Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos?

Tattoos are becoming more common around the globe. But the negative perception of tattoos is still there. This is why people get very concerned about whether their tattoos will be accepted in their respective careers.

A real estate agent has to do a lot of dealings with their clients, they might wonder- can real estate agents have tattoos?

Yes, a real estate agent can have tattoos as there are no laws or policies prohibiting this. As real estate agents have to deal with different kinds of clients and customers, so sometimes covering up the tattoos may be needed.

This article will help you find the answers regarding having tattoos as a real estate agent to show tattoos may affect your career as a realtor. Stay with us to know more.

Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos?

Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos?

According to US laws or policies, there are no indications of the prohibition against tattoos. Still, things depend on the organization, company, and even on the broker, what their policy regarding hiring employees is.

As a result, some employers may reject your job application if you have tattoos. Real estate industry brands typically create profiles for the staff members who will represent them in front of a diverse portfolio of clients.

If you have tattoos that you can cover up with your uniform or shirt, you won’t face any issues. However, having tattoos in the neck area or in those areas where it is difficult to cover up will create some problems as your employer may tell you to cover them up as much as possible.

Can Tattoos Have a Negative Impact On Your Real Estate Transactions?

The answer is somehow critical and complicated. Mainly because this depends on how different types of customers or clients you have to deal with. For example, if you deal with someone from California, he or she will have no issues with tattoos. But someone in Tennessee might have problems as the people there are more conservative.

If your skin has noticeable tattoos, you should be aware of these hazards. Tattoos might present obstacles in the real estate market, although this is more due to societal preconceptions than technical expertise.

There has been a long-standing psychological trend in culture to associate tattoos with rebellion and mischief. Although this notion has lost strength over time, it is nevertheless true that depending on the client, you could find it difficult to close deals or draw in clients. This does not imply, nevertheless, that real estate agents cannot have tattoos. There are no second opportunities to make a good impression, so keep that in mind.

Therefore, whether or not you have tattoos, you should pay attention to details like terminology, dress, and haircut. By doing this, you will be able to make a favorable impression on your customers and increase your chances of completing the sale, purchase, or rental of the property.

Do People Work with a Realtor Having Visible Tattoos?

It is quite normal for people to have their preferences when working with a real estate agent. Also, people have their preferences regarding tattoos. There was a poll on a website where 74 percent of more than 300 people voted they would work with a realtor who has visible tattoos covered up.

Also among all the votes, only 2 percent voted they would not work with a realtor with tattoos. So this somehow answers the question. Even if you have a tattoo, you should not worry much. You will always find clients who will be enthusiastic to work with you.

Is It Forbidden To Have Tattoos To Work In Real Estate?

USA or European laws or other regulators do not indicate any prohibitions against having tattoos. But still, companies have the right to have their policies. So if some companies have policies regarding tattoos, nothing to do there.

If you are still worried about your tattoos, it will be best if you talk about them with your interview board. Usually, if you can cover your tattoos, no problems will occur. The advice will be not to have tattoos on your neck or places where you cannot cover them up,

As we’ve already stated, attitudes around the topic have significantly altered. Nowadays, a lot of people—clients and employers alike—don’t mind doing business with tattooed real estate brokers.

Tips For Real Estate Agents With Tattoos

Here are some suggestions you may use to ensure that your tattoos are not an issue

Always speak in a kind and polite manner

If someone expresses worry or disgust over your obvious tattoos, try to maintain composure and act respectfully and calmly. Your use of words can inspire confidence in the customer or employer, causing them to pay more attention to you as a person than to the appearance of your skin.

Cover your tattoos if needed

This can be an acceptable substitute if the client or company demands it. It does not imply that you should cover up your tattoos at all times. Only if you feel at ease with the request is this relevant. The goal is for everyone, including the agent or broker, to feel at ease.

Independent work

You might choose to work independently when you first begin your real estate agent profession. This will provide you with more freedom, especially in terms of whether you can have or display your tattoos. However, always remember that your appearance says a lot about you, so pay attention to the little things.


Did you find the answers you were looking for?

As with every other job in the market, real estate agents can get tattoos. Having tattoos is a personal opinion, and it is respected by laws and regulations also. But different companies in the real estate market may have different internal policies regarding tattoos. If you are still worried about your tattoos, you can cover them up fully so that clients or customers have no issues because of them. Also, you should be aware of the regulations of the companies before applying for it.

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