Can Pharmacists Have Tattoos, or Is It Unprofessional?

Different industries and workplaces have different requirements regarding tattoos. Workplaces have restrictions around tattoos, as they may carry some negative signs. Even paramedics have to cover their tattoos using their uniformCan Pharmacists Have Tattoos?s.

If you are a pharmacist or planning to be one, the question may come to your mind- can pharmacists have tattoos?

Yes, pharmacists are allowed to have tattoos. There are no restrictions around tattoos, but your tattoos must be presentable. It should not be offensive enough to drive customers away.

This article covers everything, from what tattoos are allowed to tattoo policies for pharmacy techs. Also, for your better understanding, we have collected real pharmacists’ opinions. Keep reading this article to know more.

Can Pharmacists Have Tattoos

Can Pharmacists Have Tattoos?

Can Pharmacists Have Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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Pharmacists have tattoos, although it would be best if you could keep them covered. Especially for your job interview, you should not let your tattoo be visible to the interview board.

If somehow covering the tattoos is not possible, just be yourself. The interview board may come up with questions about the origins of the tattoos and maybe have a good story to come up with it. If you are a pharmacist and want a tattoo- it would be best to get a tattoo where you can cover it up pretty easily. For example, the leg, arm, or waistline area can be covered with a shirt or pants. 

There are numerous pharmacists with tattoos in the pharmaceutical industry. These pharmacists never have to face any difficulty in their careers because of having tattoos. However, offensive tattoos might create problems. Overall, having tattoos will not get you fired from your job.

So there is no reason for you to get worried if you want to get tattoos or already have one.

What Are Kind Of Tattoos Not Allowed For Pharmacists?

What Are Kind Of Tattoos Not Allowed For Pharmacists - Tattoo Strategies
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Usually, there are no restrictions for pharmacists regarding tattoos. Body art is acceptable here, but the art must not be something offensive like tattoos of a sexual nature, insensitive or graphic tattoos. Tattoos that show blood, death, racism, gang connections, harsh language, or curse words are also discouraged.

As pharmacists have to provide servicing, they should not have tattoos which may turn away clients. Pharmacists should not get certain tattoos that may offend or seriously disturb their customers. You should cover up your tattoos if those tattoos can offend or seriously disturb others.

Can Pharmacists Have Lower Arm Tattoos?

Can Pharmacists Have Lower Arm Tattoos - Tattoo Strategies
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Pharmacists can have any kind of tattoo. Usually, other workplaces have some restrictions, but this industry doesn’t. But workplace professionalism would discourage having tattoos in places where it is pretty visible. Having lower arm tattoos would be hard to cover. However, one can have lower arm tattoos but wouldn’t be encouraged.

Can You Have Tattoos As a Pharmacy Tech?

Can You Have Tattoos As a Pharmacy Tech - Tattoo Strategies
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To get PTCB certified, tattoos won’t stop you. But some of the employees view visible tattoos and piercings as something quite unprofessional. So in some aspects, you might face difficulties in your career if you have visible tattoos.

Some pharmacies have laws and policies. So if any pharmacy has a “no tattoo policy,” you may not get a job there. But you do not need to worry about that as there are thousands of other pharmacies having no restrictions regarding tattoos. 

Although it is uncommon for pharmacy regulations to prohibit any tattoos, it is quite normal to come across guidelines that indicate no “distasteful tattoos” should be displayed. Or even that all tattoos must be concealed by clothing or bandages of a flesh tone.

Now, it’s up for debate what exactly qualifies as a “distasteful tattoo.” The hiring manager frequently has the last say in these regulations regarding whether body art is permissible.

Tattoo Policy For Pharmacy Techs

Usually, pharmacy techs do not have any policies regarding Pharmacy tech tattoos. According to one of the biggest healthcare companies in the USA, CVS has no restrictions on tattoos if you want to be a pharmacy tech. Additionally, many employees claim that CVS is fairly tolerant of body art, although some supervisors request to cover up the tattoos.

Although having tattoos shouldn’t prevent you from getting a job, you should think carefully about the designs you choose. Keep in mind that no manager likes to deal with complaints. Therefore, try to avoid using foul language.


Did you find the answer you were looking for?

If you want to be a pharmacist or pharmacy tech with tattoos, good news for you. Having tattoos would not stop you. However, it will be advised to cover the tattoos for professional courtesy. Also, the best would be not to get offensive tattoos, as they may disturb your customers.

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