Can Bodybuilders And Strippers Have Tattoos?

Both bodybuilders and strippers have to expose a lot of skin. So, in these scenarios, it’s nearly impossible to hide your tattoos from the rest of the world. Can tattoos hurt your prospects as an aspiring bodybuilder or a stripper? Can they project a negative image of yourself to the audience? We dug deep to find out.

Can Bodybuilders Have Tattoos?

Are bodybuilders allowed to have tattoos? No specified rule prohibits bodybuilders from getting tattoos, but many bodybuilders choose not to have a tattoo.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, better known as the IFBF, does not have anti-tattoo rules.

But why do some bodybuilders avoid getting tattoos?

Tattoos can be distracting for some judges as they try to assess a participant’s physique. The tattoo might hide the natural lines and shadows that form as muscles grow. If that’s the case, it will put the tattooed contestant in a disadvantaged position. That’s why some bodybuilders are hesitant to get tattoos even though it’s 100% legal per IFBB rules.

For ties, the judge can view the tattoo as a negative factor. The IFBB rulebook encourages judges to look for ‘’good skin tones’’, which basically refers to unblemished skin. It’s not a primary benchmark to differentiate between contestants. But once two contestants have similarly impressive physiques, judges might opt for the non-tattooed participant.

That said, changing social dynamics have made judges way more tolerant of tattoos in recent years. More tattooed bodybuilders are now participating in top-level competitions. So, if you want to have a tattoo as a bodybuilder, you should not discard the idea right away.

But you should know some judges might still view you negatively for your inked body.

Can Bodybuilders And Strippers Have Tattoos?

Can Strippers Have Tattoos?

The answer is once again a yes with a hint of ambiguity. You can make top dollar as a stripper in some clubs, while some clubs have a strict no-tattoo policy.

Club managers tend to ask about tattoos in stripper auditions. It helps if you have a convincing backstory for your tattoos. In some cases, the recruitment committee views tattoos as signs of a gang and pimp affiliations.

However, tattoos can help some dancers to earn more. For example, tattoos are great conversation starters. Many clients would ask about the tattoos on your skin, and you can hit it off afterwards. A prolonged conversation often leads to higher tips. So, having a tattoo will not be much of a professional hazard for a stripper.

Final Words

We must consider our bodies as sacred as temples, and for bodybuilders and strippers, it’s even more precious. Tattoos are a wonderful form of self-expression that everyone should have access to. There are some uncertainties, but for the most part, tattoos should not affect your career ambitions as a stripper or a bodybuilder.

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