Does Witch Hazel Fade Tattoos?

Witch hazel, a water solution consisting of leaves and twigs of the hamamelis plants, has a general use as a skin soother. If one faces any skin issue like pain, inflammation, and itching, one can use it to alleviate the discomfort. However, when it involves tattoos, they often wonder whether it plays a role in fading tattoos.

But no. Witch hazel does not fade tattoos. Instead, it acts as an organic and effective astringent for your tattoo. Putting it on your skin will relieve it of potential irritations you might experience after getting a stick and poke tattoo.

People sometimes misconceive that witch hazel may harm their tattoos when it provides benefits during different phases of tattooing. I will point them out after giving you a brief intro to witch hazel.

The Origin Of Witch Hazel

The Origin Of Witch Hazel - Tattoo Strategies
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The origin of Witch Hazel, AKA Hamamelis Virginiana, is in North America. Local Americans and Europeans were the first to explore the medical characteristics of this plant.

It is most commonly applied to treat inflammations, hemorrhages, and hemorrhoids. Many manufacturing companies grow it to produce its water solution for skin problems, which is how it found its way to tattooing.

How Is Witch Hazel Used In Tattooing?

How Is Witch Hazel Used In Tattooing - Tattoo Strategies
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During The Initial Stage Of Healing

When taking off the bandage of your tattoo, you will see that the tattooed part is discharging pigment and plasma. It is how your body tries to mend itself. You have to take care of the tattoo by first washing it gently with antibacterial and unscented soap. After drying the area, you can use some witch hazel on it and let it air dry. You should follow the routine twice daily.

Besides, if you carry out some tiring physical activity or expose your tattoo to harmful bacteria and contaminants, you will need to redo the drill.

The key usefulness of witch hazel is that it will protect your skin from swelling, redness, and infection. You can also use the substance instantly after getting your stick and poke tattoo and before applying a wrap and an ointment to calm the area.

During The Intermediary Stage Of Healing

People consider it the worst stage of healing because this is where you experience lots of itching. It will become incredibly hard to avoid picking at them, but you must not do so to keep your tattoo intact. Your skin will become very flaky and dry. You can control the itching by applying Witch Hazel, ice packs, and a thin layer of moisturizer.

Again, witch hazel will calm your skin, placating the irritation. 

Is Witch Hazel Good For Tattoos?

Is Witch Hazel Good For Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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Yes. As you have just read, it helps with your healing problems. Your skin is likely to undergo some changes after you get a tattoo. But if you let them affect your skin, it will alter your tattoo outcome.  The only way to stop that is to take regular and proper skincare during recovery. That is where witch hazel assists you in maintaining your tattoo.

So, yes. Witch hazel is good for tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does witch hazel have anything to do with tattoo inks? 

Previously, tattooists used to apply it to dilute tattoo inks because they were not water-based in the beginning. However, since the industry has developed a lot recently, and inks are now safer with fewer harmful elements, the use of witch hazel has decreased for that purpose.

Is there anything to consider before buying witch hazel water for tattoo aftercare?

Yes. If you want to buy witch hazel water for taking care of your stick and poke tattoo, make sure it is alcohol-free and scentless. Moreover, you can purchase disposable witch hazel wipes as an alternative way.

Final Words

If you were one of those with the misconception about witch hazel fading tattoos, I hope it is long gone into oblivion now. If anything, it can actually help you with your tattoo healing and skin malaise.

But remember to buy an alcohol-free and unscented solution. Otherwise, events might take an unfavorable turn. And, of course, apply it regularly as per the rules.

That is all from here. Thanks for reading!

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