Can I Shower With Second Skin On My Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is like dream come true for some. All those shiny and attractive design adorned by colors is a sight to see. But, while your tattoo is healing, you have to stay vigilant over its security. Second skins have been a blessing in terms of this. With this special bandage, you can heal your tattoo more quickly and efficiently than before.

But, you may wonder, is second skin different from normal bandages? Can I shower with a second skin on my tattoo? 

You can take a shower with the second skin on your tattoo. The second skin is a medical-grade bandage that is waterproof. It has been engineered to be breathable and retains the natural moisture of your body. Being waterproof, you can easily take a shower with second skin on your tattoo. If you want to take a quick shower, then just make sure you don’t rub the second skin too much or it can get removed.

In this article, we will talk about how to apply second skin, how to take a shower while wearing a second skin, and the benefits of using second skin. We will also talk about a few alternatives to a second skin. So, Let’s dive into it.

Can I Shower With Second Skin On My Tattoo?

Yes, you can. One of the key advantages of second skin is that it’s waterproof. Water cannot penetrate the bandage easily and this enables you to shower with second skin on your tattoo.

Second skin bandages have a protective layer inside them. Unlike normal bandages, they don’t come in a burly shape of cotton and glue. Rather, they are very light and have a compact size compared to normal bandages.

They also have a super-sensitive adhesive that is skin-friendly. Because of their light build, they are also waterproof and allow breathing space for your tattoo.

Due to being waterproof, you can take a shower with your second skin on. The second skin has a protective layer inside them. That layer prevents water from going inside and protects your tattoo from excess moisture.

You don’t have to take any extra prep for taking a shower while having the second skin on. Just take a normal shower with soap and shampoo.

But, there are some things that you have to look out for.

  • Don’t rub the bandaged area too hard. If you rub it hard and forcefully, then the bandaid might slip and the skin would be exposed.
  • Make sure that the water is not running on a heavy force.
  • Take cold showers. Hot water might remove the adhesive of the bandage.
  • Don’t submerge the bandaged area in water for it may make the bandage lose.
  • Don’t go swimming with the second skin on. The chemical water can harm the bandaid and your skin.

How To Apply Second Skin

Second Skins have created a new stir among the inked community. Easy to use and ultra-protective qualities ensure that your tattoo heals quickly and more efficiently. Application and removal of the second skin is a rigorous process that you can master easily.

To Apply 

  1. Clean your tattoo and airdry it. Make sure that your tattoo is completely dry before proceeding with the rest of the step.
  2. Take a scissor and crop the second skin to your desired size. Make sure that the bandage is large enough to cover the whole area. We advise you to make it a bit bigger to protect the skin around the tattoo.
  3. Remove the plastic covering the adhesive part of the second skin.
  4. Position the second skin on your tattoo. Make sure to put the adhesive side down over the tattoo and press it gently.
  5. Make sure it has stuck properly. Remove any air bubbles that might have formed.
  6. Peel off the back cover. Do it the same as for a normal plaster.

To Remove

  1. Pick an edge of the second skin and peel it away. If the second skin is difficult to remove, take a warm shower to reduce the stickiness.
  2. Pull the bandage slowly. The removal is similar to plaster. If you pull it too quickly or with excess force, you might also damage the new skin underneath it. Go slowly and the rest will be fine.
  3. Clean the covered area carefully and gently. Apply moisturizer for dryness and flaky skin.

How Long Do You Have To Keep The Second Skin On?

Let’s talk about how long the second skin should be kept on the tattooed area. After applying the second skin, you can keep the bandage on for 3-4 days. Don’t keep longer it than that or your tattoo might get harmed.

Apply the second skin on your after taking a shower and cleaning the area thoroughly. Apply the second skin bandage and keep it for 3-4 days. You might see some fluid build-up underneath the bandage after 1-2 days. It’s normal and totally nothing to worry about.

Make sure to remove the bandage after 3-4 days. If kept any longer, the bandage might leak and harm the tattoo design and ink

Benefits of Using a Second Skin

Now that we have discussed all the nitty-gritty about second skin, let’s talk about its advantages. Unlike normal bandages, second skin is unique and is more beneficial for its medicinal, breathable, and waterproof qualities.


