Can Nuns Have Tattoos? [All You Can Ask About It!]

To become a nun, a certain person must follow the rules and regulations. But there are some myths about the rules as well. So, what about tattoos? Can nuns have tattoos? Or is it considered a sin?

Well, yes, nuns can have tattoos. It would be absurd if they couldn’t. The Catholic church will still accept anyone, even if they had tattoos in the past. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid if you wish to become a nun despite having tattoos.

There are other aspects of whether nuns can have tattoos or not, keep reading this article to know more.

Can Nuns Have Tattoos?

Can Nuns Have Tattoos?

If you want to become a nun, you can do it even if you have a tattoo. Check if the church you wish to become a nun at is okay with your tattoos.

The Catholic churches accept it but double-checking would be better. Usually, tattoos are fine, although some religious organizations may require that they be covered up before joining the community.

According to the old testament of the Bible, tattoos are sinful in many ways. The churches which still follow the old testament might not accept tattoos. However, since tattoos are not mentioned in the New Testament, most Catholics believe getting a tattoo is acceptable.

Bible says- your body is God’s temple and his own creation, so it shouldn’t be altered. When getting a tattoo, many Catholics give this some thought to honor their faith.

Other than this, some communities might find it to be a problem. Exercise caution if it’s in a spot where a habit wouldn’t hide it, such as on the hand. In some aspects, it might vary to different communities regarding how they see tattoos.

But can you be a nun with tattoos?

Well, yes, If you already have a tattoo, it won’t stop you from becoming a nun. If you do decide to get a tattoo, one piece of advice is to stay away from any anti-Catholic or highly pro-other religion motifs. No Buddha, no Hindu deities, etc.

Are Churches Okay with Tattoos?

Given that tattoos are typically cultural. The Church believes that cultures should be respected, and it does not have any strict teachings regarding tattoos. Catholics are free to do what they like unless it is objectively wrong or has immoral reasons for doing so.

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As religion is free to do so, churches would usually follow the same. But different communities or different cultures might result in a different way of seeing how a tattoo is perceived.

So, one needs to be 100% sure about the churches in their community and whether they accept nuns with tattoos. Usually, it shouldn’t be an issue, but double-checking would reduce the risk.

Are Tattoos Against the Catholic Religion?

No, tattoos are not against the catholic religion. The church usually believes in the natural aspects of the world. So as the churches are okay with tattoos, the catholic religion is also alright with it.

Can Nuns Have Tattoos After They Discern?

Although one can be a nun after getting tattoos, nuns cannot have tattoos after they discern.

Nuns can’t truly obtain tattoos after they start discernment. Another question that might bug you is- are they allowed to discern if they have tattoos? Of course. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid if you wish to become a nun despite having tattoos.

What Are Nuns Not Allowed to Do?

Catholic nuns are generally not permitted to marry, use social media, or possess smartphones, as stated by Pope Francis.

However, this depends on many factors. They are not permitted to possess property or have sexual relations. A married woman cannot even become a nun until her marriage is formally dissolved.

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There is no common set of regulations that all nuns must adhere to because orders are free to create their own standards.

Here are only a handful of the most typical rules nuns (particularly those who practice in the Christian tradition) must adhere to:

  • To become a nun, one must take a vow of chastity, which means marriage and sexual/ romantic relation is prohibited.
  • A vow of poverty is a must; It implies that you should have a simple existence. This typically entails letting go of your personal belongings (and any sense of “ownership”) and sharing what you have with your neighborhood. Nuns are not paid either; unless otherwise permitted, any money you make (even from side jobs) goes back to your order. You must take a vow of obedience, which means you commit to following the faith and your religious leaders.
  • One will be required to take a vow of silence.
  • Modest clothing is a must to be a nun.
  • The catholic nuns are not allowed to use smartphones, as decreed by Pop Francis.
  • If you’ve ever been married, you can’t become a nun. You must first have your marriage annulled, not divorced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of tattoos are allowed for nuns?

Tattoos are allowed in the Catholic religion, but if the tattoos somehow demean the Catholic religion, they will be prohibited. The advice would be not to get tattoos of other religions. Also, anti-catholic-themed tattoos should be avoided. For example, Buddha and Hindu Gods should be avoided as tattoos if you want to be a nun.

What religions do not allow tattoos?

Christianity objected because the bible says that we are not our own and that the Holy Spirit resides inside us and that our bodies are His temple. Defiling our body also defiles the sacred within. Along with Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and Hasidic Judaism. These struggle with tattoos and body piercings since the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible) has verses that forbid them. Also, Islam prohibits Tattoos.

Last Words

Did you find the answer to the question- Can Nuns have tattoos?

Hope this article helped you to cover all the questions you had in mind. Not just having tattoos, we have tried to answer all the similar questions in this article. Nuns must follow some rules and regulations to become a nun in a catholic church. So, the most asked questions of people about nuns have been answered.

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