How To Remove Second Skin From Tattoo?

Second skin is a great way to heal your tattoo. Because it protects your skin from any unwanted harm by having a layer of protection over your tattooed skin. But it is important to know how to use it properly. After using it you must know the right way of removing second skin from the tattoo.

It’s a step-by-step process where you have to carefully Peel off a bandage edge. If it’s sticky, take a warm shower. Pull gently. Removing plaster is comparable. Pulling too fast hurts. You might injure the new skin below. Just go gently. After removing the bandage, clean and moisturize your tattoo.

Stick with this article as it will provide you with a detailed guide about removing the second skin from your tattoo in the right way. It also covers information like how long to keep the second skin and other questions related to the topic.

How To Remove Second Skin From Tattoo?

How Does Second Skin Work?

Your new tattoo will be as safe as if it were covered by a second skin. You may start healing the underlying injury while this bandage is still on.

A second skin works rapidly to cover your tattoo with a thick layer of skin for protection. This means that after you remove the fake skin, a natural layer of skin will have developed over the tattoo to keep it safe.

The fake skin protects your tattoo while it’s still healing by acting as a barrier between the tattoo and harmful microorganisms. They eliminate excess moisture vapor, which may impede the healing process, and enable oxygen to reach your tattoo.

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How Long Should You Keep Your Second Skin?

The length of time you wear a second skin depends on how you feel about it. After three or four days, the majority of individuals take it off.

However, you shouldn’t keep the same bandage on for more than seven days; after that, you need to take it off to clean your tattoo. In other words, second skins are fantastic but won’t perform miracles. They don’t hold up as well in mobile parts as they do in stationary ones.

How To Remove Second Skin From Tattoo

You need to follow these simple steps to ensure that you correctly remove the second skin from your tattoo:

  • Lift a corner or edge of the Second Skin and remove the film carefully. Keep your skin firm as you draw the film back and across it, rather than away from it.
  • To remove any residual plasma, blood, or pus, wash the tattoo area carefully with lukewarm water and fragrance-free soap. Please don’t use a washcloth or anything rough on the surface. In this situation, your hand is your most useful instrument.
  • Having flowing plasma under your skin means your tattoo is sticky and slippery (this is totally normal). When plasma dries on the skin, it forms large scabs, thus it’s important to remove as much as possible without causing more damage.
  • To determine the appropriate size for your new second skin bandage, measure the area that needs attention. If the tattoo is too big for a single piece, use several pieces that overlap by at least an inch. Always add an additional inch on each side of the tattoo to accommodate dry skin that will not be inked.
  • To separate the white paper from the transparent side of the wrap, fold the corner of the white paper side of the bandage.
  • Press out any trapped air from under the Second Skin and smooth it over the tattoo. Even when the Second Skin is applied, there is a possibility of bubbles remaining. Try to get the air bubbles out as best you can without damaging your tattoo.
  • Peel the clear backing off using the “wave” as a guide. Instead of pulling it away from your body, carefully and evenly peel it in the other direction.
  • Apply Second Skin on your tattoo, making sure there are no air bubbles, then pop them with a toothpick. If a bubble is big enough to be a problem, you should cut it open without squeezing or touching the tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wash My Tattoo After Taking Off Second Skin?

Yes, you can clean it. Removing the second bandage will allow you to thoroughly clean the tattoo with tepid water and unscented soap. The aim is to maintain the region clean and free of blood or plasma, just as it was when the initial bandage was taken off.

Should I Sleep While Keeping My Second Skin On?

You can, in some cases. After a few hours at home or after a shower, as advised by certain tattoo artists, you may remove the film or adhesive covering. In any case, the bandage should remain in place overnight so that the new wound may start healing.

When Can I Take a Shower After Getting A Tattoo?

The day following getting a tattoo is OK for taking your first shower. Between 12 and 48 hours is possible. After a night of dripping blood and ink, the tattoo might seem a disaster. Give the tattoo a quick rinse with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to get the healing process started.

Parting Words

Second skin could be an integral part of the healing process of your tattoo. It is not very complicated to use it. And you need to remove and change your second skin from time to time. And by now you should be familiar with how to remove second skin from tattoos.

There are certain actions you must do in a specific order. To remove the bandage, just peel off the edge. Take a hot shower if you feel sticky. Gentle yanking is advised. Rubbing out a wall is like removing plaster. It hurts to pull too quickly.

The fresh skin below might be damaged. Don’t rush things and be kind. Take off the bandage and then wash and moisturize your tattoo.

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