The significant advantage of second skin is that it’s breathable. Standard bandages are not that light and obstruct the natural airflow to the skin. A tattoo needs to breathe to heal completely. If no air goes to the skin, then the healing process will take a significantly long time.

Second Skin allows air and other gasses to pass easily. It doesn’t obstruct the natural airflow and gives the tattoo all the space to breathe easily.


Second Skin tattoos are known to protect your tattoo against external threats such as dust, pollens, and germs.

A tattoo is like an open wound and new tattoos tend to have more susceptible to infections. When you use a second skin, it acts like a barrier and doesn’t allow dust, gems, and other external threats to enter your body. This reduces the chances of getting an infection dramatically. Another advantage is that the second skin will protect the tattoo from dirty work environments and protect your clothes from any potential leak.

Easy Healing

Second Skin ensures that your skin heals properly and more quickly. Using normal bandages on your tattoo initiates a healing process that is long and difficult. But, the second skin is totally different from theirs. Second skin is a medical-grade barrier that is known to have added medicinal benefits. It decreases the chance of an infection and allows the wound to heal quickly.

Flexible and Stays Fixed

Second Skin barriers are also pretty flexible. You can cut them in any shape and size to cover your tattoo. When it comes to big and uniquely designed tattoos, over-the-counter bandages can’t cover them properly. Second skin barriers allow you to cover the tattoo more adequately and efficiently.

Also, the second skin stays in place. No matter how much you have to move or travel for your other obligations, the bandage will stay in its place, This greatly increases your mobility and the tattoo won’t feel like a hurdle in your daily life.

Protection against Water

The most amazing advantage of second skin is its waterproof nature. The second skin is a light medical barrier that allows the passage of airflow and gasses. But, it stops water from entering your tattoo.

You can take a shower and do your daily tasks without worrying about water entering your wound. It allows you to go on about your daily life and heals your tattoo at the same time. But, you cannot take a bath or go for a swim wearing a second skin. Long exposure to water might diminish the adhesive.

Drawbacks of Using a Second Skin

Well, Second skin has many advantages that make it a better choice than any traditional bandages and cling wrap. But, it has certain disadvantages that we think you need to know before you use it.

Allergic Reaction 

Most second skins claim themselves to be hypoallergenic. But, some people can develop an allergic reaction after using it. Although allergic reaction is rare, it still happens. So, first, make sure that you are not allergic to the adhesive. Take a small patch of second skin and apply it on your skin. If you don’t develop an allergic reaction, then you can use it easily.


While second-skin suits have a lot of benefits ascribed to them, they are quite expensive. This can make them somewhat inconvenient for people who cannot afford to use a lot of them. Another thing is that you can use one of them only once. This makes them somewhat economically redundant.

Can’t Prevent Leaks

Another major disadvantage of second skin is that it can leak if not used correctly. Second skin suits have to apply correctly. If you don’t apply it correctly, then it can come off or leak all the trapped fluids such as blood, pus, or plasma. So, check it regularly to steer clear of any accidents.

Alternatives To Second Skin

Although beneficial, second skin can be expensive for people who are living on a tight budget. So, we have compiled a list of alternative products that can do all the work second skin does in a small price range.

NameSpecial FeaturePriceProduct Link
Dimora Silver Foam DressingLong lasting, Prevents moisture leakage8.79 USDClick here
Nexcare TegadermEasy to use, Available everywhere25.79 USDClick here 
3M Tegaderm Transparent DressingProvides more protection from its competitors, Allows more air circulation35.85 USD Click here
Ealion Med Transparent DressingHypoallergenic Adhesive, Latex free, Easy to use21.75 USDClick here
Tegaderm 1624W Transparent FilmMore durable, Allows the wearer to bathe25.29 USDClick here

Wrapping Up

Now if someone asks you ‘can I shower with second skin on my tattoo’, you know what to say.

You can shower while wearing the second skin on your tattoo. The second skin is a waterproof medical-grade bandage. It is designed to be breathable and to maintain your body’s natural moisture. Because the tattoo is waterproof, you may easily take a shower with it on.

If you need to take a brief shower, make sure not to rub the second skin too much or it will be removed.

We hope that this article helped you with your queries. Now, don’t linger around the web and run to your tattoo artist to get tatted up!

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