It will form a layer on your skin to shield it from the rays.

You can use it on both new and old tattoos. However, know that the protection is not that strong. It is better to put on sunscreen to ensure higher safety.

When And How Can I Use Vitamin E Oil On My New Tattoo?

You should follow some instructions to make a routine of using Vitamin E oil on your new tattoo.

  • If you use too much oil, it will clog your pores. While looking for it in the market, see if you can find one with the ‘non-comedogenic’ label.
  • Another thing to check is that the oil has to be 100% pure with no additives. If it has a scent, it can cause burns.
  • Wear something loose and comfortable, bearing in mind that the oil can leave stains on your dress.
  • Some people suffer from allergic reactions after using the oil. So it is best to do a patch test for 48 hours before applying it to your tattoo.
  • The routine is pretty simple. Put some oil in the morning after the first wash. Continue it until the healing is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I start using the oil after getting my tattoo? 

The recommended time is when your tattoo finishes weeping, which occurs within the first couple of days of getting tattooed. It cleanses the tattoo of excess plasma, blood, and ink during this period.

2. When should I stop applying it?

You should stop applying it if there are oversaturation and weird scabbing. Also, if you have breakouts, take a break. That is an indication that you have been overapplying oil.

3. Can I use Vitamin E cream instead of oil?

Yes, you can. Both have the same properties and provide the same results.

Final Words

It will be a thoughtful choice to make Vitamin E oil a part of your aftercare treatment. It is one of the best products to heal a new tattoo, thanks to its scar-minimizing and antioxidant properties. But a patch test is mandatory beforehand. If you experience any reaction, do not use it on your tattoo. It could distort the tattoo ink and complicate the healing.

That would be all from here. Thank you for reading!

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